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How to Download Minecraft on Every Device

How to Download Minecraft on Every Device

Knowing how to get the fan-favorite game Minecraft on each of your devices can be a bit tricky. There will be different methods and even a few extra steps depending on which platform you choose. So how do you download Minecraft for every device?

Knowing which platform you are using will be the first big hurdle for this job. So take a deep breath, get to know your device, and then jump into some hardcore building and mining. Then, read on and learn what it takes to download Minecraft for all your devices.

Downloading Minecraft for Your Personal Computer

Minecraft is one of the most innovative games of the last couple of decades. The open-world play gives players the chance to create anything they can think of and even make some things they never thought were possible. Downloading the game for your PC is a breeze as long as you follow the directions.

The steps for downloading Minecraft to your PC are:

  • Visit the Minecraft SiteMinecraft has an official landing page. This place will give you updates about the game, occasional events, and other goings-on. In addition, there should be buttons with your type of operating system, Windows or Mac, leading to the download page.
  • Click Download – Clicking the download icon is the next step. You should click on the type of operating system you are using, bringing up another dialogue box. Be sure that you choose the standard edition and not the trial or special editions. These other versions could come with hidden fees.
  • Create an Account – Once the download has finished, you need to create a Minecraft account. These are the standard information pages with your name and personal information. Be sure that you use a working email as they could send you a link to verify your user status.

A PC can be tricky if you don’t know what OS you are using. Be sure that you know all these things before going wild and clicking on stuff that isn’t for your type of computer. When the dialogue boxes appear, read them and ensure that your files will be saved in the correct location?

Downloading Minecraft for iPad or iPhone is a Breeze.

One of the most accessible places to get Minecraft is on your iPad. Apple set up all the apps and games so that they will download with very little user interaction. This is good for serious players as they have the option to make updates download as soon as they are available. However, don’t let the device get you tripped up. The same app works for phones and devices.

The steps to download Minecraft on your iPad/iPhone are:

  • App Store – Go to the Apple app and game store. This platform will be filled with all sorts of apps and games. Don’t be distracted, you want to search for Minecraft in the large search bar in the middle of the screen. There could be other versions of the game, but the main icon will be the one to choose.
  • Click Minecraft – There will be a Minecraft button on the top of the screen or search area. Once you toggle the switch, it will begin to download to your device. Don’t worry about extra dialogue boxes, as the screen should shift to the Minecraft icon with a wheel on the inside. This shows the game is loading.
  • Give Permission – One of the cool things about the Apple store is their permissions. When you buy or download an app, your password or fingerprint will be needed. This ensures that you made the purchase and there was no fraud.

The Apple store makes everything simple and easy. Once you have given permission, the download will start, and the icon will appear on one of your screens. If you have multiple screens, make sure to swipe through them all to find the icon.

Minecraft for Android is Simple and Easy to Download

The biggest distinction between the apps is the platform they were created. Windows has a different way of going about the work than Mac does. The differences aren’t that big to the undereducated on the subject, but Android is no better or worse than the Apple store. Each platform has benefits, and downloading Minecraft with Android for phones and tablets is easy.

The steps to download Minecraft from the Android store are:

  • Pick Your Store – Another big difference between Apple and Android is the store. With Apple, there could be several responses to your search. In the Android market, look for the search bar, often hidden on the top of the screen, and bring up the search box.
  • Do a Search – A search for Minecraft will produce the logo for the app at the top of the results. If it doesn’t, you could have an error in spelling. Check to make sure everything is correct before moving on.
  • Choose Location – Minecraft should be one of the first icons on the landing page after searching. Click on the icon, and another box will appear. Click yes on this box and choose the location for your saved files.
  • Start a Download – Once the location for the saved files is chosen, you can start the download for the game. It should take a couple of minutes, less if you have a strong wifi connection. Once the download is over, you are set to create and dream as much as Minecraft will let you.

Downloading for Android could be a bit of a process. There are parts of the Android footprint that belong to different companies, like Amazon, who produce apps on the Android market for their line of Kindle tablets. Be sure that you check the app store to see if there are any alternatives for your type of Android.

Downloading with Android will work for most tablets and devices. Some companies have different stores, like Google and Amazon, which could add a wrinkle to your plans. Downloading for any Android device works just like the Google and Kindle stores.


Downloading Minecraft for your device is a great way to spend time while learning some things about construction and how chemical elements go together. Each device platform has its own rules, and you should know what kind of platform your chosen device is running before downloading from a random store.

You should know that each platform has its way of doing things. Ensure that you are running the correct type of platform so that the game will download. Once those boxes are checked, you should be off to glory in the world of Minecraft!