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How Long Is The Ocean City Boardwalk (New Jersey’s Most Family-Friendly Boardwalk)?

How Long Is The Ocean City Boardwalk (New Jersey’s Most Family-Friendly Boardwalk)?

The Ocean City Boardwalk was constructed to increase tourism opportunities in New Jersey. The boardwalk was a huge success and continues to attract thousands of visitors today. It is also reputed as one of the state’s most family-friendly boardwalks. 

The Ocean City Boardwalk is 2.5 miles long and overlooks the breathtaking beach and ocean views. It also has many attractions like food places, amusement parks, arcades, stores, and mini golf courses. The boardwalk also hosts special events throughout the year. 

This article further explains how family-friendly the boardwalk is, what rules to follow, and what attractions to see. 

Ocean City Boardwalk, NJ

Located in Ocean City, New Jersey, the Ocean City Boardwalk is a wooden boardwalk that extends along the beach. It was built in 1880 to cater to tourists and locals and has maintained popularity. 

The boardwalk is equipped with shops, restaurants, and many activities annually. Over time the boardwalk has become a hub for entertainment and leisure for the people of Ocean City and beyond. 

A famous vacation destination for many, the boardwalk entertains hundreds of thousands yearly. The ocean breeze and beach views make the place even more special than it already is, giving visitors the full Ocean City experience. 

How Long Is The Ocean City Boardwalk? 

The Ocean City Boardwalk is huge. It is 2.5 miles long, which is equivalent to the distance of 36 residential blocks. 

Due to the boardwalk’s length, it is accessible by bike to entertain individuals who want to use it for physical exercise. The distance is stated on the boardwalk after every quarter mile to make it easier for visitors to measure how much they walked, jogged, skated, or biked. 

Is The Ocean City Boardwalk Family Friendly

The Ocean City Boardwalk is labeled as New Jersey’s most family-friendly boardwalk, and rightfully so. Most of the crowds that occupy the boardwalk include families and children. The atmosphere encourages more families to come here because it suits all age groups. 

There is something for everyone, from adults to teenagers to little children. It also offers a wide range of facilities and opportunities for recreation. You could make a family day trip out of the Ocean City Boardwalk if you wanted to. 

Here’s a brief guide on how to have a good time on the boardwalk:


Due to the family-friendly nature of the boardwalk, the administration encourages all visitors to follow a set of rules. These rules are implemented to ensure that everyone feels safe, the atmosphere is not disrupted, and the boardwalk’s reputation is preserved. 

Below is a list of rules you must consider when visiting the Ocean City Boardwalk, New Jersey. 

  • No Smoking – The boardwalk is smoke-free; visitors are expected to abide by this. Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited. While this rule applies to all beaches and boardwalks in New Jersey, it is especially important on the Ocean City Boardwalk. Smoking is a huge fire hazard on a boardwalk made entirely of wood.  
  • No Alcohol – Alcohol consumption on the boardwalk is prohibited because the administration aims to make it a “dry boardwalk.” 
  • No Bikes, Skates, And Rollerskates – The boardwalk is open to all activities, which include biking, skating, and rollerskating, but these are prohibited during the summer months when most tourists flock to the place. This is to ensure all visitors are safe and no accidents take place. 
  • No Pets – Pets are strictly not allowed on the boardwalk. This is to ensure safety and avoid any animal-related incidents at the venue. Service animals, however, are allowed.
  • No Littering – Littering is a practice that is not encouraged in any setting, but especially in public places like the boardwalk. You must dispose of your trash appropriately and keep the area clean. 
  • Unauthorized Vending – The boardwalk has strict rules about vendors and solicitors on the boardwalk. If you wish to participate, go through the proper channels by obtaining a permit from the concerned authorities. 
  • Beach Rules – Since the boardwalk is connected to the beach, all visitors must also adhere to guidelines and rules that apply on the beach and the water. This can include staying and swimming in designated areas. 

Things To Do At The Ocean City Boardwalk, NJ

The boardwalk has much to offer to all of its visitors. New attractions are added regularly to attract more visitors and make the boardwalk an even more enjoyable experience

Below we look at some of the things the Ocean City Boardwalk offers.

Amusement Parks – The boardwalk hosts several amusement parks, namely Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, Playland’s Castaway Cove, and more. These parks cater to all age groups with fun rides and games. 

Mini-Golf – The Congo Falls golf course is right around the boardwalk and offers golf games with varying difficulty levels. These are ideal for both kids and adults. 

Water Parks – The closest waterpark to the boardwalk is the OC Waterpark which aims at catering to families. The park offers water rides, games, slides, and even a water playground for children. You would not want to miss this. 

Arcades Jilly’s Arcade is the biggest on the boardwalk and is popular for its wide range of games. This is the perfect place for families to enjoy themselves together. Playland Arcade is another arcade that is also equipped with several games and is equally good. 

Food – If there is one thing that the boardwalk offers in abundance, it is food! You can have anything from a pizza to a hot dog to the most delicious desserts. Several food stalls are set up, but dining at a restaurant is also available here. Try out the seafood and the infamous pizzas while you are there! 

Shopping – Alongside food, the boardwalk has several vendors and stores which offer anything from clothes to beach gear to souvenirs to take back home to reminisce about the Ocean City Boardwalk. 

Views – The boardwalk overlooks the ocean and the beautiful beach. If you wish to experience even more breathtaking views, visit the boardwalk during the sunrise and sunset to feast your eyes on how beautiful the water, sky, and beach look. 

Special Events – The boardwalk hosts many events throughout the year; if you plan your trip right, you could catch some of these. Some events include pageants, Fourth of July celebrations, Night in Venice, Labor Day weekend, and the Halloween Parade. 

Final Thoughts

The Ocean City Boardwalk is one of the top places to visit when you are in New Jersey. The long list of attractions and events is sure to convince any family that is looking to have some fun because the boardwalk has something for everyone.