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Here’s How SpaceX Makes Money (And Lots of It)

Here’s How SpaceX Makes Money (And Lots of It)

SpaceX is a company that makes money just like every other corporation out there. They specialize in rockets, and some people could have problems connecting what SpaceX does with how they make money. How does SpaceX make money?

SpaceX is a space transportation company that haul satellites and materials into space. Countries and corporations around the globe give them billions of dollars each year to restock the International Space Station and put their network satellites into orbit around the Earth. They also make rockets and other boosters for space ships.

SpaceX is one of those companies that will always be steeped in mystery. Their name sounds like an evil astronaut company, and their leader is one of the most well-known geniuses on the planet. So read on and learn how SpaceX makes a starship load of money.

How SpaceX Makes Money

Elon Musk has several different companies funding his empire. These companies are on the cutting edge of their industries and provide goods or services that make Musk a candidate for the world’s wealthiest person. In addition, he does double-duty as CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, both of which are billion-dollar producing companies.

One Source of SpaceX’s Main Monetary Gains are Cargo for Space Projects

There are thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth. More than you would think for a civilization that has only been exploring space for six decades. Each of these satellites needed a hitch into space, and chances are they rode upon a piece of SpaceX equipment. Musk’s time and money sank into reusable rockets, making them much cheaper than the competition.

Materiel for space stations requires more than just a few tie-downs. The SpaceX transport area is full of high-tech upgrades and systems that other country’s space programs do not have—making SpaceX the better choice to ensure that all the cargo and people make it to their space destination.

Networking the Planet is Another Revenue Stream for SpaceX

Bringing the internet to parts of the world that might not have it is another way that SpaceX brings home the bacon. They have the Starlink system going up every time they send another countries satellites into space. It saves and makes them money, which is great for their bottom line.

Starlink is just getting started but shows signs that it could make billions in the first year of operations, which should cover the hefty price tag of the system. People will pay a flat fee to Starlink, which will take the place of local network providers.

SpaceX Makes Rockets and Boosters for Space Exploration

SpaceX is a rocket-building company. They produce some of the most innovative and imaginative designs on the market. They are the first company to have reusable rockets and boosters, making getting into space much more accessible. These innovations make them the top dog in the market and give them a considerable share of the profit in the industry.

SpaceX makes some serious hardware for all types of space-oriented products. They make the tiny bits and pieces to repair and replace parts that could fail on their booster and inside their rockets.

The Future of SpaceX

There aren’t many companies with a bright future like SpaceX. They have enlarged their operations to encompass the settling of the planet Mars. Musk says that his wealth building and all the innovations of his various companies are geared towards achieving his otherworldly goal.

Some promising signs that SpaceX is here to stay are:

  • Government Participation – Governments around the world are flocking to SpaceX and its products. They want to be one of the first to sign up for the Starlink networks capabilities or send some swag to their astronauts working the ISS.
  • Grant Money – SpaceX has also begun to get grant money from these same governments. This money is not a loan and does not hurt their bottom line. These grants are for special research projects, like Starlink and a few other innovations that come directly off of Musk’s desk.

Once the government buys in a product or service, you can bet it is around to stay. The tools and applications that SpaceX uses could be one-of-a-kind offerings that no other company has had the knowledge or materials to create. SpaceX is going places.


SpaceX makes their money by helping governments get their gear into space and running a few other projects, like worldwide internet access. These programs are essential to humanity and give everyone a chance for a more enriching life.

The upper brass at SpaceX has created a network of companies that feed off each other. The companies innovations and successes work in tandem to make more profit for the other company with their eyes always on the horizon of space exploration.