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How to Add VidAngel Studios to Roku

How to Add VidAngel Studios to Roku

Recently, in February 2022, Roku decided to remove all applications that cannot be found on their official store. This means that VidAngel, along with other private apps which are considered to be uncertified, is no longer available at the Roku Channel store. You may not find the app using a direct search.

However, this does not have to stop you from downloading and using the VidAngel app to watch from your Roku TV. Now, you will have to download it manually through a simple process. Or you can opt to quickly cast the VidAngel Studio from your phone or tablet to watch on your Roku.

Visit Your Roku Account

Assuming you already have a subscription to VidAngel Studios from a computer, laptop, or mobile device, log in to your Roku account by going to Find the section called Manage Account. From there, choose the option to add a channel with a code. You will create the code.

Add a Channel

Using that code, you can now select to add a channel. A warning window will appear to let you know you may be downloading an unsecured app that has not been reviewed or certified by Roku. Ignore this message, and you will be able to get the VidAngel app back on your Roku TV. You can also type in and be directly sent to the place to add the VidAngel app.

Launch the App on Roku

Once you have the VidAngel app downloaded on Roku, you will have to link them together. Visit to do this. To link, enter the code displayed on your Roku TV screen when the website prompts you to do so. Make sure your filters are set up on your VidAngel account, and all your streaming services are connected to your account as well. This should all be done in your browser at the VidAngel website. Look under Manage Services.

Cast From a Mobile Device

Another way to continue to use VidAngel Studios on a Roku TV is to cast it from a mobile device. This could be a smartphone, tablet, or iPad, etc. In this case, you will need to have the VidAngel app already downloaded on whichever mobile device you are using. Open the app as normal and choose the movie or TV show you would like to watch.

Send it to Your TV

Select your entertainment of choice, set your various filters, then choose the option that says which service you would like to watch on, for instance, Netflix. Then, click on that. It will give you two options, to Watch Now or Send it to TV. Select Send to TV.

Again, it will give you a choice of which TV to watch on. If there is only one in the house, then it will present one option. From there, you should be able to cast and enjoy.

How to Disconnect

When you are done watching, you can pause or stop the movie or TV show using your mobile phone or tablet or the TV’s remote control. There is a box that will appear when you hit pause. At the bottom right of the box is an option to disconnect. Press that button, and your mobile device will stop casting.

Will VidAngel Ever Be Available on Roku’s Store?

VidAngel Studies has asked Roku many times over the years to review the application and allow its admittance to the Roku Store. Each time, Roku has declined to allow it. However, the VidAngel company will continue to submit their request, and they have hope that at some point in the future, it will be made more readily available.


Even though Roku has removed VidAngel Studios from their Roku Channel Store, you can still download the app manually. Go to the Roku website and change the settings to add a channel.

You can also choose to just cast VidAngel from your phone or a tablet of some kind that already has the VidAngel app downloaded. This is a simple process as well. Just choose the TV you want to connect to when prompted.

Do not despair because there are always ways around using applications that have been removed or dropped from the Roku store.