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How to Clean a Kamado Joe

How to Clean a Kamado Joe

Even if you regularly clean your Kamado Joe grill after each use, it’s inevitable; you’ll have to deep clean it eventually. But luckily, cleaning your Kamado Joe is much, much easier than many people anticipate.

You don’t have to bother with chemicals or cleaners. You just need a scrub brush, vacuum cleaner, and a few moments of your time.  

Important Things to Know Before Cleaning a Kamado Joe

Cleaning your Kamado Joe is extremely easy. However, here are some things to keep in mind before you clean it:

Don’t Use Any Chemical Cleaners

You want your meat and vegetables to have a rich, smoky smell after cooking them in your Kamado Grill. However, if you use oven cleaners or other chemicals to clean your grill, this could alter your food’s taste.

Be Extremely Careful with the Ceramic Parts

To clean your Kamado Joe, you’ll have to remove the grill’s interior ceramic parts. These pieces are extremely fragile. We recommend putting the ceramic parts on a blanket spread across a patch of grass.

If you break the ceramic parts, your grill won’t function as expected. While you can purchase a replacement online, this could derail your weekend plans.

Don’t Use Seasonings or Oils to Season Your Cooking Stone

First things first, seasoning a cooking stone doesn’t actually do anything. The flavors that it accumulates through use are sufficient enough. By using oils and seasonings, you risk damaging the stone’s surface.

How to Clean Your Kamado Joe Grill

Before moving forward, you want the ash to be completely removed from the Kamado Joe’s bottom. Some sources recommend turning on the Kamado Joe, getting it to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and waiting until the charcoal turns into a fine, white powder.

Other sources say you can just remove the ash yourself using a ShopVac. Either way, you want any remaining ash or charcoal completely removed from the grill.

From there:

Remove and Clean the Ceramic Plates

Your Kamado Joe has two ceramic plates: a larger, circular one on the bottom and a smaller circular one on top of it. Carefully remove these components from your grill and set them aside.

Once removed, take a scrub brush and brush away any ash or dirt. If you want, you can dip the scrub brush in warm water––although this isn’t necessary.

Brush the Ash Residue into the Center of the Grill

At this point, there should be nothing in your grill except the ash at the bottom. You should vacuum these particles out. If you notice a big piece of coal, remove it manually.

Brush the Inside of the Grill

You’re on the last step. Now that you’ve removed everything from the grill’s interior––the racks, the ceramic plates, the ash––you can start cleaning the grill itself. Again, you can do this using a scrub brush.

At this point, you can re-assemble the grill. Insert the large ceramic plate on the bottom, then put the smaller one on top of it. They should fit perfectly together.

How to Clean the Kamado Joe’s Pizza Stone

You should regularly clean your pizza stone––and doing so is easy. First, dip your scrub brush in warm water. Then, focus on scrubbing away any built-up residue, such as baked-on cheese or crust.

Over time, you’ll inevitably see some discoloration on your pizza stone. For instance, the oils might seep into the stone’s surface, making it seem blotchy in some areas. However, this is no cause for concern and is simply a result of use.

How Often Do I Need To Clean My Kamado Joe Grill?

How often you need to clean your Kamado Joe grill depends on how often you use it. Ideally, you should clean out any remaining ash or charcoal after each use.

You should also try your best to use your Kamado Joe about once every two weeks. Depending on where you live, mold can build up inside the device if you don’t use your grill for a while.

You can remove the mold using the instructions listed above. Again, do not use mold removers or chemical cleaners.

Why is it Important to Clean a Kamado Joe Regularly?

Let’s face it; no one likes cleaning. You want to use your Kamado Joe at your convenience without worrying about maintenance. However, if you don’t clean your grill:

  • You risk getting ash in your food. When you’re slow-cooking a steak, you don’t want to taste bits of ash in your first bite. Cleaning your grill prevents soot from interfering with your food’s taste.
  • It’ll be less efficient. If you put new coal on top of coal residue, it won’t burn as efficiently. You might see longer cooking times or not get the temperature you want.
  • It’s for your safety. Your Kamado Joe needs air to breathe. If there’s soot and other particles preventing the airflow, this could create a fire hazard.

A Final Word

Cleaning your Kamado Joe grill is easy. Doing so is not only critical to its function, but it also ensures that you can use your grill for years to come.