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How Long Do Bose Headphones Last?

How Long Do Bose Headphones Last?

It’s easy to buy an inexpensive pair of headphones that you know will last a couple of months, but it’s a challenge to find headphones guaranteed to last for multiple years. Bose is one of the leading audio developers on today’s market, making over $4 billion in 2019 alone with quality products such as their Bose Headphones. However, how long do these headphones last?

Bose Headphones are intended to last a lifetime. With proper maintenance, users only have to worry about keeping the battery charged and in good condition, and the battery’s life depends on the model.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can extend your headphone’s battery life and overall lifespan. Although Bose Headphones are built to last, if not cared for properly, you could find yourself back in the electronics department.

How Long Do Bose Headphones Last?

Bose designs their products to last for several years. In fact, most of the company is owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the leading technical research facilities in the country. With that being said, you should get at least a few years out of your purchase––and that’s on the conservative end.

Your device’s lifespan ultimately hinges on a lot of things, like:

Storage Conditions

Warm weather causes the “juice” in the batteries to evaporate, making it challenging to maintain a charge for long periods. Similarly, freezing temperatures may make it difficult for your headphones’ batteries to hold a charge. Because of this, Bose Headphones are best stored at room temperature.


It’s a no-brainer that the more you use a device, the shorter its lifespan. One of the great things is that many retailers, like Best Buy, service these devices. If you’re an avid music fan, you don’t have to throw out your headphones when they stop working; you can take them to a service center near you.

Everyday Wear and Tear

When you come home from the gym and triumphantly slam your headphones on your bed, you might think nothing of it. Over time, however, the headphones’ internal components can get jostled out of place. This could cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. You’re better off keeping your Bose Headphones in their handy-dandy carrying case.

Every pair of headphones, even the low-cost ones, are an investment in your entertainment. By taking proper care of them, you could get years out of your purchase.

How Long Do Bose Headphones’ Batteries Last?

Earlier, we mentioned that your headphones’ battery life will depend on what make and model you purchased. Here are some examples of Bose headphones with impressive battery life:

  • The QuietComfort 35 II – These bad boys get over 20 hours of battery life on a single charge. It’s all thanks to its lithium-ion battery, which most (if not all) Bose headphones are equipped with. To reach full charge, you’ll need to plug them in anywhere from two to five hours. The QuietComfort 35 II is also compatible with Alexa and comes with active noise canceling.
  • The Noise Cancelling 700These headphones, similar to those we mentioned above, also get 20+ hours on a single charge. It virtually comes with the same features as the QuietComfort 35 II, except its “headband” is sleeker.
  • The Bose SoundLink Headphones IIThese headphones last 15 hours on a single charge. But that’s not all. They also can switch between Bluetooth devices without disconnecting from your phone; sport an advanced microphone system, perfect for audio calls and multi-player games, and stay connected within 30 feet of their source.
  • The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset – Designed for online gaming, these headphones come with a battery life that lasts anywhere from 20 to 40 hours, depending on whether you are using a wired connection. It also only takes 15 minutes to get you over two hours of audio.
  • The SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II – Like the one listed above, you could get two hours out of a 15-minute charge with these headphones. If you charge them for the standard three hours, you could get 15 hours of “play time.”

Do Bose Earbuds Last as Long as Headphones?

We know; the QuietComfort Earbuds aren’t technically “headphones.” But before you write these off, consider this: you can get over six hours of battery life on a single charge. This narrowly beats out Apple’s AirPods, which for the standard model, gets about five hours.

They also come with a charging case which by itself lasts 18 hours. They are adjustable and come at a fraction of the price when compared to its traditional headphone siblings.

What if My Bose Headphones Can’t Maintain a Charge?

There could be multiple explanations for your battery’s poor performance. Consider the following:

  • You might need a new charging cable.
  • Your smartphone could have issues with staying connected.
  • You might not be charging your headphones long enough.
  • The battery could need replacing.

If your battery needs replacing or defective hardware is affecting your device’s performance, you could file a warranty claim. You generally have one year from the date of purchase to do this.


Ultimately, when it comes to your Bose headphones’ lifespan and battery life, it depends on what type of make and model you purchase. It also depends on their maintenance, usage, and storage.