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Here’s How to Connect Corsair Keyboard to PS5

Here’s How to Connect Corsair Keyboard to PS5

When it comes to playing games on the PlayStation 5, nothing parallels the unique feeling of using their classic controllers. However, if there is one place they can fall short, it is when you need to chat with your fellow gamers, and selecting letter by letter becomes tedious. I have often wondered if there is a way to connect a keyboard to the PlayStation for fast typing, and it turns out there is!

When you use a Corsair keyboard, you can connect it to the PlayStation 5 by simply plugging it into the console. However, the keyboard is unlikely to work unless you enter BIOS mode on the keyboard. This is often done using the Windows lock key when it is available on the keyboard. If this is not possible, there are other ways to enter BIOS mode.

Shifting your keyboard to BIOS mode is the most effective way to connect to the PlayStation 5. However, there are some things to consider, as there are many different kinds of Corsair keyboards, and each has their own specific methodology. To learn about each one, keep reading through this article as I explain different processes in detail!

How To Connect Your Corsair Keyboard To PlayStation 5

Connecting the PlayStation 5 with a keyboard is an intriguing concept to help you chat better with other players. But if you have connected the Corsair keyboard directly to the PlayStation 5, you may have noticed that the keyboard doesn’t often work. 

This is because to make this happen, you need to change the mode settings on your keyboard. In fact, the way to make this happen is to put the Corsair keyboard into BIOS mode. BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System and tells a computer basic processing information such as the storage available. This can make running with a console like the PlayStation 5 possible and compatible with the Corsair keyboard. 

Once you enter BIOS mode on your keyboard, connecting to a PlayStation 5 is incredibly easy. You can then plug the keyboard into the PlayStation as you usually connect it to any PC, and you will find that the keyboard can work effectively now. 

How To Enter BIOS Mode On A Corsair Keyboard

In order to use BIOS mode on your Corsair keyboard, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Since there are many different models and kinds of keyboards from Corsair out there, you need to consider some differences in the build. For example, some keyboards will have a Windows lock key, while on the other hand, some keyboards will not. 

In general, the way to enter BIOS mode is pretty simple and differs slightly based on whether or not you have a lock key on the keyboard. On the Corsair keyboards that have the Windows lock key, you will usually find it at the top of the keyboard. It is easy to find because it has a prominent lock symbol on top of it, inspired by its name. However, some keyboards will need a specific method that we will discuss in the following few sections.

Entering BIOS Mode With A Windows Lock Key

In the situation that you have a Windows lock key on your Corsair keyboard, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. On the Corsair keyboard, hold down the Windows lock key.
  2. At the same time, also hold down the F1 key.
  3. Keep holding down both keys for at least 5 seconds.
  4. Release both keys together.

These steps will now allow your keyboard to enter BIOS mode. 

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Entering BIOS Mode Without A Windows Lock Key

Photo: Corsair

Some Corsair keyboards do not have a Windows Lock key. If that is the case, there is another process you can follow to enter BIOS mode:

  1. Remove the plug connecting your keyboard.
  2. Now, hold down the S and B keys simultaneously.
  3. Keep holding the keys down and at the same time, plug in the Corsair keyboard again.
  4. You can release the S and B keys when your keyboard is plugged in. 

This method may seem difficult initially, but if you have someone to assist you, you can get it done pretty quickly. With these steps, your keyboard will enter BIOS mode, and you can easily connect it to your PlayStation 5. 

Other Ways To Enter BIOS Mode For Specific Keyboards

While these steps are almost generally applicable to every Corsair keyboard, there are other ways for certain specific products from Corsair. Here are some of the conditions to consider. 

  • On a Corsair K100 or K95 Platinum, you will have to unplug the keyboard, hold down S and B, and then plug in the keyboard while holding down these keys.
  • With a Corsair K70 TKL, unplug the keyboard, hold down the Escape key, and plug in while you press the key down. 

Other than these specific examples, you should be able to get your problem in hand and move to BIOS mode so that you can then connect your Corsair keyboard to the PlayStation 5. 

How Can I Exit BIOS Mode On Corsair Keyboard?

If you are using the keyboard for something other than the PlayStation 5, you will have to exit BIOS mode once you are done using the console. In that case, it is essential that you know how to exit BIOS mode as well. Luckily, there is a pretty simple process that connects back to what you did to enter BIOS mode. You will simply have to hold down the keys you initially pressed for at least three seconds to exit BIOS mode. 

So, if you have a Windows lock key on your keyboard, for example, the two keys are the lock key and the F1 key. Press down on them for three seconds, and your keyboard will exit BIOS mode. Similarly, in the absence of a lock key, you can do this by holding down S and B for three seconds. 


You can effectively chat with teammates and other players with a Corsair keyboard connected to your PlayStation 5. I hope this article helped you understand the mechanisms required to connect different Corsair keyboards to your PlayStation 5!