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Does Apple Watch Work with Android?

Does Apple Watch Work with Android?

The Apple Watch is a powerful fitness and health tracking tool that enjoys huge success around the world. This device can be used to monitor blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and sleep patterns. It can also keep you connected, but as an Apple product, you may wonder if it can work with Android devices.

The Apple Watch is not designed to work with Android, but with a few adjustments, it can. It is exclusively built to pair with other Apple devices like the iPhone, and this is how the Watch has full functionality. However, with some workarounds, the Apple Watch can potentially work on a basic level with Android.

If you have an Apple Watch and an Android smartphone, read on to find out more about how to make them work together.

Does Apple Watch Work with Android?

Apple’s smartwatch, the Apple Watch, is a great device for keeping an eye on health and fitness while still being able to enjoy connectivity features like making calls and checking emails no matter where you are.

Like other Apple devices, the Watch has also been designed exclusively for iOS use and achieves full functionality by being paired with the iPhone. There are ways to potentially achieve a connection between an Android device and the Apple Watch, but this requires some specific criteria.

Let’s take a look at how the Apple Watch can be made to work with Android devices despite this connection not being officially supported.

How to Use Apple Watch with Android

Having an Apple Watch can help you establish a practical fitness routine while monitoring your health. When you own one, you’ll want to be able to use it with any device, including Android options.

To use the Apple Watch with Android, you will have to follow some specific steps:

  • You will need an unlocked iPhone from 6 onwards, as well as an unlocked Apple Watch with LTE connectivity option and an unlocked Android device..
  • Turn on your Android smartphone and your Apple Watch. Configure your Apple Watch and pair it with your iPhone. While doing so, make sure to connect the Apple Watch to the LTE network provided by your carrier.
  • Remove the SIM card from the iPhone, and place it in your chosen Android-operating smartphone. Switch the SIM to the Android smartphone and turn the device on. Make sure that it connects to the carrier network before turning on the Watch.
  • Once the Android smartphone and the Apple Watch are on and connected to the same carrier network, they should be linked. At this point, you should be able to receive calls from the Android smartphone on the Apple Watch.

Can an Apple Watch Be Paired with an Android Phone?

As an Apple Watch owner, you may be wondering if you can simply pair the device with an Android smartphone via Bluetooth. This tends to work with Bluetooth-enabled devices, but it will not in this case.

The Apple Watch cannot be paired with an Android device over Bluetooth. This is why using the LTE carrier network as a workaround is the only way to make this connection happen. LTE may seem dispensable in this day of widespread Wi-Fi, but it helps to ensure that the data from your Apple Watch continues recording at all times.

It also helps with making an Apple Watch work with an Android device when they are not designed to be used together. Despite being able to establish a connection in this way, the Apple Watch will experience limited functionality with Android phones.

How Does the Apple Watch Work with an Android Phone?

When you use the Apple Watch with an Android smartphone, you will have access to some of the connectivity features, but not all. You will be able to update the apps on your watch through the mobile network, and you will be able to make and receive phone calls.

You may experience some issues with messages. The Android default will be to send all messages as standard SMS, but the Watch might fail in delivering them. Using iMessage is the best way to work around this issue.

The main issue with the lack of full compatibility between these two devices is that software updates won’t be able to be installed on the Apple Watch. This will also prevent new apps from being installed.


The Apple Watch is not designed to work with Android, but with some patience and a few workarounds, it is possible. Despite this, you should be aware that the Apple Watch can’t have full functionality with an Android device.