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Easy Tips to Make Homeschooling Work for You | Essential Homestead

Homeschooling is singularly challenging; nonetheless, it is one of the best bonding experiences any family can have, and you’re guaranteed to generate a lifetime of memories.

But, anyone contemplating the homeschool route needs to conduct some research before forging ahead. This article will provide you with helpful homeschooling advice from a veteran homeschooler.
make homeschooling work

  1. Go on field trips on a regular schedule. A great deal of learning occurs in the home, but outside experiences are also invaluable. There are lots of different places that are make for great field trips. Is a carnival going on? How about taking them to the store to learn about keeping a tally of what’s being spent? Put on your thinking cap and look for creative ideas for real-world experiences.
  2. Prepare yourself for the work of homeschooling. You need to select the teaching method that you will use, the resources that you will need, and plan out your schedule to allow for adequate teaching time. Timberdoodle puts together some of the most popular curriculum into kits by grade level.  It’s a good place to start.
  3. Patience is a virtue when you are homeschooling. This is important because your child should not see your frustration during difficult lessons. Encourage your child to be self motivated and help them gain confidence in their abilities.
  4. If you are part of a network of homeschooling parents, utilize the resources. You may discover that you can get lesson plans, gym options, music lessons and field trip information. These resources will make the process of homeschooling much simpler, and will be of great help to your kids.
  5. You need to set aside money for homeschool supplies. Figure out what materials you will need, as well as any field trips you want to take when figuring out the budget for that school year. Allocate a set amount to be used for each of your children. Leave a little extra in the account to cover expenses that might pop up.
  6. Let your child take frequent breaks so they can have fun, relax and use their energy. It ensures they’re less restless and more focused. Schedule some breaks and tell them when it’s about time for their break.
  7. Make sure you know the laws regarding homeschooling in your state. Every state has different laws and guidelines regarding homeschooling. Certain districts just need a written statement saying that you plan to homeschool.
  8. Try different organizations and programs to provide your children with opportunities to make friends. This could be through their church, a 4H group, involvement in sports or organized activities with other homeschooling families.

Homeschooling is certainly controversial to some, though it offers a wide range of potential benefits. If a parent wants to successfully homeschool their child, they can make homeschooling work!
Best wishes on your homeschool journey.  Share with us some of your favorite curriculum or field trips in the comments below.

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