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How Much Does Ashton Gardens Cost? (Utah’s Best Botanical Garden)

How Much Does Ashton Gardens Cost? (Utah’s Best Botanical Garden)

Have you heard the hype around Ashton Gardens as we have? They call it Utah’s Best Botanical Garden, and it might live up to its name. We are concerned that, like all overhyped places, Ashton Gardens might also greatly strain people’s pockets. Let us see how much a visit to Ashton Gardens would cost.

The cost depends heavily on a few factors, including admission type, the season you are visiting, the events you plan to attend, services you wish to avail of, and the number of people you are. The average for adults comes down to 60 dollars, while for kids, it is 40 dollars, without including the cost of travel. 

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Ashton Gardens, Utah

Ashton Gardens is a beautiful garden attraction located in Lehi, Utah. With a rose garden, a greenhouse, a pond, and a scenic hilltop, they were created by the Ashton family, who owned a successful horticulture business. 

They built the gardens in the 1990s to showcase their plants and flowers, and it has since become a popular attraction for visitors of all ages.

Some of the highlights of Ashton Gardens include the Italian Garden, which features a replica of the famous Neptune Fountain in Florence, Italy, and the Greenhouse, which houses a collection of exotic plants and flowers.

How To Get To Ashton Gardens, Utah?

The mode of transportation that you use adds up a lot to the cost of visiting a place. Below we have discussed all the modes of transportation that can get you to Ashton Gardens. The cost of each method cannot be assumed as it fluctuates depending on the petrol prices, season, and time when you buy the ticket. 

By Air

If you do not live in Utah, you can fly close to Ashton Gardens. The closest airports are the Provo Municipal Airport and the Salt Lake City International Airport. The latter provides international flights if you are traveling from outside America. 

You can rent a car from either airport or drive to Ashton Gardens. We will discuss the routes below. 

By Car

If you travel from outside Lehi by car, we have listed a few nearby cities you could be coming from. The routes are explained below. 

  • From Salt Lake City: Take I-15 south and exit at 282 for UT-92. Turn right onto UT-92 and follow the signs to Thanksgiving Point. Ashton Gardens is located on the grounds of Thanksgiving Point.
  • From Provo: Take I-15 north and exit at 284 for 14600 S. Turn left onto 14600 S and follow the signs to Thanksgiving Point.
  • From Park City: Take UT-224 south to I-80. Take I-80 west to I-15 south. Exit at 282 for UT-92 and follow the signs to Thanksgiving Point.

Once you have reached it, ensure you follow the directions laid out by the administration. 

Public Transportation

If you prefer public transportation, you can take the FrontRunner commuter train to Lehi Station, about 4 miles from Ashton Gardens. You can take a taxi or rideshare service from the station to the gardens. 

Shuttle Service

If you are already in the city and have made it to Thanksgiving Point, Ashton Gardens offers a complimentary shuttle service from Thanksgiving Point’s parking lot to the gardens to make things more convenient for you.

Watch this video for more ideas on things to do at Thanksgiving Point: Top 4 Things to do at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah: Traveling with Kids

Factors That Determine The Cost Of Visiting Ashton Gardens, Utah

Admission Type

Ashton Gardens offers multiple types of admissions based on how old you are. 

The fees for standard entries are as follows:

  1. $24 for adults
  2. $19 for youth admission for 13-24-year-olds. 
  3. $17 for children in the age bracket of 3-12 years. 
  4. $21 for senior citizens who are above the age of 65 years. 
  5. Children ages two and under get free entry. 

Depending on which group you belong to, your costs may vary. 


The costs for entry tickets and all activities within the garden vary depending on the season you are visiting. Summers are peak seasons, and this is when the park plans on making most of its revenue. Due to this, the prices of all the tickets are higher than when you visit during the off-season. 

Events You Attend

Certain events are carried out at Ashton Gardens, which include concerts, tours, and other entertainment activities. If you wish to attend and partake in these, you may have to pay an additional fee. This will increase the cost of your visit. 

Number Of People

We have some good news if you visit with your family or a huge group of friends! The park offers discounts to groups and can considerably reduce your collective cost. A group of 20+ people gets a 20% discount on their tickets. 

Services You Avail

Ashton Gardens also offers an explorer pass which allows you to go to the Museum of Natural Curiosity, Farm Country, Mountain America Museum of Ancient Life, Ashton Gardens, and Butterfly Biosphere. If you are interested in these places, you may have to buy an Explorer’s ticket to avail yourself of these additional services. The pricing is as follows:

  1. Adults need to pay $38.
  2. Children and teens need to pay $29.
  3. Children under the age of 3 need to pay $0.

How Much Does Ashton Gardens, Utah, Cost?

Now for the final moment of truth, what is the cost of visiting Ashton Gardens in Utah? Summing up, the average price of spending a day at the park is around $60, including the food, for an adult. For children above the age of 3, it comes down to $40. However, there is no definite way of calculating how much you would have to spend, but these are good approximations to help you budget. Your preferences will decide how much you spend while visiting Ashton Gardens. 

Final Thoughts

The cost of visiting the park may seem like a lot, but the experience of being there is wonderful and makes it all feel worth it. The park has a lot to offer and is a must-visit. Spending this much money on a day is a good idea, considering you may never visit the place again.