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Does Fortnite Have Bots? (If So, How Many?)

Does Fortnite Have Bots? (If So, How Many?)

You just landed on the map in Fortnite Battle Royal, and now you are moving to the inner circle. Now you’ve come across the enemy, but you are not sure if it is a real person or just bots. But does Fortnite have bots?

Fortnite does have bots within the game. The number of bots changes depending on the level of your account and the timeline of the season. Even high-level players will come across bots during gameplay.

Bots can be quite annoying and bothersome. Here is everything you need to know about the bots in the game and what to do to reduce the chance of seeing them during gameplay.

Does Fortnite Have Bots? (If so, How Many?)

Yes, there are bots within the game. And no this is not the slang term for a bad player. Bots are computer generated players thrown into Battle Royal and other multiplayer game modes when there aren’t enough players for the match.

When you come across them, you won’t find yourself fighting a competitive computer. They are pretty easy to win against in a battle and as of recently, they no longer can build 90s, although in the past they could.

How Many Bots Are In Gameplay?

Bots are generated to fill in the extra spaces within a match. So if you have only 75 players in a match that can hold 100, the game will add more players. This is to add to the gameplay experience so you aren’t running all over the map searching for someone to battle.

You will find that also at the beginning of seasons, you may run into more bots than at the end of the last season. This is because everyone’s experience goes back to level one. More bots will be thrown in to balance your seasonal experience, until you begin to level up.

How To Reduce The Number Of Bots

Sadly, you can’t just pick a setting asking there to be no bots in the lobby and gameplay. The best way to reduce the number of bots is to continue forward in the season. As you progress, bots aren’t used as much in the match.

As you level up, you will be placed with other players at the same level and the computer can match you with more real players. As you become better in the game, you reduce the chance of finding bots in gameplay. 

If you are a competitive player, you will find that there are no bots within competitive matches. Fortnite doesn’t want to interfere with these types of gameplay. Who wants a bot killing you as you are trying to win a prize or money.

Why Are Bots Bothersome?

Bots can be bothersome at times, especially when an update makes the bots more advanced than they should be. This has happened in the past before but as of recently, bots are not very complicated. They can build a wall or two and hit you a few times.

Bots are a reflection of not only your level and experience within the current season but also all the other players within the match. So you will find bots of varying levels but don’t expect them to be completely unbeatable. They usually head straight into battle building one wall as defense before being shot.

Why Have Bots?

Bots aren’t always the worse thing to have in your gameplay. They are quite beneficial when you are just beginning out in the game or you want to get a little practice to build your skills in a battle royale setting.

There are many ways you can find bots within Fortnite. If you are wanting to boost your skills, here are some helpful ways to get into a lobby with more bots:

  • Use a new account with no skill level.
  • Find a limited pool of players, which increases bots within gameplay.
  • Try creative maps to practice building and game play.

You don’t always have to have a terrible experience with bots. It can be fun to find them in gameplay, especially if you are low on materials, ammo, and weapons. They are a great way to get resources.


You will find bots in many types of gameplay within Fortnite, so don’t expect there to never be any of these computer generated players (unless in competitive matches). Use them to increase your skills. You never know. A bot could give you the resources or weapon you need to beat your next opponent.