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How To Connect a Roku to A Projector (The Right Way!)

How To Connect a Roku to A Projector (The Right Way!)

Roku devices were one of the first streaming devices to hit the market, and they have used their early market entry to their advantage. Roku devices consistently have the newest features available and are the easiest devices to navigate through. Furthermore, their price points are very competitively placed among their counterparts.

Connecting a Roku to a projector is one of the easiest ways to make your home projector into a complete streaming device. Also, since Roku supports proper high-definition video, it will give you excellent picture and sound quality in the process. To learn how to connect your Roku to your projector in the easiest way possible, continue below!

What You Need to Connect Your Roku to a Projector

Every current projector has HDMI inputs since that is the current standard for the best picture quality. Subsequently, that happens to be the only way to connect your Roku to your device anyway.

One thing to note, if you have a Roku that uses IR blasters for the remote, you may want to either upgrade your Roku or place the projector somewhere lower. The reason for this is that the Roku needs to visibly see the remote to work properly. Otherwise, you will be pointing your remote upwards, which is something many people just are not used to.

You also will need a strong wireless internet connection since streaming 4k videos can take a decent amount of bandwidth. But newer wireless networks will allow for this to work fairly easily.

Connecting Your Roku to a Projector

The ideal solution for an easy setup and great streaming experience is a newer projector, a good quality soundbar, a strong Wi-Fi system, and a Roku that does not have an IR remote control. You will be able to quickly connect and stream your content and have no minor annoyance of pointing your remote in an unusual direction. 

Can I Use the Speaker on My Projector?

Of course, you can. But it will not be the best experience. If you are going to the trouble of creating a big, high-definition screen, you are also going to want to have a good sound system to connect, as well. Once again, this is easiest when you have a newer projector with HDMI ports in the back. It will make for a simple setup.

If you do not have a newer projector, you will be stuck with RCA or component cables that do not give the same sound quality. Regardless, using these older cables will sound much better than the small, weak speaker on your projector.

Another option for sound is to add in a splitter. These devices split the signal from your Roku to your soundbar and your projector. This method can be a little clunky and hard to get set up properly. It can provide you with the ability to add in Bluetooth speakers, but the setup is not nearly as straightforward.

How Much Screen Do I Need?

Since projectors can simply be placed in front of a blank wall and work, take advantage. High-definition projectors work much better with a larger screen setting and are not limited like a standard television. Taking full advantage of the power of the projector will allow you to see many details you do not normally see on TV. This is especially true of 4k video. So go big and go home!

I Have a Smart Projector, Do I Need a Roku?

Not necessarily, but it depends on what you plan on watching. Chances are that your projector will not have the same number of channels available when compared to a Roku. Also, there is the slight inconvenience of having to learn a new interface. So, while you may not need a Roku to make the projector work, you may prefer the way it works better than the built-in option.

What If I Have an Older Projector?

It does not necessarily mean that you cannot connect your Roku, but it will be slightly more difficult. Chances are that your older projector lacks an HDMI cable which will then require you to use an adapter. You will need something that converts the HDMI signal into either an RCA connection or a component connection. If needed, those can be found here.

Another thing to remember is older projectors will not have the same picture quality as a new one, and it will be evident when you are watching on a bigger screen. Sure, you can make it work, but it will not be the great experience you may be expecting.


Roku devices are a great option for someone looking to help make their projector the center of their streaming system. If you already have fairly newer components, you can easily create your own movie theater at home with very little work. Also, their price points allow you to do it at a very low price.