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Does Confidence Really Help You Get Girls?

Does Confidence Really Help You Get Girls?

Ever wonder why girls find a confident man so attractive? It’s what you constantly hear everyone telling you that girls find most attractive. But what the hell does it actually mean? We can say that Confidence is the ability to trust yourself to get something done. In almost every situation in life, self-confidence comes into play. So i decided to give you answer to this  question.

Does Confidence really help you get Girls? Having self-confidence means you are good at something and you are not shy or afraid to do it. Higher self-confidence can get you a date with a pretty woman. Also high self-confidence makes a man more powerful, and respectable which girls find very attractive.

Oprah has it, Steve Jobs has it and most probably one of your role models has it, too: confidence. The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “the quality of being certain of your abilities or of having trust in people, plans, or the future”. It’s a quality that everyone strives to have. Confidence is the source of power, to inspire others and gaining others’ confidence. Whether it’s about mastering your skills or building competence, the benefits are well-worth the effort. High self-confidence makes a man more powerful, and respectable. Whereas, low self-esteem can make you less valuable than you actually are.

Why Girls Like a Man With Confidence

Gaining confidence with girls comes down to three things: attitude, knowledge, and experience.  If you know how to talk to women, have the right attitude about it, and have lots of experience doing it, then that confidence will come easily. In fact, high self-esteem wins over everything – physical attractiveness, intelligence, money, etc. A big mistake a guy will make when going out is thinking he’s only going to talk to the hottest women he sees.  Then once he sees that gorgeous woman he gets nervous.  His head fills up with doubts and excuses and he never gets around to approaching her.

But the confidence you need to approach that stunning girl can be built up gradually.  Strike up conversations in low-pressure situations with whoever happens to be around – guys, girls you’re not attracted to, the wait-staff – anybody.  Just get comfortable breaking the ice and being social. As that social muscle warms up you’ll notice your confidence building and it’ll be easier and easier to initiate conversations.  With that momentum it’ll be no problem to walk up to that knock-out across the bar.  In fact, after you’ve been chatting up everybody else, it’d feel weird not to go approach her.

What Confidence Can Tell you About Persone?

Higher self-confidence can get you a date with a pretty woman, crack an interview, or give an outstanding speech in front of thousands of people. That’s why it’s not surprising that there are thousands of “How to” articles and books about (self-) confidence. However, this isn’t what this article is about. I want to dig deeper and understand why confidence is so glorified. On the other hand, I want to demystify the topic since there are plenty of misconceptions and misbeliefs about confidence.

Boys aren’t lacking in the confidence department, but girls need a self-esteem boost. Boys are perceived as cool when they demonstrate their self-confidence and girls are supposed to stay humble and give 150% before they can start bragging or talking about their accomplishments. By the way, it’s not bragging if based on facts. This is a reality or a belief that many of us grew up with. We are told to be like this, we are supposed to behave like that just because we’re a girl or a boy. Later on in life, this continues to be our reality – in primary school, high school, university, and at work of course.

The Best Tips on How to Be Confident Around Girls

The lack of confidence stems from fear. Fear stops men from approaching beautiful women and fear stops men from going for the kiss. Fear stops men from taking charge when they know they should. Start by Taking One Step At A Time. The first step to learning how to be confident around girls is to take it one step at a time. Don’t expect things to change overnight. Remember, self-esteem is a result of dedicated inner work and practice. As for the pickup lines, be original and avoid the cheesy, textbook ones. For example, give the girl an honest compliment or ask her how her day was. Anything that’ll show her you’re genuinely interested in what she has to say is a bonus. Article about “how to approach a girl and get her number” you have HERE .

1) Dress Like a Winner

This is because the right clothes can actually make you feel better about yourself. And more importantly, women are attracted to well-dressed men. But this doesn’t mean you should wear things that make you feel. Don’t you feel like a stud every time you put on well fitted suit? That’s because whenever you step into a high-class outfit, you get a shot of Seratonin which is a happy chemical associated with status. In other words, you can trick your body into feeling high status just by looking the part. So dress like you are super successful and you’ll feel much more powerful.

2) Destroy Fear And Be Yourself

This goes without saying, but being someone you’re not won’t do you any favors. Being confident in who you really are as a person means you’re comfortable with your virtues and flaws. At some point, YOU HAVE TO JUST DO IT!  Real transformation happens when you push out of your comfort zone. Every time you approach a beautiful woman when you are scared, you cultivate courage and confidence. Every time you do something that scares you, your comfort zone expands and what once was difficult, becomes easy. Start doing easy approaches like asking for directions. Then build up to bolder approaches. Women appreciate authentic men who are comfortable in their own skin.

3) Learn Body Language

Besides your verbal language, you should also pay attention to your body language. Non-verbal communication can say a lot about you, even if you’re not actively trying to. So stand in front of the mirror and take a look at your posture. If you’re slouchy and don’t make eye contact, your body sends the message that you don’t want to be bothered. The way you sit when you talk to a girl can speak volumes about how relaxed you are. So if your body is away from her, it’ll give her the impression that you’re not interested. Crossing your arms or keeping them in your pockets can give the impression of shyness. Also, what you do with your hands and how you react to conversations are other big cues.

4) Lift Weights

This will boost your confidence two-fold. First of all, testosterone is released when you lift heavy weights. And with more testosterone flowing through your system, you’ll have more drive to push through fear. Secondly, the stronger you are – the more confident you’ll feel. As men we tend to correlate strength with status. Our brains our constantly comparing and sizing up the other men around.

5) Improvisation – Visualize Success

Word Champion Athletes visualize success. Do you? This is a secret weapon for sports psychologists because sometimes you have to see it inside your mind before you can do it in real life. Studies show that the same neurons are activated in the brain when one visualizes an activity as opposed to actually doing the activity. I think this is more than enough reason to do this.

6) Try to Be a Good Listener

Women love to talk, but you should know how to listen. For example, don’t interrupt her, don’t look away or stare at your phone. Also, try to follow-up with questions related to the conversation. When you talk about yourself, don’t drag your story to eternity. Women don’t like the humble-brag types of men. Be relaxed while you talk and do not overdo.

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How to Build Confidence and Self Esteem? Best way to build confidence and self esteem is to think about what is affecting your self-esteem, to avoid negative self-talk,  set yourself a challenge, focus on your positives and to take care of yourself.

How to show Self Confidence? You need to Visualize yourself as you want to be, do at least one thing that scares you every day, question your inner critic, set yourself up to win, take care for yourself.

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