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How to Clean Your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

How to Clean Your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Your Nintendo Switch will eventually get dirty over time. It’s just the law of how things work. As you use the Nintendo Switch Pro, there are likely to be smudges and dirt smeared on the screen and over the controllers. This calls for a cleaning, but the question is, how should you make that happen? 

If you want to clean your Nintendo Pro Switch and its controllers, you should use a microfibre cloth and avoid using water and chemicals. You can also remove the Joycon controllers and clean out the inside and the space around them.

Luckily, if you are looking for a detailed guide on cleaning out your Nintendo Switch Pro and the Joycon Controllers, this is the best place to look! We have gathered all of the information you will need, so you can get started following our step-by-step guide right away!

How To Clean A Nintendo Switch Pro

So, you’ve noticed your Nintendo is looking worse for the wear and that it is time for gentle cleaning. But how can you make that happen? After all, some cleaning methods can damage your Nintendo Switch Pro, and they can make the Joycon controllers drift and be less precise. So, here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to clean the Nintendo Switch Pro. 

Cleaning Items To Keep On Hand

The first step is to understand what you need to keep on hand so that you can clean your Nintendo. Now, what we recommend is that you get the following items:

  1. Get a soft microfibre cloth to clean the general device. While other types of cloth are not a recommendation from us, you can opt for cotton cloth like an old shirt if there are no microfibre clothes nearby.
  2. Keep a dry toothbrush on hand as well. Use one that has not been used and one that you do not plan on using to brush your teeth after you are done with the cleaning.
  3. Some toothpicks and cotton balls are a fantastic combo when you are trying to clean out narrow spaces, such as the charging port on your Nintendo Switch Pro.

If you have all of the things ready, you can start preparing your Switch for its cleaning! Before you start, though, make sure that the Switch is completely off. This means that you have to hold down the power button so it switches off and then take out the Joycon controllers. Separate all parts and even take out any game cards or SD cards in the Nintendos slots. 

Cleaning Out The Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

Now, to start cleaning, you need to understand what exactly you are targeting. For example, oil is often the most significant cause of a dirty Joycon controller. When there is oil on the surface of your Switch, it smears around and makes everything a lot dirtier, plus it is notoriously difficult to clean. 

However, you can start by taking a damp microfibre cloth and cleaning the outside. Make sure the cloth is damp, not wet. If any water enters the device, it can sustain some severe damage. After you are done cleaning with the damp cloth, repeat with a dry one. 

This might take some time, especially if there is a lot of oil buildup, and you may have to keep alternating between the two. When it comes to the buttons on the Joycon controllers, you need to use a toothbrush and clean them out. The toothbrush fibers can get in between the buttons and clean out any debris that can become stuck inside. 

If you want to disinfect the Joycons, your best bet is to use a disinfectant wipe. In the case that you can’t find any, you can dilute four teaspoons of bleach in a quarter-liter of water. This makes it strong enough to kill any germs on top but won’t harm the surface. Wear gloves and use a soft cloth to wipe down the controllers, after which you should let it airdry completely. 

Cleaning The Nintendo Switch Pro Screen

Now that you have the Joycon controllers done, you have to move on to the screen of your Nintendo Switch Pro. Now, screens are incredibly sensitive, so you don’t want to add anything harsh to the mix to clean it up. This can cause severe damage to the inside of the screen, and you won’t be able to use your Nintendo Switch in the same way anymore. So avoid using chemicals unless completely necessary. 

The easiest thing to clean is the smudges you leave behind of fingerprints. You can do this with a soft cloth that is completely dry, although it might take a few rounds to get them all out. If there is something stuck to the screen, you can use a damp cloth instead. 

Use a similar motion, moving up to down or from one side to the other to clean out the smudge. Next, clean with a dry cloth and let everything dry. Again, never use a cloth that is wet – it should have no water dripping, and you shouldn’t have the ability to squeeze out any water when you apply pressure. 

If you are looking to disinfect the screen, you can consider switching to using isopropyl alcohol with a cotton ball. You should do this very gently and not allow any alcohol to enter inside the screen. After you are done, let the screen air dry. This won’t take too long because alcohol evaporates pretty quickly. 


Keeping your Nintendo Switch Pro clean and the controllers are an essential part of maintenance. Not only is it a health risk to continue using a dirty device, but it will also affect the gameplay. The more often you clean the Nintendo Switch, you will notice better performance, particularly with the Joycon controllers. If any debris or dust gets in, you can have severe damage on hand that you sometimes can’t reverse. So, to keep your Joycon working well, always clean your Nintendo Switch Pro after every few months.