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How Long Does a Canon 6D Battery Last?

How Long Does a Canon 6D Battery Last?

Canon’s 6D camera is a popular camera type for photographers. It falls into an affordable range and can create photographic results that exceed expectations. However, the Canon cameras struggle with one lingering issue – their battery life. Now and then, the photographer would have to replace their batteries. But how long does a battery last? 

Without factoring in the situations in which you take pictures and how often, the average Canon 6D battery should last about two years. However, you can determine the battery life by calculating how much you use regularly and taking preventive measures to reduce battery load. 

So how do you calculate the battery life, and how exactly can you elongate your performance? Well, keep reading this article to learn more. We’ve gone over each step in detail so you can know when it’s time to update your Canon 6D battery. 

Calculating Battery Life

In technical terms, your battery life is determined by the number of Watt-hours the battery can provide. Two critical factors make up your total Watt-hours:

  • Voltage: a measure of the voltage of your battery.
  • Amp-hours: a measure of the capacity of your battery.

By multiplying the two together, you can get an idea of the Watt-hours available through your battery. Think of it as a comparison of the power they hold vs. how quickly that power is drained during use. Using this formula, you can determine precisely how long the battery will last and prepare accordingly with the items you need to purchase.

Use Wattage Consumption

If you want to know how long your battery will last without charging, you can use Wattage Consumption. You can find this specification in your Canon 6D manual. Multiply this number with the time it takes to charge the battery. 

The answer tells you how many Watts are consumed in an hour. Divide that by the amp-hours capacity of your battery, and you’ll have an answer. This answer would be between 30 and 50 minutes for each one of a typical battery with continuous shooting and use. 

How Can A Single Charge Last Longer?

You can do some things to make each charge with your Canon 6D last longer. Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Switch off the flash option when you aren’t using the camera.
  2. Turn off the camera’s LCD when it is not being used.
  3. Routinely empty your memory card, so the load isn’t on the camera.
  4. Use manual focus instead of autofocus features.

Battery Hygiene Tips

There are a couple of ways to improve the battery life of your Canon 6D camera by taking some preventative steps. 

Don’t Let Batteries Drain 

For one, you should never let your batteries completely drain and cause your camera to die. This negligence will harm the overall battery health and reduce its life in the long run.

Photo: Canon

Keeping spare batteries when you are out on a shoot can be highly useful. If you notice that your batteries are draining, you can replace them instead of using the camera until it dies. It also helps you protect the data collected during the shoot.

Stick To Canon Batteries

Secondly, don’t opt for off-brand batteries. Because the Canon batteries can be costly to replace and maintain, some photographers may try to look for cheaper alternatives. However, non-Canon batteries can have adverse effects on your camera long-term. After all, they perform optimally with the Canon batteries, without which the quality of the camera will be affected.

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Avoid Overcharging

Since charging a battery can take between two to three hours, it’s painstaking having to wait for a full charge. Because of this, many photographers try to charge their batteries overnight while they sleep. While the process makes sense, this is bad in the long run for the battery quality; it also places you at risk of a fire.

Keep Away From Extreme Temperatures

Your Canon 6D camera’s batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures. If kept in extremely cold or hot situations, the battery can degrade and lose its quality. For example, batteries cannot be left out in the car during a shoot, and you should store them in the right environment. Never keep batteries in a place where the temperature is above 59°F.

How Long Will My Battery Last?

Considering you use your Canon 6D like the average user, your battery should last you for a solid two years. However, how long the battery lasts depends on the number of photos you take, whether you shoot videos, or how you manage the battery’s health. 

Battery Estimates For Video

Using your Canon camera, you can take both photos and videos. If you rely more on the ability to shoot videos, you must be understandably concerned with the battery life regarding videography. However, the battery provided by Canon is optimized to deliver with both formats. 

Should you keep your battery healthy and completely charge it, you should be able to shoot videos for over an hour continuously. Always make sure you have good temperature conditions to improve battery times. 

How Long Does A Camera Last?

Unlike your battery, your Canon 6D camera is a sturdy machine capable of surviving for years. The primary factor that would impact how long your camera stays is how well you care for it. Should you make sure it is well taken care of, the Canon camera will take care of you for years to come. 


Ultimately, every battery out there has a life of its own. However, with the proper care and attention, you can get your battery to work at an optimized level and improve its overall health and longevity. The more you practice battery hygiene, the more likely you will have a long-lasting battery. So always make sure to follow the tips listed above.

If you do eventually run into a problem with your battery, you should replace it as soon as possible. Using a faulty battery can bring damage to the camera itself. Plus, you want to make sure it’s a compatible Canon battery.