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Does Keurig Boil Water?

Does Keurig Boil Water?

Keurig has changed coffee lovers’ morning routines. In a matter of seconds, you can have a freshly brewed cup of coffee––or tea, if that’s your preference. Because Keurigs rely on hot water to create these beverage favorites, you may wonder whether they can also boil water.  

Keurigs do not boil water; they can only heat water up to 192 degrees Fahrenheit (89 degrees Celsius) for safety reasons. While this is not enough to kill bacteria or make soup, it is enough for most beverages.

While Keurigs do not boil water, they can still make your routine so much easier, and you’re not just limited to tea and coffee because the water doesn’t get hot enough either. Read on to learn more about how Keurigs heat water and the various beverages and meals you can still make with these devices.

Why Don’t Keurigs Boil Water?

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning, brew your favorite cup of joe, and then, somehow, you spill it on yourself. With today’s Keurigs, you’d need nothing more than a new change of pants. However, if the machine could boil water, you would need a new pair of pants and a trip to the emergency room.

Keurig’s no stranger to this fact. In 2014, millions of Keurigs were recalled after resulted in 90 burn-related injuries. Not only did the water get too hot, but it also sprayed at users.

The bottom line is Keurigs don’t boil water because of product liability issues. The company does not want to be responsible for any injuries due to poor manufacturing or design. It wants to maintain its pristine image as a fast and easy way to speed up your morning routine.

How Do Keurigs Heat Water? 

At a glance, I thought my Keurig operated the same way my hot water kettle did. Upon further research, however, I found a very different story.

At its core, Keurig operates the same way a regular coffee machine does; you insert the K-cup, then the water passes through metal tubes and percolates the coffee. The tubes themselves heat up, which, in turn, heat up the water.

Hot water boilers are different. You know the little knob in the center of the water kettle base? It heats up to extreme temperatures, heating up the water boiler pitcher itself, which then boils the water.

Like I said earlier, Keurig’s main prerogative is your protection. So, it only heats up water suitable for most hot beverages.

Can I Put Hot Water in My Keurig and Heat it to a Boil?

Keurigs are outfitted with temperature control sensors that prevent the water from getting too hot, so you will be unable to put hot water in the device and have it heat to a boil.

So, suppose that you got hot water from the tap and then put it into your Keurig. The machine’s sensors would only heat the tubes up to 192 Fahrenheit, and then, once the water reached that temperature, it would shut off.

Even if it did work and you managed to get boiling water, you will ultimately breach your warranty for the device and put yourself at risk of burning, so it is not advised.

Can You Use Boiling Water to Clean Your Keurig?

Pouring boiling water into your Keurig will not clean it. In fact, it could end up permanently damaging your brewer, as its internal components can only withstand certain temperatures.

Also, because your Keurig does not make water hot enough to kill bacteria, running water through the machine without a K-cup will not be enough to clean it. Click here to learn more about how you can properly clean your machine.

What Can You Make without Boiling Water in Keurigs?

Although Keurig doesn’t boil water, you can still get a hot cup of plain water. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Fill up the water tank.
  2. Turn on the machine.
  3. Lift the compartment where you would put the K-Cup.
  4. Close the lid without inserting a pod.
  5. Choose your cup size.

And, even though you can’t boil water in a Keurig, you can still make some of these beverages and meals:

  • Soup
  • Oatmeal
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Hot chocolate
  • Cocktails
  • Pasta
  • Hot toddies
  • Cider

In Summary

Keurigs don’t boil water because of safety concerns. Yet, you’re not limited to just making coffee and tea; you can make a host of other meals and beverages to get you up and running—and the hot water Keurigs can produce should be more than warm enough to still produce tasty results!