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How Much Are SXSW Tickets?

How Much Are SXSW Tickets?

South by Southwest (SXSW) allows tech giants, entertainers, and filmmakers to come together and present their work. According to SXSW’s website, the nine-day conference celebrates these fields, and this year, there’s a virtual component. Instead of trekking all the way to Austin, Texas, you can enjoy certain events from the comfort of your own home.

SXSW tickets range from $299 to $1,225 each. These prices depend on what events you’re attending and whether you’re attending the event in person. Ticket prices also vary depending on whether you’re attending music events, movie showings, interactive events, or all three.

Continue reading to learn more about purchasing SXSW tickets and what admission includes. I’ll also provide information about other related expenses, so you can get the full financial picture.

How Much Do SXSW Tickets Cost?

As noted, the price of admission depends on what events you’re attending. The following tickets pay for all nine days of the festival, which runs from March 11 to March 20. So, for instance, if you buy the Online Pass, you pay a flat rate instead of paying for each day.

Refer to the following chart to learn more about ticket prices:

Type of TicketWhat the Ticket IncludesPrice
Platinum BadgePrimary access to all events, including opening parties, conferences, and a bag of goodies $1,225
Interactive BadgePrimary access to all interactive events, including educational sessions, meet-ups, and networking opportunities$970
Film BadgePrimary access to all film events, including screenings of documentaries, shorts, and episodic showings $895
Music BadgePrimary access to all music events, including some film-related features, concerts, and exhibitions$895
Online PassThis digital experience gives you access to event-related podcasts, movie showings, workshops, and Q&A meetings$299

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there’s a limited number of tickets available. Officiants want to maintain a safe environment for all who attend. While SXSW hasn’t indicated how many tickets are available, it’s good to buy your tickets sooner rather than later.

Costs of SXSW Add-Ons

When you purchase your tickets, you’ll have the option of adding on certain items. For example, if you’re purchasing a Platinum Badge, you can add:

  • A SXSW t-shirt, which costs $30
  • An official 2022 SXSW poster, which costs $50

These items won’t be sent to your home. You’ll pick them up the day of the event at the SXSW General Store.

When Can You Start Purchasing SXSW Tickets?

You can purchase your tickets right now. Depending on how many people attend, you may have this opportunity throughout the event’s run.

Really, though, you’re better off buying your tickets as soon as possible. After all, once tickets run out, that’s it; you’ll have to wait until next year.

Other Costs of Attending SXSW

Going to SXSW is more than just buying a ticket; you’ll also have to consider these costs when planning your trip:


Unless you live locally in Austin or southwest Texas, you’ll need to account for the cost of transportation. You can:

  • Fly to your destination. The sooner you buy your plane ticket, the more money you can save.
  • Take a bus. Greyhound offers affordable rates for those interested in visiting Austin, Texas, or the surrounding area.
  • Drive. It’s always a good time to plan out a road trip. To map out your journey, visit


You basically have three options when making accommodations for SXSW:

  • Stay at an RV site. SXSW does not provide on-site camping for RVs. However, many neighboring lots do. Here, you can hook your RV and get amenities such as electricity and water.
  • Book a hotel room. Austin has many affordable hotels that accommodate SXSW guests. SXSW has partnered with Hilton and Marriott to offer hotel rooms in the area. You can check out these rooms by clicking here
  • Book an Airbnb. Right now, there are dozens of Airbnbs available for Austin visitors. Just like booking a flight, the sooner you make your arrangements, the cheaper the price.

You can also camp, but keep in mind that you cannot camp on the SXSW grounds. If you don’t mind driving, Enchanted Rock State Natural Area offers spots for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s about an hour from SXSW and is home to the Dome Rock, a 425-foot pink granite batholith.


SXSW offers on-site food vendors for hungry patrons. While you can pack your own meals, keep in mind that some venues have more stringent rules than others. Some spaces allow food and drinks, while others strictly forbid it.

Final Thoughts

The cost of SXSW tickets depends on what badge you purchase. The most expensive badge runs just over $1,200. The cheapest one, where you view streaming events online, is $200.

For more information about SXSW 2022, follow its social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also download SXSW GO, the event’s app.