• There are 17 Nerf different series currently on the market
  • In total there are 43 separate Nerf blaster series
  • There are almost 1,400 active and discontinued blasters combined
  • Each of the 1,392 Nerf blasters are designed uniquely to create a varied type of game play
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Whether you have an extensive Nerf collection or not you may have asked yourself how many Nerf guns there are in existence. You may even believe that your Nerf arsenal contains every single Nerf gun ever created; however, with over 1,000 Nerf guns to collect, and many of them proving to be quite rare, from this is likely not the case.

Nerf releases their blasters in what are referred to as “series”. Each series is built up of a limited number of blasters and is designed for a unique style of battle. What is amazing about Nerf is that no two of their blasters are exactly the same! Keep reading to learn more about each of the Nerf series and the 1,392 blasters in them.

Active Nerf Series

Currently, there are 17 Nerf series being produced and sold. In combination, these series hold almost 700 blasters! Many of the current Nerf series have motorized blasting systems giving them the most power that any Nerf blaster has ever seen. Below we will dive in deeper to find out more about the current Nerf blasters on the market.

Nerf N-Strike

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25

The N-Strike Nerf Series was first released in 2003. The N-Strike Series introduced new features that would soon become trademarks for the rest of the Nerf blasters to come. These trademark features included tactical rails and the many assorted attachments that can be added in order to customize your blasting experience.

In 2016 Nerf stopped releasing any new N-Strike blasters; however, in 2019 Nerf began releasing new N-Strike blasters.

While many of the Nerf N-Strike blasters have been discontinued and followed up by the Nerf N-Strike Elite Series, there are still some blasters being sold under the N-Strike Series.

The Nerf N-Strike Series released 36 blasters all styled with the classic yellow, orange, and black color schemes.

Some blasters featured in this Series are the Longstrike CS-6, Maverick REV-6, Vulcan EBF-25.

Many of the N-Strike Series blasters are some of the most expensive Nerf blasters being collected. Learn more about expensive Nerf guns here in: The 10 Most Expensive Nerf Guns Ever Made.


The N-Strike Series was one of the first great steps taken by Nerf in the foam dart shooter industry. During this time Nerf established themselves as a household brand,

As foam blasters became a toy to be desired by all children, any of the Nerf N-Strike Series blasters were at the top of all kids Christmas wish lists.


Because the Nerf brand began to grow during the N-Strike Series phase, there was lots of experimenting that went on during this time and therefore were plenty of mistakes that would be later corrected in other series.

Learn more about the N-Strike Series on Nerf Wiki!

Nerf N-Strike Elite

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino Fire

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Series descended from the Nerf N-Strike Series and took the word tactical to the next level. The new series was released in 2012 and still continues to release new blasters under its name to this day.

A change in the Nerf N-Strike Elite build was that rather than using reverse plunger firing systems, the company began using direct plunger firing systems. These systems helped to propel darts farther than ever before.

So far Nerf has released 40 blasters under the N-Strike Elite series.

Some of these blasters are the Disruptor, Dual Strike, and Strongarm.


The Nerf N-Strike Elite Series grew from the most popular series of Nerf, N-Strike. It reworked many of the once popular N-Strike blasters, to bring a new, more powerful style of gameplay.


Because the Nerf N-Strike Elite Series was largely based off of the N-Strike Series, many of the Elite blasters seem to closely resemble their predecessors in the N-Strike Series. If you were hoping for a blaster different than any of your N-Strike blasters, the Elite series is not the best place to look.

Nerf Vortex

Nerf Vortex Lumitron

Nerf Vortex is a different kind of blaster than any other Nerf series and was first released in 2011. What made these blasters unique from the other series is that they fired small discs in stead of foam darts.

Each Nerf Vortex series blasters could fire almost twice the distance of the N-Strike blasters. The more aerodynamic discs while flying further also pack a bit more of a punch than other softer Nerf ammunition.

This blaster series only consists of six blasters: the Nitron, Praxis, Proton, Vigilon, Pyragon, Revonix360.


One unique blasting feature of the Vortex series is that the discs ricochet giving an added battle technique.


One great fault of the disc blasters is that in order to fire accurately (or straight) the blaster must be mostly level. If not the disc will not fly as far and may even curve left or right.

Nerf N-Strike Mega

Nerf N-Strike Mega TwinShock

The Nerf N-Strike Mega released in 2013 was originally sold under the Elite Series; however, in 2016 it became its own series. This series is not only known for larger blasters, but for large darts as well!

The unique red Mega blasters can fire their darts up to 100 feet!

As of now there are only 14 Nerf N-Strike Mega blasters; however, Nerf has already announced their plans to release new blasters into the Mega series later this year.

The N=Strike Mega series includes blasters such as the Magnus, RotoFury, and Mega Mastodon.


The larger Mega series darts introduced a flat tip in order to create greater accuracy.

The Nerf Mega darts are compatible with the Buzzbee Max blasters as well! This means you can take your fun across brands.


Because of the Mega darts size, they are not compatible with any other Nerf series blasters.

Another fault with the Nerf Mega series is that the larger darts, while promised to travel over greater distances, quite literally fell short.

Nerf Zombie Strike

Nerf Zombie Strike Flip Fury; Facebook Marketplace

As the zombie craze grew Nerf jumped into t on the action in 2014 with the Zombie Strike line. The Zombie Strike series is a mix of three different kinds of blasters: dart blasters, disc blasters, and super soakers.

One unique part of this series is that the blasters do not resemble real life guns as the rest of the Nerf series do. Instead, they resemble power tools and home made zombie protection tools.

39 blasters are in this series. 5 of these blasters are from the Super Soaker varieties.

Check out some of the Zombie Strike blasters such as the Nailbiter, the Alternator, and the Ricochet blaster.


Many of the zombie strike blasters are rewraps of blasters from other series, like the Longstrike Nerf Modulus. This means that you get all the reliability from your favorite blasters with the added fun of zombie strike!


There really are no cons to this blaster series. There is all the fun of foam dart blasting with the sweet zombie hunting looks!

Nerf Doomlands 2169

Nerf Doomlands 2169 Negotiator; Facebook Marketplace

After surviving the zombie apocalypse with your Zombie Strike Nerf blasters, you will need to be prepared for the post apocalyptic world with your blaster from the Nerf Doomlands 2169 series.

While there may be only 7 blasters in this series, each of these blasters is use and a must have for your Nerf arsenal.

But what exactly is the 2169 in the series name? What many ma not have released is that in the year 2169 Nerf would be celebrating their 200th anniversary of being in operation.

The Doomlands 2169 series is comprised of the Vagabond, Lawbringer, Double Dealer, Persuader, The Judge, Negotiator, and the Holdout.


These blasters will put you large and in charge at your next Nerf battle with their extra power and large ammunition capacity. Their clear build allows you to look at what goes on inside your blaster making it the perfect addition to your collection.


Part of the Doomlands series is large and chunky guns. While some of it is functional, a lot of this extra plastic is for looks and serves no real tactical purpose. This means that you have to deal with a larger gun that could have potentially been minimized in size to be more user friendly.

Nerf N-Strike Modulus

Nerf Modulus Regulator

This Nerf series is specifically designed for Nerf users customization. When you purchase a blaster from the store, you can ensure that it will not be the same as any other Nerfer’s with some simple customization.

Every blaster purchase includes detachable attachments! In fact, some blasters can even be converted into attachments themselves.

All 15 Nerf N-Strike Modulus blasters are interchangeable and customizable to give you the perfect Nerfing experience.

Look into some Nerf Modulus blasters like the Mediator, BarrelStrike, and the Recon MKII for your next battle.


The best part about the Modulus blaster series is its customizability and tactility. You can create your own Nerf experience to come out on top in each of your battles with the Modulus series.


Perhaps the only con with these blasters is that there is too much customization. You can get stuck in the customization stage and potentially never find the perfect fit for your battles.

Nerf Rival

Nerf Rival Nemesis

The Nerf Rival Series, like the Vortex Series, is a line of blasters unique from the classic foam dart shooters usually sold by Nerf.

Rather than firing foam Nerf darts, the Nerf Rival series fires small foam balls. While more dense than a dart, these foam balls do not cause pain and can even be fired at a further distance!

The foam balls are loaded into the blasters through either a magazine system or through a hopper located on the top of the blasters.

There are 15 blasters in the Nerf Rival Series. Each of them is uniquely named after a character from either Greek or Roman mythology. However, with some of the newer Rival blasters, Nerf has ditched this theme and started naming Rival blasters after fighting moves.

Three of the best Nerf Rival Series blasters are the Kronos VXIII 500, the Prometheus MXVIII 20k, and the Nemesis MXVII 10k.

Click here to read about how to modify one of the most popular Nerf Rival blasters: Nerf Kronos Modding Guide: The Best Mods for Your Kronos!


Nerf Rival gives players an extra edge over their competitors. With blasters that fire more accurately over further distances and an easy to reload magazine system, you can be sure that you will come out on top in the next Nerf war.


While Nerf Rival can be more fun, it is not recommended for younger Nerfers. If you are looking for a blaster for a younger child, the Nerf Rival series is most likely not the best place to start.

Nerf Nitro

Nerf Nitro Cars Gun; Facebook Marketplace

The Nerf Nitro series is still relatively new, having only been released in 2017.

This series while still technically a line of blasters is not meant to be used in the traditional Nerf battle. This is because Nerf Nitro Series blasters do not fire foam darts, balls, or discs. Rather they fire foam cars and are designed more for play than for competition.

There are 21 products sold under the Nitro Series. These products include the Nitro DuelFury Demolition, the Doubleclutch Inferno Nitro, and the Nitro AeroFury Ramp Rage.


If your child loves the classic Hot Wheels toys and Nerf blasters, than this is the perfect mix of the two. Keep the blasting intensity but change it up with a car race instead of a battle.


The blasters sold under the Nerf Nitro Series cannot be used in battles since they do not actually fire ammunition. If you are looking for a new blaster for your next Nerf war and competition, the Nerf Nitro Series is not the line for you.

Nerf Marvel Blasters

Nerf Assembler Gear Captain America; Facebook Marketplace

As the Marvel brand continued to grow they signed a deal with Hasbro (owner of Nerf) to start producing a line of Nerf Marvel blasters collaboration. The Nerf Marvel Series is comprised of three sub series of blasters: Assembler Gear, Web Shots, and Power Moves.

With a blaster from the Marvel Series you too can join in on the super hero action!

The Assembler Gear sub series has 14 blasters each based on each of the Avengers and their super powers. These include Captain America Nerf Assembler Gear,  Infinity War Nerf Star-Lord Assembler Gear, and the Infinity War Nerf Hulk Assembler Gear.

The Web Shot sub series is based on the Spiderman Series and is only made up of one blaster, the Spiderbolt Web Shot.

The final sub series of the Marvel Nerf Series is the Power Moves blasters. The Power Moves is also made of 7 blasters based on the many Avengers characters. Some of the blasters include the Black Panther Panther Slash, the Black Widow Stinger Strike, and even a Thor Hammer Strike!


Nerf blasters already have a theme of their own; however, the Marvel Series brings a new theme to the classic Nerf blasters. If you want to have a more unique blaster in your Nerf arsenal, the Marvel Series is the perfect line of blasters for you.


While these blasters are an excellent blaster accessory for all Marvel lovers. However, when blasters are mixed with gimmicks, some functionality might be lost in the process. If you are looking for a high functioning blaster, Marvel blasters may not be powerful enough for your battle needs.

Nerf Laser Ops

Nerf Laser Ops Pro Deltaburst; Facebook Marketplace

Laser Ops, also known as the Laser Ops Pro, was released in 2018 and brought a whole new style of game play to the Nerf brand.

If you and your friends are hoping to try something different than your typical Nerf blaster battle, then the Nerf Laser Ops series is for you. Laser Tag brings all the fun of a Nerf battle without any of the unwanted dart clean up.

These at home laser blasters aren’t just for having fun with friends. By connecting your phone with the Nerf Laser Ops app you can use your phone to complete solo missions with your blaster.

The Laser Ops Pro Series is made up of only 3 blasters. These are the Deltaburst, the Classic ion, and the AlphaPoint.


As the brand says, all Nerf Laser Op blasters are “battle ready out of the box.” You do not have to take any time out of your blasting fun to load or reload your blaster!

Once again, it is important to reiterate that the Nerf Laser Ops Pro Series is the only Nerf Series that you can have all the blasting fun without any of the dart pick up.


If you are hoping to use a new Nerf Laser Ops blaster with any of the older Nerf Lazer systems, you will find that the Nerf Laser Ops Pro system is not compatible with any of the older systems.

Another con of this blaster system is that the laser lights used in the Laser Ops Pro blasters can be dangerous if pointed into peoples’ eyes. For this reason, this Nerf blaster series is not age appropriate for young children.

Nerf Alpha Strike

Nerf Alpha Strike Cobra RC-6 Targeting Set; Facebook Marketplace

Nerf Alpha Strike is one of the newer Nerf Series having released its first blaster in 2019. The purpose of the Nerf Alpha Strike Series is to sell inexpensive Nerf products so that the Nerf brand could really be found in all households.

The Nerf Alpha Strike Series does not come with any tactical attachment points. Another feature to help lower the price tag of the Alpha Strike Series is the removal of all metal screws. Instead, the Alpha Strike Series blasters all feature plastic tabs to hold the shell together.

There are 7 Nerf Alpha Strike Series blasters that you can add to your arsenal for a low price tag. These blasters include the Cobra RC-6, the Stinger SD-1, and the Fang QS-4.


The Alpha Strike Series blasters can not be broken down into smaller pieces and are therefore sturdier than Nerf blasters with detachable stocks.

They are also made with thinner easier to carry plastic. This makes Alpha Strike blasters easier for fast paced games that require maneuverability.


As aforementioned, Nerf Alpha Strike blasters are sold at a slower price than other Nerf blasters; however, this lower price also comes with cheaper materials.

These cheaper materials and thinner shells are more likely to break or become damaged during your epic Nerf battles.

Nerf Ultra

Nerf Ultra One; Facebook Martketplace

The Ultra series was first released in the Fall of 2019 and immediately arked a new era of Nerf blasters.

The Ultra blaster line was specifically designed to fire a new type of Nerf dart, similarly named as the ULTRA darts. ULTRA darts are more aerodynamic than the classic N-Strike darts, therefore, making them more accurate over further distances. They do so by using stabilizing fins. These fins allow the darts to fly seamlessly through the air towards your target.

Another design of dart released under the Ultra Series is the Sonic Screamer Darts. These resemble the N-Strike whistler darts but are supposed to be more aerodynamic like the ULTRA darts.

The Nerf Ultra Series creatively names all 6 of its blasters numerically, with only one exception, the Dorado.

Check out some of the best Nerf Ultra blasters such as the ONE and TWO.


These ultimate blasters have higher power and more aerodynamic darts, this allows them to shoot further than any other Nerf blaster ever released.

If you want to come out on top in your Nerf battles, then you need to upgrade your Nerf collection by adding a few of the Nerf Ultra Series blasters.


The Nerf Ultra Series blasters are motorized blasters and therefore require batteries in order to operate. This adds an extra cost to using these blasters in your Nerf arsenal. However, it is a cost that many Nerfers are willing to overlook in order to receive higher performance than the spring powered blasters.

One issue with these blasters that is a bit harder to overlook is the dart compatibility.

With the introduction of the new Nerf ULTRA darts, the Ultra series blasters are designed to only fire Nerf brand ULTRAs. The use of any other Nerf dart or off brand darts will cause the barrel to skip that chamber and fire the next dart. This means you will need to purchase enough ULTRA darts to use in battle rather than using the Nerf darts from other series you already had stocked up.

Nerf Dog

Nerf Dog tennis ball blaster gun; Facebook Marketplace

The Nerf Dog series is another unique way to make Nerf a household name. While these blasters are not meant for a person against person blasting battle, they do bring the enjoyment of Nerf to play time with your furry friend!

While the Nerf Dog Series only features one blaster, the Tennis Ball Blaster, it also includes several other dog toys such as the Crunch Checker Ball, the Nylon Launching Duck, and the Translucent Air Strike Thrower.


Who does not love a new way to have fun with their furry family members? Through the Nerf Dog Series you and your dog can enjoy your Nerf hobby together!


According to several consumer reviews, the launching mechanism in the Tennis Ball Blaster wears out quickly. This may mean you will have to replace your ball launcher quite frequently especially if you use it often.

Discontinued Nerf Series

Since the company’s establishment in the 1980s, Nerf has released hundreds of blasters and discontinued the production and sale of hundreds more. These discontinued blasters have become rare over time and have therefore continued to grown in value.

Some of these blasters, while they may be old, are still considered to be some of the best Nerf blasters ever made. To learn more about these blasters, let’s take a brief look at the series they belong to. Let’s get started!

Original Nerf

The Original Nerf Series featured the first blasters ever made by the toy company Nerf. Blasters from this series were sold between the years of 1989 and 1993.

The series only featured 11 blasters. These included the Master Blaster, the Sharpshooter, and the Arrowstorm.

Nerf Hydro

The Nerf Hydro Series was short lived and only had one blaster make it to the shelves (two were proposed but the Harpoon Crossbow was cancelled prior to its release).

The series mixed Nerf with water toys changing the game up for users. The only blaster sold under this line was the Hydro Bazooka.

Nerf Rip Rockets

The Nerf Rip Rockets Series was comprised of air pressure powered blasters. There were five blasters launched under the Rip Rockets Series. These included the Detonator, Blast Hammer, and Ramrod.

Shortly after Rip Rockets was released, Nerf released the Hyper Rip Rockets Series. The line only featured two blasters, the Quickstrike and the Rocketstorm, and was extremely similar to the original Rip Rockets Series.

Nerf Action

The Nerf Action Series was the successor to the Original Nerf Series and featured 10 blasters. These blasters were considered to be high performing compared to the other series.

Some of the blasters in this series included the Ballzooka, the Chainblazer, and the Ripsaw.

Nerf Max Force

The Nerf Max Force Series featured blasters each designed after predatory animals. Only 11 blasters were released under the Max Force Series with only two of those blasters being modeled after marine animals.

Some of the Nerf Max Force series blasters were the Rattler, Sawtooth, and the Warthog.

This series was succeeded by the Nerf Max Force 2112 Series. This series was a continuation of animal blasters and featured seven new blasters.

These blasters included the Coral Viper, Venom Shot, and the Mad Hornet.

Nerf Ambush Rip Rockets

After the Rip Rockets and Hyper Rip Rockets series came the Ambush Rip Rockets Series. This series was also rather short lived and featured four unique blasters designed for stealth. These were the Backlash, the Hidden Shot, the Wrist Blitzer, and the Switchfire (re-release).

Nerf Aero

This series used a new type of ammo, the Aero Gliders. Unfortunately, this series is one of the smaller Nerf series ever made featuring only one blaster, the Glider Launcher.

Nerf Cyber Stryke Gear

The Nerf Cyber Stryke Gear series was designed to look futuristic and to be easily carried somewhere on the user.

Some of the eight blasters released under this series are the AutoGrip, the Perceptor, and the ArmorShot.

Nerf SuperMAXX

The Nerf SuperMAXX Series was originally owned by the company Larami and was simply continued by the Nerf brand. This series features some of the rarest blasters in the world.

The SuperMAXX series was made up of 11 blasters, some of which were the SuperMAXX 1500, the SuperMAXX 750, and the SuperMAXX Disc Shooter.

Nerf Mega Blitz

The Nerf Mega Blitz series did not use a single theme for the creation of its blasters.

The five blasters in the Mega Blitz series are the NitroQuad, the Pulsator, the RipChord, the RotoTrack, and the Triple Torch. Several other blasters were later proposed but they were canceled before their release.

Nerf Hyper Sight

The Hyper Sight series was believed to be a sister line of the Mega Blitz series but was similar in theme to the Cyber Stryke Gear series.

The Nerf Hyper Sight Series released six blasters focused on precision. These included the Mono Blast, the Range Shot, and the Expand-a-Blast.

Nerf AirJet Power

As the name suggests, all blasters in the AirJet Power series use air to fire their ammunition. The series released six new blasters. The series included the Wildfire, the Stinger, and the Triple Strike.

The series was followed by the AirJet Power Plus Series. However, this second series was discontinued before its predecessor and only included three blasters: the FastBlast, the SplitFire, and the PowerClip.

Power Nerf

The Power Nerf Series came after the Nerf Action Series and is widely known as the predecessor to the well loved N-Strike Series.

The Power Nerf Series included six new blasters such as the Ballzooka MP1500, the Slingfire DX400, and the Secret Strike Pocket Blaster.

Nerf Air Tech

Another continuation of the Larami brand, the Nerf Air Tech Series continued to produce air powered blasters.

Seven blasters were released under the Air Tech Series. Some of these included the Air Tech 4000, the Air Tech 2000, and the Air Tech Ball Blaster.

Nerf Atom Blasters

The Nerf Atom Blasters Series was yet another set of air powered blaster by Nerf. The Series only feature three blasters: the Atomizer, the Cyclotron, and the Reactor.

The series was extremely similar to the Nerf Air Tech Series and even used the same ammunition in some blasters.

Nerf 2003 Series

The Nerf 2003 Series only released two new blasters to the market, the other five blasters were simple re-releases of older Nerf blasters from other lines.

The two new blasters released in the Nerf 2003 Series were the Nite Finder and the Tech Target Eliminator.

Nerf Action Blasters

The Nerf Action Blaster Series while officially having eight blasters under its name never released any new blasters to the market. Rather all the blasters were re-releases of blasters from other Nerf series.

Nerf Dart Tag

This line is what led greatly to the Nerf competitions we know and love to participate in today. Along with 10 new blasters, the series included vests and goggles for dart tag.

Some of the blasters released under the Dart Tag series name were among the first to sport the classic Nerf yellow coloring. Some of these blasters included the Quick 16, the Swarmfire, and the Speedswarm.

Nerf Lazer Tag

The Nerf Lazer Tag system only features one blaster and it is unlike the other Nerf blasters since it did not fire any real form of ammunition.

The first at home Nerf Lazer Tag blaster was known as the Phoenix LTX Tagger and is not compatible with the newer Nerf Laser Ops Series.

Nerf Ball Blasters

The Nerf Ball Blasters Series released three blasters under names previously used in series such as the Atom Blasters Series. However, these blasters were heavily made over before being released in the Ball Blaster series.

The three blasters in this series were the Atom Blaster, the Buzzsaw, and the Reactor.

Nerf Rebelle

The Nerf Rebelle Series was meant to be more appealing to female Nerfers and included a mix of both 18 dart blasters and nine super soakers.

Some of these more feminine blasters included the Pink Crush, the CornerSight, and the Cascade.

Nerf Alien Menace

The Alien Menace series brought the beloved world of science fiction to Nerf blasters.

While science fiction became more and more popular, the Alien Menace series only released three blasters: the Incisor, the Ravager, and the Voidcaster.

Nerf Combat Creatures

The Nerf Combat Creatures Series only features one product and it is unlike any other blaster ever sold by Nerf.

The Terradrone was a remote controlled robot with dart firing capabilities (therefore qualifying it as a blaster). Unfortunately, the Terradrone was the only combat creature sold by Nerf.

People Also Ask

What is the rarest Nerf gun?

There is much dispute over which Nerf blaster is the rarest in the world. Some suggest that the Nerf Longstrike CS-6. The Longstrike CS-6 was the longest NErf gun ever at its time of releasment.

Nerfers quickly began to swipe these blasters from the shelves and store them away in their collections. This therefore made it one of the hardest Nerf guns to find for purchase but perhaps not the hardest to find period.

However, according to several Nerf enthusiasts, the truly rarest Nerf blaster is the Super MAXX 1500 Rapid Fire Missile Blaster (also known as the Arrow Shooter).

This blaster was released in 1994 as a part of the now discontinued Super MAXX Series. As of today, there are only 3 or 4 known Super MAXX 1500 Rapid Fire Missile Blasters remaining in the world. Even rarer than finding the Super MAXX 1500 Rapid Fire Missile Blaster is finding the original missiles sold with the blaster.

The blaster featured a manually rotated turret that held 6 missiles. In order to fire the blaster, one needed to hand pump the slide several times before pulling the trigger. The more air stored up in the chamber, the further the missile would fly.

Since the blaster is older and was air powered rather than using a spring or motorized system, the Super MAXX 1500 Rapid Fire Missile Blaster can only fire its missiles up to 45 feet according to some Nerfers.

Who has the most Nerf guns in the world?

There are well over a thousand Nerf guns that have been created. And since their creation, collectors have been scrambling to find as many blasters as possile.

Like any other item being collected, there are many disputes over who truly has the largest Nerf gun collection in the world. The answer to this question however can be found by clarifying one simple aspect. Must the collector have the largest variety of Nerf guns? Or simply own the largest amount of NErf guns?

When answering the latter, the Nerf community has greatly agreed that the largest collection belongs to the Nerfer who calls himself Lord Draconial. With several buildings full of Nerf guns, there is no argument that he owns the largest amount of Nerf guns; however, much of his collection is made up of duplicates.

The answer to who owns the largest variety of Nerf guns is still up in the air and is likely an impossible question. Especially since those who own the rarest of Nerf guns are not eager to share their finds with the rest of the Nerfing community.

What is the oldest Nerf gun?

Nerf was established in 1980s. However, they did not release their first Nerf blaster until 1989.

The original Nerf gun does not look much like any modern Nerf gun and had could not match them in performance either. In fact, the original Nerf blaster, the Blast a Ball, was only a small pump action tube that fired a small round ball.

The Blast a Ball could fire its single small, foam ball a distance of 40 feet. While this blaster could not be used in a modern Nerf war, it set the foundation for the wonderful Nerf blaster brand that we all know and love today.

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