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How to Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter and Attachments

How to Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter and Attachments

The Dyson Airwrap has revolutionized the way we style our hair. The device comes with many attachments that let you straighten, curl, or bob your hair. However, to get the most out of your personal stylist, you will periodically need to clean the filter and its attachments.

You can clean your Dyson Airwrap filter and its attachments by removing them from the device and wiping them with a damp cloth. Be sure that before you do this, the device is powered off and not hot. You will need to use the filter cleaning brush to get rid of debris from inside the filter.

Periodic maintenance is key when it comes to your Dyson Airwrap’s lifespan. Continue reading to learn more about how you can clean your device and its many parts.

How to Clean the Dyson Airwrap’s Filter

When you unboxed your Airwrap, you may have noticed a small, black cardboard box. Hopefully, you did not throw this out because this contains the filter brush, which allows you to remove hair from the filter. If you did, however, that is not a problem; you can use steel wool or a small bristle brush. 

You can clean your Airwrap’s filter by:

  1. Unplug the device and remove any attachments.
  2. Slide the filter cleaning brush over the filter cage.
  3. Rotate the filter cleaning brush a few times, as this will dislodge any hair.
  4. Remove the filter cage and run it under warm water.
  5. Use the filter cleaning brush a second time on the spot under the filter cage.
  6. Put the filter back on (you will need to rotate it clockwise).

When you hear a “snap,” you will have reattached the filter to the Airwrap. The filter must be correctly affixed to the device, or it will not turn on. You can learn more about cleaning your Airwrap’s filter by watching this video.

How to Clean the Dyson Airwrap’s Attachments

The Dyson Airwrap has attachments called “barrels.” Each barrel is designed for a different purpose. Some are meant to curl your hair, while others are meant to create natural-looking waves.

The Airwrap also allows you to add detachable hairbrushes that, again, serve different purposes based on your hair type and style.

Cleaning the Barrels

Cleaning the barrels is easy and takes virtually no time at all. You can do this by:

  1. Wetting a small cloth and wringing it dry (you only want it to be slightly damp).
  2. Detach the barrel from the Airwrap.
  3. Clean the barrel in an up-and-down motion on all sides.

Make sure that the barrel is completely dry before you reattach it to the Airwrap.

Cleaning the Brushes

You would clean your Airwrap’s brushes in the same way that you would a standard brush. It all depends on how much hair is caught in the brushes’ bristles.

You could remove hair by pulling out the strands by hand. You can also do this by taking a pair of scissors and cutting the strands out. 

When Is it Time to Clean My Dyson Airwrap?

When your brushes are tangled with hair or your barrels look less than pristine, it is time to clean your Airwrap’s attachments. How often you need to do this depends on many things, like how often you use the device, how thick your hair is, and whether it is impeding its normal use.

As for the filter, the following indicators will let you know it’s time to clean it:

  • When you turn the device on, it sounds as though it is clogged.
  • When the device is in use, you feel as though something is restricting the Airwrap’s airflow.
  • You have been using the Airwrap consistently and have not cleaned it within the last few weeks.
  • It is taking longer than usual to do your hair.

If you do not clean out your Airwrap’s filter, you will not get the results you want. This is because the Airwrap relies on a high-speed jet of air to change your hairstyle. If the filter cannot “breathe,” the airflow will not work to your benefit.


You can clean your Dyson Airwrap’s filter and attachments in under five minutes. By periodically maintaining your device, you can have it for years to come. To learn more about how to clean your Airwrap, click here.