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Here’s How Much Your Old Bowflex Is Worth

Here’s How Much Your Old Bowflex Is Worth

Bowflex is just as popular today as they were when it first came out. Their unique design and versatility have helped turn them into one of the most popular pieces of workout equipment in the world, and it’s no surprise that people love to buy them for their home gyms.

Your used Bowflex may be worth anywhere from $500 to $1500. There are various factors that affect the machine’s worth, like the make and model, where it was purchased, and if you are paying for shipping.

Your old Bowflex could be worth a lot of money these days, especially if it’s still in good condition. Here are some quick facts about Bowflex that you might not know about.

How Much Is a Used Bowflex Machine Worth?

The first step in this process is understanding what your Bowflex machine may be worth. This will depend on several factors, including:

  • Age of the Bowflex
  • The model number of the Bowflex
  • Condition of the Bowflex 

A used Bowflex model, or an as-is machine sold by a private individual, might cost between $500 and $1500. However, heavy products like the Bowflex require additional shipping costs. The average cost to transport a Bowflex through Amazon is $120.

Features That Affect the Selling Price of Your Bowflex

Just like any other product, the selling price of your Bowflex will be affected by the condition it is in. The price of used Bowflex machines can also be significantly influenced by the other factors mentioned above.

You should keep these factors in mind when trying to determine how much value your used Bowflex has. If you bought your Bowflex secondhand or were given one, you may not want to spend too much money on getting it fixed up—you never know if someone else might take an interest in buying it off of you. Finally, don’t forget to factor in the price of any accessories you might still have, such as replacement parts and workout DVDs.

Mint-Condition Bowflex Machines are Worth More

The more complete and closer to factory condition that your Bowflex is in, the better. Of course, the older it is, the less likely you will have pristine parts and equipment – but condition still has a significant impact on resale value. If your machine needs repairs or parts replaced (especially if it’s missing many crucial parts), then it’s going to be worth a lot less than the same model in better condition.

To determine the condition of your Bowflex, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there rust on any of the metal parts?
  • Are the cables frayed or loose?
  • Are they still intact and strong enough to do their job?
  • Does it have all its parts? All equipment, even if not in use, should be included.
  • Is it still in its original packaging?
  • Do you have any workout DVDs that came with your Bowflex when you first purchased it?
  • Do these materials need to be downloaded online (and potentially paid for), or are they physical discs you can keep without having to pay additional money?

There are some models of Bowflex that come with several workout DVDs, as well as other relevant materials for beginners or people looking to stay motivated. These can potentially add value to your machine, even though it may not directly impact the performance – you want to give yourself every possible chance for success!

The Make and Model of Your Bowflex Will Help it Sell

Numerous models were released over the years. The original was the Bowflex PR1000, which came out in 1992 and cost $1500 new. Since then, numerous other models have come out with multiple attachments so you can do more kinds of exercises on them. However, they’ve also had many different names to go with their new branding (Max Trainer, for instance).

The average Bowflex machine sells for around $1250 new. There are some newer models of Bowflex that cost over $3000 new! While no one would pay this much money for an old used model – the fact is that the older a Bowflex is, the less it is likely to sell for.

When you’re trying to determine how much your old Bowflex might be worth, consider using Amazon’s marketplace as a basis for comparison. Amazon lists machines by price descending, so if you have an older model that isn’t worth as much, just set the minimum search at the highest possible value and work up from there.

The Age of Your Bowflex Matters

The older your machine is, the less it will sell for – so keep this in mind when deciding to buy a used Bowflex. The more recent models will be worth more money than their predecessors, simply because there are more people looking for the newer models. If you have an older model, it might be worth your while to compare the price of replacement parts before trying to sell it.

The age of your Bowflex is essential when it comes to how much you can sell them for. The machine’s condition can be important, but age is crucial in determining price.

If your Bowflex is older than eight years, put it up for sale on your front yard or donate it; machines over this age have little resale value and may not be worth the cost of removing it from a property. The company manufactured three types of Bowflex. Each has a different resale value depending on its model and year of release.

  • Power rod machines fetch $50.00 in resale value on average, regardless of their model or year of release.
  • Powerband machines fetch $150.00 in resale value on average, regardless of their model or year of release.
  • Power tower machines fetch $200.00 in resale value on average, regardless of their model or year of release.

Machines in good conditions with original packaging and accessories will increase the resale value. Discontinued Bowflex machine models fetch higher resale prices than more recent machines. Check with your local Craigslist or eBay listings to get an idea of what type of price they are selling for.

A Quick Note on Repairs and Warranties

Depending on how much you paid for your new machine, you may still have warranty coverage left. This will help increase the value of your Bowflex because if a buyer knows they will not have to pay anything out of pocket for new parts, they will offer more to you.

As long as the machine is not too old, it should still be under warranty – even Bowflex itself has a special warranty covering how long your Bowflex will last before breaking down. Many manufacturers have policies on their products lasting ten years, so keep this in mind when determining how much money you can get for your used Bowflex.

Don’t forget that some accessories are also covered by warranties! This includes any workout DVDs or printed materials included with the original purchase. If you have these items lying around, try adding them into your sale ad—after all, they’re just taking up space otherwise.

Where Do I Sell My Used Bowflex?

There are many places you can sell your Bowflex machine, but the easiest is undoubtedly Craigslist. Not only is it free to post an ad, but there will be a lot of people looking for used fitness equipment. – meaning that you’re likely to get more views and offers than on most other smaller outlets!

Another great place to sell is Facebook Marketplace. This site has expanded dramatically in recent years with the addition of new features, so now there are all sorts of people who use it looking for everything from used cars to clothes.

It’s one of the best places to look when trying to find used Bowflex machines or any other kind of exercise equipment. It helps that Facebook Marketplace has a built-in payment system. But if you want to get paid with cash, all you need is to agree upon the price and then meet up in person.

Tips for Selling Your Bowflex Online

Craigslist is a free service that anyone can post on. It’s a straightforward site that allows users to create postings under a specific category. People either reply via email (if listed) or visit the post to get more information. It’s very user-friendly and allows you to list your own prices, unlike some other outlets which try to set a price for you.

  • Make sure your listing is easy to read and understand.
  • Use quality images that show the item up close.
  • Include every detail in there, so potential buyers know what you’re selling.
  • Keep track of who viewed your ad and get in touch with them if you see they have an interest in it.

There are some extra features available on Craigslist that make it easier for users. You can set up email alerts if someone replies to your ad (or sends you a message) so you can know instantly when there is interest in your machine!

While this might seem like an upgrade, it’s actually included with every Craigslist posting – meaning that anyone searching through used fitness equipment will be able to contact you quickly without hassle or fuss.

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for successful sales is by taking images of any old Bowflex machines. If possible, take multiple shots so that buyers can see all angles of your machine. You’ll also want to take some close-ups of any flaws or issues, but be sure not to show this in a disparaging light – remember, you’re still selling it after all.

Selling Your Bowflex on eBay

Selling your used Bowflex on eBay is easy. The condition of your used Bowflex is the most significant factor in the price that you can sell it for. All secondhand Bowflex machines are worth something. It’s just how much they are worth that varies their prices.

eBay offers a place to sell and buy used Bowflex machines and other fitness equipment. All you need to do is sign up for an eBay account, browse their various fitness categories, and list your item.

If you have the original paperwork with manuals and fitness guides, then be sure to include these items! Many potential buyers are looking for ready-to-go machines that they won’t have to assemble themselves, so selling your used Bowflex with the included literature makes it easier for them.

You might also want to make a note of anything else included with your Bowflex. For example, if it came with additional weights or bars, this information needs to be readily available. Even something like the included power cord has monetary value, so mention it here!

Shipping Your Bowflex

While shipping costs will vary based on geographic location and the size of your machine, you can use the average cost as a reference:

  • Shipping a Bowflex through Amazon (if it’s not already an as-is listing) – $120
  • Listing and Shipping a Bowflex through eBay – $200+

You should also factor in that you’ll need to pack up the machine and take it to the post office or shipping company. You can sell your Bowflex without original packaging, but this will dramatically reduce its value. Also, be sure to read up on any regulations for large household appliances (like your Bowflex) and how these items must be properly packaged before they are shipped.


Not all Bowflex machines are worth a lot of money when you decide to sell them. The age, number of accessories, and operating condition contribute to the overall value of the products. They were originally sold for thousands of dollars, but older models might only sell for hundreds in used condition.

If someone is looking to start their own Bowflex business, they can usually get a good deal on slightly used equipment. People who live where there is snow year-round should watch for sets that come with attached treadmills or incline options because they will be more difficult to sell without them. No matter your reason behind selling your Bowflex machine, research what you have ahead of time, so you know much it is worth before listing it anywhere.