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Gamecube Controller For PC (Our Top Three Picks

Gamecube Controller For PC (Our Top Three Picks

The popularity of PC gaming has been soaring in recent years and is catching up with the other consoles. However, not everyone who games on their PC uses the default keyboard as a gaming tool, as some prefer using controllers. Among the biggest PC controller manufacturers is Gamecube. Even though they’re known for making Nintendo controllers, they also have fantastic PC controllers. 

This article will look at some of the best Gamecube controllers for PC, their main features, and pro and cons. Keep in mind that you’ll need a Gamecube controller to PC adapter to establish a connection to your PC. 

EasySMX Wireless Gamecube Controller

Wireless game controllers are getting popular, and that’s why EasySMX is taking the top spot. The manufacturers have done an incredible job of giving it a sleek look, and it resembles and feels like an Xbox controller. However, it’s not compatible with that console. 

Main Features

Universal Compatibility

One thing that stands out about this controller is its compatibility with different gaming consoles, including the Windows PC. If you also own a PS3 console, you’ll find the controller working well, and you’ll only need to tweak a few settings to get it going. 

Wireless Controller

You don’t have to worry about hanging cables getting in the way when you’re busy gaming. The controller has a wireless connection capability with a 32.8ft (10m) range that is more than enough for gaming within your home. 

Rechargeable Battery

The rechargeable battery ensures you have enough power to last you through the gameplay without worrying about running out of power.  The controller is also programmed to go to sleep during inactivity, which helps you save more battery power. If you run out of power, you can always plug in the cables and continue using the controller. 


  • Non-slip grip
  • Dual vibration feedback


  • You need the Xinput and Dinput to use with PC

IFYOO X208 Wireless and Wired Controller

IFYOO has been building a sturdy reputation in the PC gaming industry, and you can tell by how they’ve designed this controller. The design makes it simple to use with all the keys visible and positioned in a way for your thumbs to reach without straining, and that’s why it’s taking the second position on this list. 

Main Features

Wired/Wireless Connection

The controller comes equipped with a cable long enough to allow connection to the PC while still maintaining enough space between you and the monitor. Also, there is the 2.4 GHz wireless option that you can utilize to connect to the PC, enabled by the Bluetooth connection. 


The controller might not be compatible with Xbox One, but it works well with Windows PC, PS3, and Android Mobile. You just need to adjust a few settings, and you’re good to go. 

Plug and Play

You don’t need to install any drivers or software for the controller to work with your PC. All you have to do is plug it into the port, and you can start using it immediately. 


  • Wear-resistant Anti-slip joystick
  • 3-months warranty
  • Comfortable grip


  • You need DirectX 9.0 to play on Windows 10

GameSir T4 Pro Wireless Controller

When we talk about style and design, only a fee Gamecube controllers come close to GameSir T4 Pro. The lighting on the ABXY keys and right joystick adds an aesthetic appeal and doubles up as lighting options, allowing you to see the buttons even in a dimly lit room. 

Main Features

Programmable Buttons Controller

You can customize the four controller buttons and use them as you please, giving your hands more control. You have to navigate to the system settings to get this done. 

Double and Turbo Vibration Function

Nothing makes the game more epic than the vibration functions. The controller comes equipped with Turbo and a Double vibration function to keep you in the game mode. 

Wireless Control

You can connect the controller wirelessly to your PC, which provides you with the flexibility of playing from across the room without worrying about the loose or hanging cables. The controller is compatible with Windows 7 or later, Android, and Mac OS. 


  • Colorful LED-backlit 
  • Switch controller
  • Bluetooth connection


  • The manufacturer could reduce the price


The growing demand for PC controllers is synonymous with the rising popularity of PC gaming. The manufacturers have done incredible work designing sleek and very effective gaming controllers that feel better on the hands. The controllers have modern designs that resemble those of popular Xbox controllers. They’re also compatible with some consoles, providing you with multiple gaming options.