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How to Assemble and Setup Hydrow Rower

How to Assemble and Setup Hydrow Rower

Assembling your hydrow rower is a very simple process. Once you receive the rower, all you have to do is follow a few instructions to make sure it’s set up correctly. You will also need to set it up to connect to your internet so that you can get the full hydrow rower experience.

There are four steps to setting up the rower, from picking a spot to connecting the rower to the internet. If each step is performed correctly, your hydrow rower will be ready to use in no time.

The following article is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to assemble the hydrow rower correctly. It details how to follow each step, and a few tips for making your assembly process easier.

Pick a Spot For The Rower

The spot you select for the hydrow rower should be dry and flat. This will ensure that the rower is able to perform adequately and prevent it from getting damaged.

The hydrow rower should be used indoors only. Elements from outside can cause the rower to get damaged, mainly rain and snow. The spot you choose for your hydrow rower should also be flat and level. You can also use a hydrow rower mat to protect your floors and make sure the rower stays stable, but a level and flat spot will do this well enough.

Lastly, the spot you choose should have good internet connection. This will ensure you get full usage out of your hydrow rower, since it has to connect to the internet to show you your workouts and progress.

Unbox The Rower and Sort The Parts

Sorting the parts of the rower will help you have an easier time finding them as you assemble it. The parts are all labeled and similar in appearance, so they should be fairly easy to separate.

Remove the hydrow rower from the box and discard any remnants of cardboard or plastic, as you won’t be needing them. The one thing you should keep is the hydrow rower instruction booklet, as this might be helpful to you while you’re assembling it.

The parts are labeled with letters from A to F. These letters will guide you through which part to attach to the hydrow rower. It’s recommended that you sort them all into separate piles so that you can easily find them during assembly.

Attach The Parts to Each Other

Attaching the hydrow rower parts to the main machine is the most difficult part of assembly. But doing this part correctly will ensure the hydrow rower will stay sturdy while you’re using it.

The first main part you need to attach is the feet, or the stands that keep the hydrow rower up. Its recommended to not use power tools while assembling the hydrow rower, as they can cause damage to the machine. Once all of the bolts and screws are in place, gently shake the feet to make sure they are securely fastened.

The next main part you will attach is the monitor. This is the part that will show you all of your workouts, your progress, and other important information. All you have to do is secure the monitor to the mount by screwing in the thumbscrews. The monitor must then be plugged into an outlet and switched on.

Connect The Rower to the Internet

The final step is to connect the hydrow rower to the internet. This step is the most simple and will allow you to use the hydrow rower at full capacity. All it takes is plugging a few things in and switching some things on.

To connect the hydrow rower to the internet, first plug in the power cord that’s near the feet into a separate outlet. Next, flip the switch that’s near the rower’s feet so that it says 1, indicating that it’s on. The monitor will then direct you on how to connect the hydrow rower to your internet.

The hydrow rower will also need to install any software updates onto the monitor. Once the rower is connected to the internet and is fully updated, you will be able to use your rower.

Final Thoughts

The entire process of setting up and assembling your hydrow rower should take no more than a day. However, making sure that you follow each step thoroughly will ensure that the rower will remain steady while you use it. You will also be ensuring that you will get the entire hydrow rower experience, with internet connectivity and software updates.