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How Can You Recognize True Love?

How can you recognize true love? First of all, is this a theme that concerns only young people? Is it for those who are in relationship, or for those who are dating? The answer is NO! This topic is for every man and woman at every stage of his life. Regardless if he is single or married, it is the subject for every person. Why? To know that, we have to ask yourself what is the meaning of our life?  I decided to find out.

So How Can You Recognize True Love? One of the safest signs that we found True Love is when these 3 things are recognized: 1. Physical Attractiveness, 2. Character Similarity , 3. Intuition. The first two things are easy to recognize, but Intuition tells us what we are willing to do for that person, are we ready to die for him/her.

Although true love usually is followed by strong emotions, love can’t be identified with the feeling of floating on the clouds. The relationship will not last long if it is based only on feelings. The fact is that knowledge is the foundation of a healthy relationship. It’s a key to knowing a partner. It is important to know the personality and character of the person. It’s a good idea to make a list of the character traits which you like in person you’re in love with. If the list is long, then you know a lot about that person and you like his/her features. If the list is short, then you do not know much about that person or you know a lot, but you do not like his/her features. Another important factor in relationship is the common life goals.  

How to Recognize a Future Husband /Wife?

If a boy and a girl find themselves together, how they will be ready to recognise that? How will we know that it’s the “right” men/women for us? There is no warranties, no trustworthy rules. There is always a risk. But here are some signs!

The first sing is that such recognition does not come from romantic enthusiasm. Similarly, it usually does not come from a phrase like “he turns me on” or “she excites me”. We really believe there is something like ” love at first sight”, but passion is rarely the same thing. It’s often something like deep recognition in our spirit. Something clicked. A woman often senses waking in her spirit and is surprised by the enthusiasm that is born within her and concerns her well-being. We rarely recognize what it is.

The second sign of recognition does not happen by good feelings but with the pain. We realize that we feel deeper pain when we can’t be with our loved one than we feel because of unfulfilled romantic desires. Let us feel a sense of pain when we remember that we may not be able to raise children, protect them, or fill their days with that person. The closer to the discovery of what the other person means to us, the more we will fight, wound up, look for shortcomings or any justification for the escape.

One of the safest signs that tells us we found the right person is when we stop thinking about between what we can get from the other side. Something in us wants to put us in such  position that we give that woman constantly. Since then we want to protect her.  It is a love for which it is worth living and breathing.

Difference: True Love or Passing Infatuation?

Love. A word that is spoken every day. I love pasta, I love ice cream. Sometimes even “I love him” or “I love her.” So how to recognize the difference between Love and Infatuation? These signs explain the difference.


• See partner’s defects and in spite of this he/she accepts him and love him
• You want to serve your partner; unselfishness
• Take time with other people 
• Creates relationship
• Relationships with other people and friendship strengthens
• Because of mutual trust and understanding, the jealousy never happen
• He wants to achieve a long-term relationship
• He supports a distance that can strengthen the relationship
• The fights in relationship are less serious and they happen less often
• Fights can strengthen the relationship


• You look to your partner as the perfect person
• He wants to satisfy his own needs; selfishness 
• Free time spending only with a partner 
• He quickly falls in love with a partner 
• It turns away from friends, friendship with other people become less important 
• Addictionon of partner moods 
• Frequent jealousy
• Relationship is Short lasting 
• Distance causes tension in the relationship and often leads to termination of the relationship 
• The fights are serious and common 
• The fights can seriously disturb the relationship

5 Signs That You Have Find the Love of Your Life

It is not difficult to recognize a strong love, but how to know what we feel and share with the partner is really a true love? These are the signs that clearly show that you have found the love of your life.

1. Plans and Dreams

 The moment when you dream of a future with your partner can reveal a lot. If you see fear and insecurity, true love is not yet in sight. But if you can imagine it clearly, and you can feel incredible pleasure and impatient excitement it is the deepest love. It is also the same as vacation plans, travel or an ordinary dinner next weekend. What the plans are richer and make you happier then your love is stronger.

2. Geste

True love is not expressed in numbers and gifts but in nice gestures that speak much more. When you are willing to put your wishes to second place, and that you are ready to spend your free time with your partner is about real love. The same applies to sweet little love messages that you send to your partner without thinking. If you feel the need for such a spontaneous act know that you are in love with your ears.

3. Similarities and Differences 

Common goals and views on the world are very important for a stable relationship. This means that people have the same interests that lead them and  will lead them through life. But contradictions are also very important. If you and your partner are a different characters who together form a perfect whole, this is something much deeper and more powerful.

4. Sex

The passion and craving we feel towards our partner at the very beginning of the relationship will not last forever. Real love is not hidden in the frequency of the relationship and in the amount of sex but in strong emotions and the quality of the act itself. The gentleness, the kisses, and the strong feelings that make you express your deepest thoughts  who are pushing you during the sex, express the deepest thoughts by word or by the touches are the sign that is the person with whom you are making love is the real one.

5. Gratitude

 Scientists confirm that gratitude, the word “thank you” in relationship is much more powerful than the magical words “I love you”. Expressing gratitude to small and big things in relationship is sign of a strong link between a partner led by honest emotions.

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How Much Sex is Important in Marriage? Sex is very important, especially when people get married, lack of sex can break the marriage. A relationship based on physical lust will last as long as the partners are physically close and while there is sexual attraction between them. Love is a commitment.

How to Recognise Infatuation? Infatuation can be appealing. But the question you have to ask yourself is the following: Do I want a long-term and fulfilling relationship? If the answer is affirmative, then Infatuation is not the solution for you.

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