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Here’s Why Your Traeger Keeps Saying “Clean Grill”

Here’s Why Your Traeger Keeps Saying “Clean Grill”

What’s better on a nice day out than a bit of barbeque and grill? Some of my best childhood memories go back to when our whole family would be out and enjoying some excellently grilled meat. And, with modern technology, the experience of grilling has gotten better (and easier) than ever. Traeger grills combine modern technology with a technique we all know and love – but what happens if you keep seeing a ‘Clean Grill’ error all over your machine?

The Traeger grill gives you a ‘Clean Grill’ reminder to help you keep in mind the hygiene and cleanliness of the machine. However, it doesn’t impede grilling at all. The warning can still be frustrating, so you can remove it using the menu option. Another way to get rid of the warning is to clean out your Traeger grill properly. 

There are a lot of urban myths about cleaning a grill, so to get the proper knowledge, keep reading this article! We have condensed advice from the company and experts in one space so you can learn all there is to know!

How To Tackle ‘Clean Grill’ Error On A Traeger Grill

According to Traeger, your grill helps you keep up with routine maintenance by alerting you to clean your grill. That is why you see the ‘Clean Grill’ error, which is there every time you restart the grill if you haven’t cleaned it in a while. 

In some cases, you might even see the grill when you have just finished cleaning it. This could be because the machine has some short-term glitch. Luckily, there’s an easy way to dismiss the ‘Clean Grill’ message you see on your Traeger grill: 

  1. Choose the Menu Option on your grill.
  2. Navigate and choose the option ‘Settings.’
  3. From here, choose ‘Clear Notifications.’

After this, you will not receive any pending notifications, messages, or errors from your Traeger grill. 

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When Should I Clean My Traeger Grill?

How often you clean out your grill depends on the number of times a week you use the machine. For example, if you use it almost every day, you should clean it after a couple of days. However, if you are just using it a few times a week, cleaning once a week or every two weeks might be sufficient.

Ultimately, the more you cook on the grill, the more the greases build up over time. If you see leaks in your smoke stash, that is a sign to immediately cease using the Traeger grill and clean it up instead. 

What Should I Use To Clean My Traeger Grill?

There are no specifically designated products needed to clean your Traeger grill. To get the best results, you can use items such as trap cleaners and grease removers. It is best to use fast-acting agents that also include enzyme action. This way, they can quickly and efficiently clean your Trager grease trap. 

How To Clean A Traeger Grill

Photo: Traeger

Now that you are well aware of all the things you will need to clean out your Traeger grill, it’s time to move on to how you need to clean it out. Cleaning a Traeger grill is pretty easy, and we’ve outlined all of the steps for you to make it a quick and straightforward process. To clean your Traeger grill:

  1. First, switch off the Traeger grill and let it stay like that for about a day.
  2. Clean out the grease dripping bucket. Accumulated grease in the bucket can start a fire in some cases, so always keep it clean. 
  3. Using a gentle cleaning pad can help scrape off grease.
  4. Use a microfiber cloth to clean out the remaining debris. 
  5. Avoid metallic brushes and cleaning items as they can scratch and damage the grills and affect the clean finish of the device, 
  6. Wash the grills off. Please do not do this when the grease is hot as it can cause sizzling and may even hurt you. 
  7. Remove the chimney cap, and clean it with slightly warm soap or detergent in a water mixture. 
  8. Let the chimney cap air dry completely before attaching it back to the Traeger grill. 
  9. Moving on to the grease trap, make sure to pour out all of the remaining oil or grease into another container and throw it out.
  10. Use a mixture of soap or detergent and water, and use a gentle cleaning tool, such as a microfiber cloth, to clean them. 
  11. Use a degreaser or specialty trap cleaner to get the best cleaning results. 

Finally, put everything back in its place after letting it air dry for at least twenty-four hours. Make sure to repeat this process every time you clean your Traeger grill. If you do not clean properly or feel like it’s too much work, you can also call in a professional for help. However, keep in mind that this can become quite expensive, and it is much easier to clean the grill on your own. 

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Why Is Cleaning My Traeger Grill Important?

You might be wondering, is it a big deal if you neglect cleaning your grill? There is a reason the company has a built-in message to remind you to clean. This is because cleaning your grill is an absolute necessity. In some cases, the grease trapped in your grill can get so bad that you need to call in a professional. 

This can be time-consuming and expensive, so make sure to keep up with routine cleaning to avoid taking this step. Grease collected inside the grill can affect how well the grill works and can even become dangerous if left for too long. 


If you’ve ever come across the Traeger Grill continuously telling you to ‘Clean Grill,’ it’s a sign you might have accidentally covered the internal machine in grease. However, you can clean out the Traeger grill with just a few simple steps and avoid causing lasting damage. You can also switch off the message if it keeps showing up even if your machine is clean.