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How to Connect Roku to Wi-Fi Without Remote (3 Simple Options)

How to Connect Roku to Wi-Fi Without Remote (3 Simple Options)

Roku devices are some of the best available when it comes to entertainment streaming. They have nearly every one of the largest streaming apps available to download and they put them into an easy-to-use package. Roku also comes with multiple ways to control it out of the box.

Whether it is because you misplaced the remote or you just want to be adventurous when connecting your Wi-Fi, Roku provides three very simple options to get you connected quickly. Every option is pretty simple to do multiple options are going to be given here to make sure anyone can do it.

Read below to find out which works best for you and your level of expertise!

Use Your Computer to Connect Roku to Wifi

If you have a computer, you can use it in place of a remote to connect Roku to Wifi. The only caveat with this option is you have to use Google Chrome as your internet browser. Since it is the most common browser available, this really should not be a problem for most users.

To use your computer to connect Roku to Wifi, you have to  download an extension into Chrome, then following the steps below to connect.

  1. In the app store within Google Chrome, search for Roku controller. The most common one is called Remoku.
  2. Once it has been downloaded, the icon will show up in the top right corner of your browser in the same line as your address bar.
  3. This part can be a little tricky- either scan for your Roku on your network or type in all the necessary information manually.
    1. For this, you will need to go into your Roku settings and find the IP address.
  4. On the Remoku settings, click the ‘+’ button and enter in the IP address.
  5. You also must give your Roku a name. The easiest thing to do is name it for the room it is in.
  6. You should be able to click on the remote and use it for your Roku now!

A benefit of this method is that since you are controlling your Roku from your computer, you can use the keyboard to search for things which is substantially easier than using a remote.

One note, there are options for a similar controller using Microsoft Edge but typically, the Chrome options are much easier to install and work through.

Using Your Smartphone to Connect Roku to Wifi

Still no remote, and no computer? Your smartphone will do the trick!

There are Android and iPhone apps that allow for an easy setup and easy control. This method is much easier than the previous method for most users. Download the app and follow the steps below.

  1. Follow the on-screen prompts within the app to set up the app properly.
  2. One of the first steps is to either sign on or use the app as a guest. Using your own account is always the best to ensure proper syncing but you really do not have to.
  3. Search your screen for the ‘Devices’ and tap on the screen. This will prompt the app to search the Roku devices available.
  4. Choose which one you want to connect to and top on the device on the screen.
  5. Click on the ‘Remote’ icon that appears below your selected device on the screen and use the arrows to go to the settings.
  6. Find the ‘Network’ option and click on it to set-up the Wi-Fi connection. This will establish a solid connection between the app and the Roku.
  7. Follow any other on-screen directions to make sure everything is good to go!

This method is by far the easiest to setup and navigate once it is connected properly.

What If My Roku Has an Ethernet Port?

If your device has an Ethernet port, you can use that to connect your Roku to Wifi. These are typically only available on the highest-level Roku devices and are absent on the lower cost ones.

The streaming sticks do not allow for this to work which makes it the least popular and available of the three options. To set this up:

  1. Use an ethernet cable to connect the Roku directly to the router.
  2. Open the Roku app again from the second step and make sure that your phone and Roku are on the same wireless network. Otherwise, they will not recognize each other.
  3. Go into the remote app and find the ‘Settings’ again. Click on the ‘Wireless’ option and follow the prompt on screen to connect to the wireless.

It must be noted, if you are able to leave the ethernet cable plugged into your Roku, you will probably have a better streaming experience. You will not have the same dropped signals that can happen with wireless networks. But that is up to you to determine since most people do not have their modems near their televisions.


Roku gives their users multiple ways to connect their devices to Wi-Fi with or without a remote. No matter which option you choose to use, you will be rewarded with a great streaming experience with fairly minimal work involved.