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Here’s Where Your Minecraft Screenshots Are Saved!

Here’s Where Your Minecraft Screenshots Are Saved!

Minecraft is arguably the best video game ever created for creative expression. With just a few tools and an endless supply of blocks, players can create entire worlds and astounding masterpieces from a giant ship in a bottle to a Hogwarts castle replica to something as simple as their first home. Understandably, once you’ve finished this build, you’ll want to show your creation to your friends, family, or the world, so you host a photoshoot and take the most amazing screenshots, but where did they go? 

The location of Minecraft screenshots will depend on the console or device you’re playing on. For the most part, you can find your Minecraft screenshots in your device’s library or images folder. This is often accessible through a folder under general settings. Of course, each device is different, and so, some folders are harder to find than others (ex. PC). 

In this article, we’ll explain how you can find your Minecraft screenshots on whatever device you’re using, and we’ll even walk you through how to take screenshots on these devices if you don’t know yet, so you can capture every Minecraft moment and find it with ease. 

Where to Find Minecraft Screenshots on All Compatible Devices 

Not only is Minecraft one of the best games for innovation and creativity, but it is also one of the most accessible. Not only can you play it on the most popular consoles, such as PC, Xbox 360 and One, and PlayStation 3 and 4, but it is also available on the Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android devices.

Because you can play this game over so many platforms, many gamers have trouble finding sources that will tell them where their screenshots go, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Below is a chart that details where you can find your Minecraft screenshots for each playable device. 

Windows 10 (PC)The “Minecraft Screenshot Folder” stored in the AppData/Roaming folder under .minecraft\\screenshots
Xbox OneIn the “Recent Captures” option under “Capture & Share” in your settings
Xbox 360Does not have screenshot capabilities
PlayStation 4In the “capture gallery” under the “Library” setting
PlayStation 3In the “screenshot” folder located in the “photos” hub
Nintendo SwitchIn the “album” folder found on the Home menu between the “Nintendo eShop” and “Controllers” icons
iOS and AndroidIn your “Photos” application (might have created its own folder/album”

If you’re still having trouble finding your Minecraft screenshots on your device, or you want to know how to take screenshots in addition to locating them, read on. We’ll provide a brief step-by-step guide for each device, excluding the older PlayStation and Xbox models.

Windows 10

When it comes to finding Minecraft screenshots, Windows 10 is usually the platform gamers struggle with the most. 

The easiest way to take a screenshot on this platform is to press the F2 key, but holding the “Windows” key while you press “PrtSc” is another common option. 

After you’ve pressed these keys, a notification should pop up that your screenshot has been saved. To find it, go to your “Start” menu and type %appdata% into the search bar. This should take you to the “AppData/Roaming folder of your computer. Once inside, look for the folder named .minecraft. This is where all of your Minecraft folders will be stored.

Xbox One

As far as controls are concerned, the Xbox One doesn’t have the quickest screenshot setup, but it isn’t difficult by any means. 

To take a Minecraft screenshot with this device, press the “Xbox Guide” button (the giant circular X in the center of the controller). This will open the side menu and default to the “Home” tab. You’ll then want to use your right bumper control to open the “Capture & Share” tab to the right and move down to the “Capture Screenshot” option to take your screenshot. 

To find this screenshot later, you would repeat the previous steps of using your “Xbox Guide” button to open the same menu screen and return to the “Capture and Share” tab. From here, go down to “Recent Captures” for your screenshot, or you can move down to the “Show All” option if the screenshot you want is behind several newer images.  

PlayStation 4

Taking and finding your Minecraft screenshot on a PlayStation 4 is by far the easiest. To take a screenshot, simply press and hold the “Share” button (the small, pill-shaped button to the left of your touchpad) until the screenshot icon appears.

Next, go to the main/home screen and open the “Library” option. It will default you to the “All” folder, and inside you’ll want to open the “Capture Gallery” and press the “start” button. Inside, you can either select the “All” option or you can find the Minecraft icon where all of your Minecraft screenshots are stored.

Nintendo Switch

To take a screenshot on your Nintendo Switch, simply press the “Screenshot” button (small square button next to your directional pad). All screenshots are then stored in the ““Album” folder found on the Home menu between the “Nintendo eShop” and “Controllers” icons. 

The default screen will show all screenshots starting with the most recent, but you can press the “Y” button for the “Filter” option and choose Minecraft for screenshots just from this game. 

iOS and Android

Playing Minecraft on iOS and Android isn’t as common, but some people like the convenience of this option. To take a screenshot on an iOS device, press the “Home” and side “Power” buttons simultaneously. For an Android device, press the side “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons simultaneously.

Screenshots for both devices will be found in your “Photos” application. You can see them in the “Recents” folder, but Minecraft might create its own folder for all Minecraft-related screenshots.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to take screenshots for every playable device for Minecraft and where to find them. So, go forth and take as many screenshots of your amazing creations as possible and share them with the world!