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Dating a High School Girl in Your 30s

Dating a High School Girl in Your 30s

Dating is confusing, anything arranging from break ups and asking someone out in high school can be very uncomfortable. Some say the younger girls are more tempting while others think the relationship is better with the older partner who has more experience. I explore the answer to this question.

It turns out it is really important how old is your partner, and how old are you, and what is the difference between the two of you. Girls believe that older boys are more mature, have secure income every month, own a car, and provide the security, unlike boys their age who can’t provide all these things.

Researches has show that girls grow quicker then guys, so there are some difference between them like, Intelligence: Intelligence of 20 year old girl is different from the intelligence of the 20 year old boy. Girls minds are much developed then the younger guys. What they are also looking is security: They have a nice car, niche house and secure job. Other is Maturity: He understand you better, he’s made certain mistakes you’ll never make again and so on. If you are interested in Rules For Dating in High School, check it out HERE.

5 Rules for Guys Who are Dating Younger Girls       

Since dating younger women is what a lot of guys are looking to do, here are top tips that can help you:

1. Be Cool, don’t stop acting like “yourself”, even if you get nervous dating a younger woman. Be cool. Relax. Try to be gentlemen. Opening doors, walking on the outside of the curb, pulling out chairs… it all makes you intriguing and attractive to younger women.

2. Treat her like a little sister. Tease her. Make fun of her. Call her on everything she does or says that’s immature. That way you keep your power, and keep things interesting and challenging.

3. Don’t follow her lead. You lead. Decide where you’re going. Make the rules.

4. Don’t try to take advantage of the situation. Most importantly don’t intrude on or interfere with her life.

5. Don’t chase her. Let her live her life. Make yourself more scarce, you’ll have HER pursuing YOU. Know that she’s going to change. We all change with age, so be ready for it, or that’s he maybe not willing to be with you then.

What Younger Girls think of an Older Boys?

The opinion of one girl: “First off I always say to people you should never judge anyone’s relationship because you’re not in it. You don’t know anything and I always think age is just a number and you should really go off how you connect and feel with someone. You really just don’t care but when you’re younger, people definitely have a little bit more to say.

I would say I just like basic things an older guy like that they’re stable, I like that they’ve had certain experience in their lives, they’re not really so much into the games they party before. After that compared to a younger guy a lot of them are little bit more concerned with going to bars and exploring that lifestyle as well as you sleeping around a little bit more because it’s new and exciting to them. Women are definitely little bit more mature, and they know what they want.”

The Best Difference in the years Between Couples

It is difficult to say for each pair individually, but there are some indicators that can be considered. Studies conducted at 3,000 people have shown that there is a certain correlation between the age differences between you and your partner and the length of your relationship.

The bigger the difference in the years, the greater the chances the relationship will end. For example, couples with only five years difference have 18% chance of the breakup, while those between whom this difference is bigger, more exactly 10 years, their chances for the breakup are as much as 39%. For 20 years of difference, the percentage increases to 95%.

Why Older Guys Win through Younger Girls

Yes, but usually only to take care of them. Honestly, my family always says “if a 30 year old man is dating an 18 year old woman, its because no 30 year old woman would date him” and it’s definitely proven right in your experience. There is an ideal for age difference in relationship with I believe is 4 years either way, because you are looking for similar life experiences and maturity. An 18 year old’s life is vastly different than a 30 year old (ideally).

The 18 is still at home, or just moved out, going into college or getting a first job (maybe second), going out exploring the world. A 30 year old should have a career, not going out getting shit faced and partying like a kid, should have grown out of that.

And let me be very clear, women who are worth having want a stable guy, yes they will sleep with you if you aren’t. It’s not just about money, we don’t look for riches, we look for a constant comfortable income. A good woman who is working hard and making money want a guy who does the same. So, if I was you I would focus on being your best self, being successful at work, having a good group of friends, fun hobbies, being physically fit and women will come to you!!! Successful men have their pick of women, and you’ll be able to tell the difference between some girl who just graduated high school working as a waitress at a bar while going to college and has a lot to learn in life and little life experiences. And say a teacher with her own house and a paid off car who travels to europe for spring break?


Not only is life different from your early 20’s, but so is dating. Your life changes as you grow into your later 20s and early 30s. This is clearly seen via Facebook and Instagram.  Such relationships to most couples are very difficult to maintain, especially after some time when people get to know each other and have a better insight into the difference in the age. I do not say that it is impossible to maintain such relationship, of course, there are examples that are in very long relationships, but it is more likely that your relationship will end with an breakup sooner or later. Because, the goal of every relationship is marriage.

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