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How to Clean a Top Loading Washer | Essential Homestead

What?  Why do I need to clean my washer?

That was my initial thought.  Why does a washer get so dirty?  But when you think about it, it does clean a lot of dirt and grime especially when you live on a homestead.   So naturally, it needs some tender loving care a few times a year. Here’s how I clean a top loading washer.
clean a top loading washer
Homesteaders tend to be a frugal bunch. My washer is 23 years old. As I was washing clothes today I realized I hadn’t cleaned my washer in awhile. I am not proud of this but here’s what an older washing machine can look like after a few years of cleaning grimy stuff around a homestead.
clean a top loading washer


  • Fill the washer with HOT water then add 4 c peroxide.  Let the washer agitate for a minute then sit for an hour.  Peroxide is a great alternative to bleach.

clean a top loading washer

  • After an hour, let the washer run thru it’s longest cycle on hot water.
  • Fill with HOT water again then add 4 c vinegar.  Let the washer agitate for a minute then sit for an hour.

clean a top loading washer

  • While it’s soaking, detail all the nooks and crannies of your washer, this includes the exterior.
  • If your machine has built in dispensers, clean those too.  Remove and clean underneath.
  • If you come across anything particularly sticky, add a drop of lemon essential oil.  Lemon is great to remove sticky residue.
  • After an hour, run washer thru it’s longest cycle again.

Your washer will look sparkling clean.  Except for a few chips from wear and tear, this washer looks great again.
clean a top loading washer

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