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How Many Matches Are Played in the US Open Tennis?

How Many Matches Are Played in the US Open Tennis?

Every year, tennis players try their skills at the US Open, a tennis tournament generally held in the last week of August and the first week of September. Athletes first compete in the Qualifying Matches, which determines the 16 men and the 16 women that will play. From there, they compete in matches depending on whether they’re competing as individuals or with partners. But how many matches can spectators expect to see during the tournament?

The US Open Tennis comprises over 40 matches. Not every player goes through these matches, as they’re divided into singles, doubles, men’s, and women’s competitions. To win, you must win a “best of five” or “best of three” match. Each match is divided into sets.

The winners of the US Open get prize money, endorsements, trophies, and titles, and there are multiple winners in the competition since there are multiple sporting events. Continue reading to learn more!

How Are Matches Set in the US Open?

The US Open is the last of four competitions that make up the Grand Slam. It starts with the Australian Open in Melbourne, Australia, usually beginning in January. It’s followed by the French Open in Paris and the Wimbledon in England. The competition comprises:

  • Qualifying matches, which determine who will play
  • Men’s and women’s singles, where individuals play against one another
  • Men’s and women’s doubles, where two teams of two play against each other
  • Mixed doubles, where both men and women teams play against each other

In general, a game of tennis in the US Open is divided into three parts:

  • Players start with a “game” until someone wins a certain number of points. Points are measured in increments of 15.
  • Once someone reaches a certain number of points, the players play “sets,” which continue until someone reaches a certain number of points. (One set is a collection of smaller games.)
  • A match is played in a “best of three” or “best of five” style. Players must win a certain number of sets to win. Usually, men play best of five, while women play best of three.

As noted, there are over 40 individual matches in the US Tennis Open. However, this number could be even higher when accounting for tiebreakers and other extenuating circumstances. Additionally, if a player drops out or contests a game’s scoring, coordinators need to account for such changes and may do so by hosting additional matches.

How Long Does a Tennis Match in the US Open Take?

The US Open allows several hours for each match, although they usually do not last longer than three hours.

The tournament itself lasts for two weeks, seven days a week. The competition begins with qualifying matches and ends with the Men’s Final.

Generally, the progression of a tennis match depends on the players, including whether they are men or women. The best two of three matches usually take 90 minutes, while the best of five matches can take roughly two hours and 45 minutes.

The shortest tennis match took place in 1988 during the French Open. It went on for 34 minutes––and it could have been shorter if not for a rain break. The longest tennis match took place in the 2010 Wimbledon and lasted over 11 hours.

How Many Matches Do You Need to Win the US Open?

Here’s the thing: in tennis, matches are run by different organizations, adhering to different rules. The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) governs how men play the game. The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) controls how women players play.

In general, players must win at least six games to win a set, although this may vary depending on which organization oversees the game. Then, to win a match, a player needs to win six sets and win with another player by two additional sets.

Once a player wins a match, they move onto the semi-finals and finals. Multiple people can win the US Open since the competition itself comprises multiple categories.

In Conclusion

The US Open Tennis usually comprises over 40 matches between world-renowned players. Although tennis differs from other sports in how it operates, like all games, players must score more than their opponents and undergo multiple phases of one game.

Interested parties can visit the US Tennis Open’s website for more information on matches, players, times, and dates.