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How To Check Peloton Calibration

How To Check Peloton Calibration

If you have a Peloton, calibration generally comes with the bike. You don’t need to worry about setting it up. You can just get started and ride to your heart’s content. However, some may notice that the bike feels a little off. Small resistance can feel like you’re going up a mountain if the calibration is off. How do you check for this on a Peloton?

We’re here to help! Here, we’ll discuss how you can check your Peloton calibration to ensure you get the best ride possible. Pelotons are excellent ways to exercise, but they’re not effective if the calibration is completely off.

Know What to Feel for in Calibration

If you’re thinking about calibration, it’s vital to know what to feel for as you ride. How do you understand if your calibration is off and you need to check? If it’s perfect, why risk messing up the system? There are a few things to note if you feel like something is off in your Peloton bike.

Some ways you can feel for calibration include:

  • Easier challenges feel difficult
  • Harder challenges feel easy

These two indications show that the calibration in your system may be off.

Once you have a solid idea that your calibration is off, you can check for it in a system. There are a few tools you may need if you end up recalibrating.

Order Calibration Tools Just in Case

If you feel like your calibration is off and want to prepare for recalibration, you might as well invest in some tools yourself ahead of time. There are a few items you’ll need to recalibrate. Peloton has most of these right on their site if you want to purchase them.

Some of the tools you may need for recalibration include:

  • Tools that come with the bike for setup
  • Wheel clamp

These will make the process as easy as possible.

Now that you have the tools, we can talk about how you can check for Peloton calibration. There are a few simple steps that make this possible.

Navigate to Home Screen

First, you’ll need to power up the Peloton and navigate to the home screen. Get to the point where you can see all the workout options and stop there. Don’t click on any of the classes. The buttons you need to check calibration are right on the front page of your home screen.

Once you’re at the home screen, there’s a specific button you need to press. We’ll talk about this item next. You must locate this button to figure out the calibration of your bike.

Select the ‘About’ Button

Once you’re on the home screen, you need to find three dots in the bottom right of the corner. These should be right below all the customized videos that you work out with through your bike.

The three dots should open a menu page. From here:

  • Look for the ‘About’ button
  • Tap this button

You should see an ‘About’ page pop up in front of you.

This next step may seem a little odd, but it’s necessary if you want to deal with the calibration of your Peloton bike. The system operates differently than manual calibration.

Tap Repeatedly in the Top Right Corner

Once you’ve selected the ‘about’ button, you should see information about things such as the bike ID, the attached membership, and the name of your bike, among other things. In the corners, you should see blank white. Locate the blank white in the top right corner.

Once you find the blank in the top right corner, tap it repeatedly. Repeat this motion until another screen pops up. Once this happens, you can move on to the next step to check the calibration of your Peloton bike. You’ll see a button here to press, which we’ll discuss next.

Click ‘Get Started’

Finally, you can select the ‘Get Started’ button that appears in the center of the screen. This action will take you through a general calibration process, which can help you determine if your bike has an accurate calibration setting or not. If it doesn’t, you should recalibrate your bike. This YouTube video from Leah Ingram is a helpful guide.

If you’re struggling to recalibrate your bike all by yourself, you can always contact customer support for further assistance. Peloton operates with digital calibration, so the company can best help you with the mechanics of the device. After this, you should have a bike that works well no matter what day it may be!