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Everything You Need To Know About Filipinos

Everything You Need To Know About Filipinos

Every nationality has its unique qualities and a culture to share. Filipinos are best when it comes to sharing culture and stories, may it be under the sun or a bright moon at night. Everything you need to know about Filipinos is just right in the corner and waiting for you to unveil every inch of their smiles. 

What should you know about Filipinos? If you have not met a Filipino before, you would want to after you read this. Filipinos, may it be a man or a woman, young or old, is a gem you would like to keep forever. A Filipino’s smile will surely capture your heart. There are so many commendable traits that every Filipinos have. 


The first thing you need to know is how welcoming and helpful they are. Even before you land in the Philippines, you will see their beautiful smiles. Ask them a question, and they will answer you the best they can. Ask them directions, and sometimes they’ll even walk with you. If you’re new, they will approach you and welcome you. They would even offer you a drink or their own food. 

Forever RICE!!!

Food is one of their ways to welcome you. Filipinos love to cook, and you will find many delicious dishes in the Philippines. They are used to cooking a lot that a meal would have many specialties. Rice will never be absent and is always paired with two or more dishes. Yes, they love seeing others enjoy what they cook! They intentionally cook so many to share with family, friends, and neighbors, especially on the holidays. Sharing often comes with the stories on how they cooked it, why they cooked it, and when they will be cooking it again. Their stories will make you feel excited to eat their food and make you feel full just by hearing what is behind that dish. 

The Filipino Spirit

Every Filipino is has a cheerful soul. They like showing off their genuine smile. The Philippines is known to experience different kinds of natural disasters – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, typhoons, and more. But no matter, their positive attitudes, and their smiles will always be visible. They accept all help they receive and make use of it to rise again. Most Filipinos are optimistic. Even in the most challenging moment of their lives, they do not lose hope, and they know that they can still rise again like a sun for a new day. You cannot bring down a cheerful heart of a Filipino just because of a disaster. They are always contented with what they have hence the secret to their smiles. 

Hard Work and Family Ties

Filipinos are hardworking. A typical Filipino family would have 7-8 members – most are the extended type of family where the aunt, uncle, and grandparents all live together. The head of the family – usually a father, will work 8-9 hours a day with another sideline. This will almost be a whole day of work to earn extra to tend to the family needs. Filipinos are known to be a jack-of-all-trades, doing all types of work as long as their ability can fit a job. They are flexible and easy to adapt as long as they can earn to send all their children to school. They don’t just work – they work competently and wholeheartedly. You can even find a jeepney driver who, with their diligence, have sent all his seven children to college and made them all professionals in their chosen fields. Filipino parents will do whatever they can to provide everything their family needs. They don’t just earn money but also make their children’s love and respect. 

Filipinos have strong family ties. They take care of each other and never let a family member take all the hardship alone. They are very family-oriented people. One culture that Filipinos are very well known for is the closeness of their families. Most children would tend to still live with their parents or siblings even after marriage. There could be a lot of reasons for this trend. It may be because of adjustment with having their own family or because their parents would worry so much being away from their children. That is why a typical Filipino family consists of in-laws and extended family members. Suppose they don’t live with you they’re your neighbors. At times it may complicate things between husbands and wives and the in-laws, but it can also strengthen their bond to one another and give more meaning to what everyone calls “Family.” 


Most Filipino community is also known for its spirit of unity. Community unity is also known as “Bayanihan” which is prominent in the Philippines. Even if you don’t have your own family, as long as you are part of the community, you will never be left helpless in times of need. Your neighbors will give back the kindness you show them in whatever way possible. Helping each other in the community comes in different ways. They may not always be able to support you financially or emotionally, but one thing is for sure, they will never leave you. Even outside the Philippines, if you find a Filipino community, you’ll see that they are a tight-knit community, and you can also be a part of it!

The Showcase of Talents

Filipinos are a talented bunch. Singing is on top of the list. Many Filipino singers have become famous by entering contests worldwide. You can even watch them showcasing their singing on Youtube or Facebook. Something you’ll also find in every corner is a karaoke machine. That’s how much they love singing. Filipinos also love dancing, and every festival you’ll see have different dances. Filipino dancers have also marked their legacy in foreign countries through the contest they’ve joined. Filipinos are also known for their artistic side – they draw, paint, mold, carve, and tattoo. Influences from different eras of the Philippines and today’s generation has made famous Filipino artists. Filipinos use their talents in art as a means of their income, but their passion for it makes them famous, and earning is just a plus.

Traits of Friendship

Another trait that Filipinos are known for is their value of camaraderie. This is a trait that a Filipino is born with. Nothing beats a feeling of mutual respect for each other. A Filipino would tend to make an effort just to build a better relationship with a friend, co-worker, neighbor or even a person they have known for just a short period of time. Strong conformity is always important between any relationship. Beliefs and culture may be different, but a small act of kindness can make two persons build a one of a kind relationship. Filipinos are promoters of smooth interpersonal relationships, but this may result to be afraid of confrontations and prevents one to be outspoken – which is the negative result of too much value of camaraderie. 

The Importance of Celebration

Lastly, every Filipino loves to celebrate. Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Fiestas, is something a Filipino prepares for every year. It is always important for a Filipino to celebrate every occasion because this is when they get together with other relatives and friends. Every festival is also important especially if it is a saint or patron’s feast. Filipinos have reverence to whom they believe. Deep faith to religious figures is a part of Filipino culture. Many believe that keeping their vows to their patron will give them good life and protection of everyone in the family in exchange. It is fascinating that celebrating occasions strengthen every Filipino family culture and tradition. 

Birthdays also come extravagant for Filipinos. They even find different ways to have money to spend for celebrating their children or parents’ birthdays. They sell or pawn their jewelries and the most common way of breaking their thrift boxes. 

These are just few of many things you will discover when you get to know a Filipino. 

Despite many disasters that happen in the Philippines, there are still more reasons for every Filipino to rise again and open their doors for every new chapter of their lives. Filipinos indeed are the most friendliest and unique people everyone would want to meet.