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How To Dry Out a Dewalt Battery

How To Dry Out a Dewalt Battery

Owning power tools brings a lot of convenience to our lives. In everything from decorating our homes to construction, they provide the assistance we need to get the jobs done. The driving force behind our power tools is the lithium-ion batteries, which, when properly charged can be used for hours at a time. However, with the conveniences also comes the need to take extra good care of your power tools and the batteries inside them.

This includes returning them to their cases and making sure they do not get wet. However, sometimes you have a human moment and accidentally leave your tools outside and it rains, soaking the tools and the batteries. Or you may work in an area that has a high level of moisture. If you are in either of these camps, there is a way to dry the batteries out so that they potentially still work. Read on to find out more.

How Do I Dry a Dewalt Battery?

If your Dewalt battery has been submerged in water for a while or left out in the rain for a long time, then it is likely too late to recover it. You are better off buying a new one. However, if it hasn’t been in the water for long or it is only a little bit wet on the outside, you can try the following.

First, gather your materials. You will need

  • A dry cloth or tissue
  • A bowl
  • Uncooked rice

Gently wipe any moisture off the battery with the cloth/tissue. If you can, figure out how to open the battery pack to see if there is any moisture inside. If there is, fill the bowl with rice and place the battery inside. Dry rice attracts water as it is highly absorbent and may help pull out any moisture that has gone inside the battery.

*Note: Some experts advise against using rice for the drying out process as dust may get into the battery and cause further damage.

If you do not want to try rice, wipe any water off the outside as before, open up the battery pack, and then use a fan blowing cool air over the battery to try and dry it out. Do not use any extreme temperatures to dry off the battery, such as a hairdryer or an aerosol can. Temperatures that are too high or too low can cause damage to the battery.

How Can I Prevent My Dewalt from Getting Wet?

If you have needed to replace your Dewalt battery due to the other one getting wet, you can avoid it happening in the future by taking proper precautions and putting it and your tools away in a safe, dry area. You can also purchase waterproof battery chargers that can withstand dust and rain.

Why Is It Important to Dry Off a Dewalt Battery?

You may be wondering why it matters if the batteries get wet. Some Dewalt batteries now come with some level of water resistance, so a little bit of moisture won’t affect them a whole lot either way. However, it is not a good idea to submerge them in water or leave them out in rain for long periods. While you may not see any issues right away, eventually they will start to wear out and become dangerous for the following reasons:

  1. There are metal parts of the battery. If they are not dried promptly, then they will eventually rust and corrode.
  2. The rust will eventually wear holes in the battery casing. If you touch batteries that have been corroded and had rust burn through them, then you run the risk of getting a chemical burn.

In addition to potential physical harm caused, the damage that is caused to the battery itself due to prolonged exposure to the water leads to the tools not working to their full potential and reduced life span. It can also cause the tools to overheat or rupture.


Power tools bring a lot of convenience to our lives. They also require proper care, which includes storing them in a dry, room temperature space, and not leaving them outside for prolonged periods where extreme temperatures or moisture can get into and ruin the battery and the tools as well. However, you may work in a place where there is a lot of moisture, or you may have had a forgetful moment and left your tools out in the rain.

If this happens you can try and dry out the battery by using a cloth or tissue to wipe the outside off. Once you have done that, open up the battery pack, and if you see any moisture inside either place it in a bowl of rice or have a fan blow air over it to help draw the moisture out. There is no guarantee that you will be able to save the battery, but it is worth a try and you can avoid any future issues by getting a waterproof battery charger.