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Honeysuckle Tea Recipe with Lavender or Mint

Enjoy the nectar of a honeysuckle with this honeysuckle tea recipe!

My family was outside enjoying the sunshine when we spotted some honeysuckle vines growing on the edge of the wood line.  I decided to show them how to eat the nectar of a honeysuckle.  My 4 year old loved it.  I started thinking about other ways we could use this plant and the possible health benefits.  Honeysuckle is good for digestion, swelling, boosting immune and more.  Making this honeysuckle tea recipe is a great way to take advantage of these health benefits plus it’s free to make.
My youngest daughter loved that we could pick the flowers and taste the sweet nectar.  She kept going back for more 🙂
To make the honeysuckle tea recipe, first, choose open honeysuckle flowers.  Pluck them at the base where the nectar is located.  Avoid picking leaves or stems.  I put my flowers in a tea bag so I didn’t have to strain the water later but if you don’t have a tea bag, you can strain the flowers out pretty easily.
Put the flowers in a mug or mason jar and pour hot water over them.  Let the water cool to room temperature.  Strain the flowers and add a few ice cubes.  Or you can put the mixture in the fridge to infuse overnight for more flavor.
The finished tea has a lovely color, floral smell and a sweet flavor.  Add a sprig of mint and enjoy!

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