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Here’s How to Download GTA 5 for Android

Here’s How to Download GTA 5 for Android

Grand Theft Auto first made its debut in the gaming world in 1997. The game has kept up with the times in that while initially played on the PlayStation, it has since become more widely used on a variety of devices. You may be wondering how you can play the newest version of Grand Theft Auto, GTA 5, on your Android device specifically.

It is a pretty simple process, but first, you will have to download the game. Read on to find a step-by-step process on how to download GTA 5 on your Android so you can enjoy the game wherever you are. 

How Do I Download GTA 5 on My Android Device?

Before you download GTA 5, it is crucial to verify that your Android can handle the game. Tech Latest strongly suggests that you have a smartphone with a lot of RAM, as it is a relatively large download (30MB). 

This download will also only work if you have an Android with a 4.4 (or above) 4KitKat operating system. Some common phones that fall into this category include the Samsung Galaxy A7 and the Lenovo S90 Sisley. A complete list of Androids with at least a 4.4 operating system can be found here

Once you have verified that you have the right operating system to handle the game, it is time to download:

  1. You can download the game by going to this website on your Android phone. 
  2. Once you are there, locate the download named “Grand Theft Auto 5 APK Download for Android”. 
  3. Underneath, you will see a button labeled “Download GTA V APK+OBB Files. 
  4. Click the button and save the file to your local storage. 

You should see the app on your home screen. Click on it to start playing the game. 

Can I Play GTA 5 on My Android Without Downloading the Game?

Perhaps you don’t have the space on your phone to download a large game, but you would still like to try out GTA 5 on your Android. If that is the case, we have you covered:

  1. In addition to your Android, all you need is a good internet connection and a PC/laptop that already has GTA 5 installed. Make sure that both the phone and computer are connected to the same network
  2. Next, download Steam Link from the Google Play store on your Android and install the Steam Link on your computer as well. 
  3. Launch Steam Link on both your computer and your Android.
  4. Next, press the “Start Playing” button and click “Steam Big Picture Mode.” Being in big picture mode will ensure that you will have the same visuals on both devices.
  5. Lastly, go to your Steam Library, locate GTA 5, and click play.

More Questions

Now you have two ways to be able to play GTA 5 on your Android, but you may still have some questions about playing on the device; mainly, how much it costs, what features it has, and whether it is safe to download.

First, it is completely free. There are no hidden fees that you have to worry about. Just download it and play whenever you want. The playing experience is just the same as it is on a PlayStation or computer with all the same features. 

Finally, it is completely safe to download. You do not have to worry about also downloading anything unwanted onto your phone. Simply access it through the download app or Steam Link and enjoy. 


Grand Theft Auto has been part of the gaming world for decades without losing any popularity. Much of its appeal lies in its fantastic graphics and exciting, fast-paced nature, which keep users engaged and entertained. While it was initially only played on the PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles, it has since expanded and can be played on a variety of devices, including PCs, laptops, and mobile phones. 

If you want to play GTA 5 on your Android, first make sure your operating system can handle it and that you have enough RAM. All you have to do after that is download the file from the link listed above, save it to your local storage, install it, and you are ready to play. Alternatively, if you do not have the space on your phone, you can play on your phone by connecting to the same network as your computer and using a Steam Link to still make it possible.