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Do Bowflex Rods Wear Out?

Do Bowflex Rods Wear Out?

The Bowflex is a popular at-home exercise machine that has been proven to work over many years. Bowflex has consistently had success with their customers, and people use their machines routinely to lose weight and maintain their muscle mass. Bowflex doesn’t use weights, but they use resistance rods. With consistent use, do the Bowflex rods wear out?

Yes, Bowflex rods wear out over time with use. You can take steps to prevent the rods from wearing out so quickly. If your Bowflex rods have worn out, you don’t have to worry because you can easily replace them.

Using a Bowflex regularly will cause the rods to wear out over time. Even not using your Bowflex can cause the rods to wear out. There are things you can do to maintain your Bowflex rods and prevent them from breaking.  Routine care and maintenance are essential to your Bowflex’s longevity and your safety while using the machine.

Why Do Bowflex Rods Wear Out?

Many Bowflex users use the machine regularly, whether it’s daily or a few times a week. Despite how often and for how long you use the Bowflex machine, the rods will start to wear out. This happens with any exercise machine.

How Long Does it Take for Bowflex Rods to Wear Out?

The Bowflex machine has been around for decades, and many people depend on how well the machine works for transforming their bodies. As with any exercise regimen, regular exercise will help yield the best results as quickly as possible.

A Bowflex machine’s rods will wear out depending on how often and how long the machine is used in a session. If you use your Bowflex machine daily for an hour, the rods will wear out faster than if you used the machine once a week.

Ultimately, you have to watch for signs of wearing on your machine because some other factors can contribute to how quickly the rods wear out, including the climate in your workout space.

You shouldn’t take this as a sign to use your Bowflex less frequently. All you have to do is know the signs of the machine wearing out and what to do when it happens. You can also take preventative measures to maintain the rods’ lives, but they will still need to be replaced in time.

How Do I Know the Bowflex Rods are Worn Out?

If you regularly use your Bowflex machine, chances are your rods need to be maintained and replaced. Some signs to know that if you need to replace your Bowflex’s rods are:

  • The resistance is lower.
  • The rods are leaning toward the sides.
  • The rods have a white residue around the bending site.
  • Cracks are appearing around the rods.

What Happens if Bowflex Rods Break?

One thing that can happen if you use a Bowflex with worn-out rods is the rods can break. If the rods break, they will be unusable. You should never use a broken rod and immediately remove it from the machine to prevent injury.

If a Bowflex rod breaks, you should replace it as soon as possible to ensure a full efficient workout. Nothing bad can happen if you begin a workout without the rod, but you will have to do some math and add the rods to the weight you were using.

Extending Life on Bowflex Rods

Many people have used their Bowflexes for many years because of the amazing results the machine helps them produce. Since they have been used for so long, a Bowflex owner can do things to extend the lives of the rods on the machine.

One thing you can do is purchase a Bowflex rod rejuvenator. This holds the rods in place if they aren’t in use—keeping the rods in place while not in use will prevent gravity from wearing away at the rods.

If you don’t want to purchase a rod clip from Bowflex, you can use a velcro band or a resistance band to tie the rods to hold them straight when you aren’t using the machine. When you do this, make sure to attach the strap at the base. If they’re still loose, you can get another band to attach closer to the top.

You should also remove the rods from the tension on the machine after every use to allow the rods to go back to their original state and prevent them from being bent for too long.

Replacing Bowflex Rods

As with any form of exercise equipment, if something starts getting worn down, parts need to be replaced. Taking care of the Bowflex rods won’t prevent you from replacing them, but it will delay the frequency. You should replace your Bowflex rods before they start showing detrimental wear and tear to prevent them from breaking.

Here is a video to show how to replace a broken Bowflex rod with a new one.


So many Bowflex users depend on routine use to have positive results. Unfortunately, a drawback of using a Bowflex regularly is routine wear and tear on the machine’s rods. Taking steps to care for the rods will prevent having to replace them so frequently, but don’t think that using the machine less frequently will prevent you from replacing the worn rods.