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DIY Chicken Brooder

This is a simple and easy DIY Chicken Brooder design.

We love our DIY chicken brooder so I thought I’d share what works for our homestead. This brooder saves us time, effort, money and cuts down on the mess.
DIY Chicken Brooder
Dimensions:  3×5 and 4ft tall
1 inch Poultry Netting
1/4 inch Mesh
3 – Brooder lamps
3 – Brooder Lights
2×3 lumber
wood panels
4 inch Plastic PVC Pipe
End caps for PVC Pipe
It’s a pretty basic design.  Build a frame out of 2×3 lumber.  Add panels.
We also added a panel inside to separate our laying and meat chickens.
Cut holes in the top panel for the brooder lamps.   We also added a simple slider with side panels so we could close the brooder up when needed but vent it as the chickens get older and weather permits.  We made a pan from scrap wood to slide under the brooder and catch waste.  This makes clean up so much easier.
IMG_0268  IMG_0269
On each end we have feeders made out of the PVC pipe.  On one side we have a water pipe.  This pipe holds 2 gallons of water.  So we only have to feed and water once a day or less depending on the number of birds we have.
IMG_0263   IMG_0261
This is an inside view of the feeder and water pipes.  We lined the sides with the 1″ netting and the bottom with the 1/4″ mesh.   The netting and mesh are stapled into place.
IMG_0272   IMG_0274
That’s it folks.  Let us know if you get inspired from this post to build your own homestead brooder.  We’d love to hear from you.

Learn More

If you are interested, make sure to check out the DIY section on Amazon. There are many books and guides that will help you make life easier and helps you to spend less money.