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Clove Essential Oil for Toothaches | Essential Homestead

Clove Essential Oil for Toothaches | Essential Homestead

Clove essential oil for toothaches works great!

clove essential oil for toothaches

Clove is used in many dentist practices.  Clove essential oil benefits are incredible and an inexpensive way to soothe toothaches.  Cloves contain eugenol, a chemical compound widely used in analgesic and local anesthetic.  In 2006, a study concluded that clove possess the potential to replace benzocaine, a topical agent commonly used before needle insertion.  This makes clove oil for toothaches a great item to keep in your home medicine cabinet.
If you have ever paid attention to the label of your toothpaste, you would have found clove as one of its ingredients. Due it its strong germicidal properties and a compound called Eugenol, clove oil fights dental pain, toothaches, sore gums and mouth ulcers very effectively. Due to its strong aromatic properties, gargling with clove oil and warm water can help you fight bad breath.
To use your clove essential oil for toothaches, simply mix it with grape seed oil then dip a cotton ball into the mixture and hold it on the sore tooth or gums.  For a child or baby, apply this mixture to the outside of the jawline or dip your finger in the mixture and rub on the sore gums.
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