compact indoor garden

Compact Indoor Garden

A few month back I purchased a Miracle-Gro Aero Garden.  I thought I’d try this compact indoor garden in the winter months.  I broke it out of the box today and decided to log my progress.  Maybe this will help someone else with compact spaces to garden indoors year round.  

This indoor garden was very simple to setup.  Took only 10 minutes.  I should have done it sooner.  So, the first step is to unpack it and install the light.  
Next, snap in the base and fill with water to the “fill” line.  
Then add the pods and the plant food.  These pods can be recycled by purchasing new sponges and planting your own seeds.  Miracle-Gro also offers heirloom seed pods that are free of pesticides, herbicides and NON-GMO.  

The last step, plug in your new compact indoor garden.  The light will come on and stay on for 16 hours and shut off for 8 hours.  All you have to do is water and feed every few weeks.  Once the plants start growing they’ve included pruning instructions.  So simple.  Now to see if the plants grow.  Stay tuned for part 2.  
indoor garden light

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