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How to Connect Fitbit with Peloton

How to Connect Fitbit with Peloton

You finally got that Peloton you have wanted for so long. Additionally, as part of your already healthy lifestyle, you have also been tracking your activity on your Fitbit device. Now that you have your dream exercise machine, perhaps you want your Fitbit to include the distance you have gone, the calories you have burned, and the duration of your workouts on your Peloton.

This way, it can be a part of your overall weekly metrics, along with your other activity tracked. Luckily, Peloton and Fitbit are great fitness tools that are perfectly compatible with one another, you just need these four easy steps to connect them, and you will be on your way.

Complete a Peloton Class

Before you can connect your Fitbit device to your Peloton (Tread or Bike), you have to complete a Peloton class. That way, there are current metrics to upload to your device once you connect.

When selecting a class, be mindful of your fitness goals. Whatever you decide will be added to your overall metrics for the day. Will this class help you reach those goals? Are you starting at a fair point that you can handle, and conversely, one that will challenge you enough?

Click Share

Once you have completed your workout, look on your Peloton screen and tap the Share icon. You will find this icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen, next to the trash icon for deleting your workout.

Your Peloton will give you multiple options for fitness and other applications you can share on. Simply look for the Fitbit option and select it.

Log in to Your Account

Now that you have selected the Fitbit option, the login page should automatically pop up. All you need to do is input your login information (your username and password) for your Fitbit account, then select “Sign in.”

If you have any difficulty logging into your Fitbit account, check your username and password on your device. If you don’t remember your username or password, there should be an option to recover your username or change your password right on your Fitbit device.

Complete the Sync

Now that you have logged into your Fitbit account, data from your current workout will automatically upload to your Fitbit dashboard and be available on your device for viewing.

You won’t need to worry about future workouts either. Every time you work out, that information will also be automatically uploaded to your Fitbit dashboard and be available on your device for viewing.

Fitbit Heart Rate Tracker

Keep in mind that your Fitbit device may not sync with the heart rate feature on your Peloton, but no worries; some Fitbit devices already automatically keep track of your heart rate during exercise. If you would like to track your heart rate on your Peloton, you will need a separate device, like a Peloton Heart Rate Monitor.

There are six models of Fitbits that feature heart rate monitoring and are currently available for purchase.

  • The Versa
  • Versa 2
  • The Ionic
  • The Charge 3
  • The Fitbit Charger HR
  • The Inspire HR

If you already have a Fitbit device and it’s not one of the newer models mentioned above, never fear. You may have an older model that still has the heart rate monitoring feature, even if it is no longer for sale on the Fitbit website. There are 2 older models with the heart rate monitoring feature.

  • Fitbit Surge
  • Fitbit Blaze

If you discover that you need a new Fitbit device to track your heart rate, you may also want to know that each Fitbit device has its own percentage of accuracy when it comes to monitoring your heart rate during exercise. For example, The Fitbit Charger HR is accurate 84 percent of the time.


After you have completed each one of these steps and made sure that your heart rate monitoring needs are covered, you are ready to track your progress and get a full scope of your exercise while using your Peloton.

Now your daily exercises on your Peloton will be added to your distance, calories burned, and duration of your other activity, like walking, swimming, aerobics, and the list goes on. You won’t have to worry about crunching those numbers yourself. Fitbit and Peloton will do it for you.

So all that’s left to do is to keep putting your foot to the pedal, and Fitbit will be right alongside your Peloton keeping track.