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List of Homeschool Curriculum Resources

I’m asked all the time for a list of homeschool curriculum resources.

Fellow homeschoolers compare notes and try to find the best homeschool curriculum resources for their child.  Each child is different and learns in a different way.  So what I use may not work for your child and vice versa.  However, here’s a list of our families favorites.  We’ve homeschooled since 2009.  I’ve gone thru alot of homeschool curriculum resources and still do to be able to find the best fit for each of my children.
homeschool curriculum resources
There are tons of wonderful Christian-based curriculum resources for homeschoolers on the market today. Honestly, it just keeps getting better and better! Keep reading, for a few possibilities to help you get you started.
Abeka (
Abeka has been an important part of homeschooling for over forty years. The majority of curriculum options come with easy-to-understand lesson plans.  
Grade placement is determined by previous work completed. Abeka curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, preschool to high school level.  We used this curriculum when my youngest was in kindergarten.  She really enjoyed it, especially the art workbook.  
CBD ( features a collection of Sunday school lesson plans, perfect for a Christian-based homeschool environment. Materials are appropriate for ages two through adult.
There’s a handy “homeschool finder,” to make your site search easier. Publishers include A Journey Through Learning, DK Publishing, Geography Matters, Nature’s Workshop Plus! and many, many more.
Five in a Row (
Five in a Row is the brainchild of a 17+ year homeschooling mom. What experience with curriculum is better than that? If your kids are more into kinesthetic, visual and auditory learning, FIAR is for you.
Subjects covered include, science, applied math, art, geography, language arts and social studies. A comprehensive bible supplement is also available.
Sonlight (
Sonlight curriculum comes complete with simple-to-understand teaching guides, to make your time spent in the classroom go as smoothly as possible.
Along with the required subject materials, several elective kits are available for purchase. This includes piano instruction, British lit, economics and psychology. The entire program is literature-based.
Timberdoodle (
Timberdoodle opened its virtual doors in 1985. This fantastic resource provides something for everyone. They take some of the best curriculum in the nation and create packages for each grade level. 
Visit the site to request a free 200+ page print catalog along with a preschool/kindergarten placement test, create custom curriculum kits and a whole lot more.
These are just five (of many) great Christian-based curriculum resources for homeschool families. I mostly get my resources from CBD and timberdoodle.  I compare them to Amazon pricing.  I hope you find great choices for your child.  Comment below if you want more info on the specific subject choices I use.
Once you have your curriculum, consider teaching your child how to plan out their school year.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the planner we love.  Use and reuse this planner every year.  It’s saves us a ton of time and money.

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