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How to Calibrate Kamado Joe Thermometer (Accurately)

How to Calibrate Kamado Joe Thermometer (Accurately)

Kamado Joe is an American company specializing in grills and tools for grilling. Born from a need to have access to top-tier grilling equipment, Kamado Joe offers an extensive line of accessories. These include thermometers to assist with the precise cooking of the Kamado Joe ceramic grills. A Kamado Joe thermometer will require calibration for accuracy.

The easiest way to calibrate a Kamado Joe thermometer is to place it in boiling water. If it does not show the temperature at which water boils (100C/212F), it will require calibration. The screw on the back of the thermometer can be turned until it shows an accurate reading.

If you have a Kamado Joe grill, you may either have a Kamado Joe thermometer included in one, or you may purchase one separately. Ensuring the accuracy of the thermometer can be done through calibration.

How to Calibrate Kamado Joe Thermometer?

Kamado Joe has an extensive line of grills and accessories, with the star of the line being the ceramic grill. Options like the Classic and the Big Joe are some of the most popular versions on the market.

Most Kamado Joe grill options include a handy dome thermometer on the lid, like the KJ-T23. Kamado Joe thermometers ensure a consistent temperature reading across models, which will help get the best grilling results. To achieve this consistency, the thermometer should be calibrated whenever it shows a disparity.

Owners of Kamado Joe grills will notice the success of their dome thermometers, no matter whether they opt for the Classic or Big Joe versions. Dome thermometers work by reading the grill temperature as well as the air temperature inside it, which can cause fluctuations. This is one of the reasons that make calibrating essential.

What Is the Best Way to Calibrate a Kamado Joe Thermometer?

While there are a few different methods to calibrate a Kamado Joe thermometer, there is a traditional tried and tested one. This method tends to give the best results when calibrating and requires a very straightforward process.

Here are the steps to follow when calibrating a Kamado Joe thermometer:

  • Open the Kamado Joe grill and remove the dome thermometer by loosening the nut that keeps it secured to the lid. Make sure to keep a hold of the washer around the nut while you do so. This is a quicker step than it may seem because the nut is shorter than it appears.
  • Put a pot on the stove and wait for it to boil. Once it boils, the temperature of the water will hit 100c.
  • When the water boils, take its temperature with the thermometer by carefully placing it in the water. If it reads 100c, it is accurately calibrated, and you can ignore the next steps. If it does not, it requires calibration, and you should continue with the process.
  • If the temperature reading is inaccurate, make a note of it. This will help you know how much it needs to be calibrated.
  • Grab a flat head screwdriver and turn the screw on the back of the thermometer until it reads 100c when you do the boiling water test once more.

With these easy steps, your Kamado Joe thermometer will be accurately calibrated. Remember to use tongs and heat-resistant gloves when handling the thermometer in boiling water.

How Do I Know if My Kamado Joe Thermometer Is Accurate?

Once you have undertaken the method of calibrating your Kamado Joe thermometer, you will want to check that it provides accurate readings. To check this, you can use a wireless probe like the Meater to establish if there is a big discrepancy between the ambient temperature and the Kamado Joe thermometer.

If the discrepancy is a minor one of about 5 to 10 degrees, it won’t present a problem in the accuracy of your Kamado Joe thermometer. Anything above a 20-degree disparity will indicate that there is an issue with the accurate calibration of the Kamado Joe thermometer.

An obvious disparity between temperature readings can negatively impact the grilling results. If you notice a big gap when you check the temperature, you should perform the calibration method once more.

Ensuring the Accuracy of a Kamado Joe Thermometer

There are a few things you can do to avoid having to calibrate the Kamado Joe thermometer on a regular basis. Here are a few quick tips to keep the thermometer as accurate as possible for longer:

  • Don’t open the lid frequently during the grilling process. The longer you leave the dome closed, the more accurate the temperature readings.
  • Try not to use a deflector plate or drip pan. These will create higher temperatures right next to the thermometer.
  • Use recipes tested on dome thermometers. This will prevent issues with adapting temperatures and not getting the right readings.


To calibrate a Kamado Joe thermometer accurately, you should unscrew it from the lid then place it in boiling water to test the temperature reading. If it is not accurate, you should turn the screw on the back with a flathead screwdriver until it shows the correct temperature.