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Foot Mask Recipe | Essential Homestead

Foot Mask Recipe | Essential Homestead

Are you looking for a natural foot mask recipe?

I’ve been working in my garden this week.  Some plants are starting to grow but it’s hard on the back, hands and feet.  Especially as we age.  I love my deep blue rub for muscle aches and this gardener’s hand cream recipe.  Today, I thought I’d share with you a homemade foot mask recipe using bergamot essential oil and some common ingredients found in most pantries.
The bergamot essential oil I use is sourced from Italy.  It’s a cross between an orange and grapefruit.  It’s a bitter fruit that produces a sweet oil.  It takes 100 bergamot rinds to make 3 ounces of pure bergamot oil.  Bergamot rejuvenates the skin, reduces stress, it’s uplifting and calming to our moods.
There are 3 ways to use Bergamot (the brand I use):

  1. Internally – add a drop to 4 fluid oz of water or tea.  Make your own Earl Grey Tea by adding a little bergamot essential oil.
  2. Aromatically – Add a few drops to a cool mist diffuser to reduce stress and lift the mood.
  3. Topically – Apply topically with a carrier oil or in a recipe like the foot mask below for it’s skin purifying benefit.

foot mask recipe
Foot Mask Recipe with Bergamot Essential Oil:
Why use a foot mask? Our feet have the most pores per square inch than any other area of the body, it is important to remember to treat the feet too! What you put on the feet will absorb into the rest of the body, so do your best to gather high quality, organic ingredients for this foot mask.

Notes about ingredients used:

  • The probiotics in Greek yogurt help deliver beneficial proteins and the lactic acid it contains rids the surface of old cells, making way for radiant, fresh skin.
  • Celery is rich in zinc, which helps to repair dry, cracked skin. Celery also carries vitamins and is cleansing and detoxifying.
  • Raw honey is a natural humectant, contains beneficial enzymes and antioxidants, and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Bergamot essential oil is calming and soothing to the skin.


  1. Grate stalk of celery and drain excess moisture in strainer or with paper towel.
  2. Add celery and remaining ingredients to food processor or blender.
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. Ready a wet washcloth or sit by tub.
  5. Apply mask immediately to entire foot with fingers or brush.
  6. Let sit 15–20 minutes while enjoying mask’s cooling sensation and the calming effects of Bergamot essential oil.
  7. Rinse off and enjoy your nourished and moisturized feet

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