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How to Find Peloton Challenges

How to Find Peloton Challenges

Whether you are a long-time Peloton user or have just gotten into the workout community, you might find yourself lacking motivation or simply wanting to up your workout experiences. With all the options offered by Peloton, it can also be easy to become overwhelmed and confused about where to find valuable resources.

Peloton has many challenges that members can access to help them reach goals, track progress, and earn badge rewards upon completing the challenges. Members can access the challenges through:

  • Bike membership
  • Tread membership
  • Peloton Website
  • IOS Peloton app

Peloton has different types of challenges that are released throughout the year, and members can also participate in monthly challenges. In addition to the official challenges released by Peloton, you can also find countless unofficial challenges that members of the Peloton community have created.

How Can I Access Peloton Challenges?

Locating and accessing Peloton challenges is easy, no matter what platform you are using. However, it should be noted that Peloton challenges are not currently accessible on the Android Peloton app. You can still access them in other ways if you do have an Android device.

How Do You Access Peloton Challenges on the Bike or Tread?

When you purchase a membership to a Bike or Tread, you gain app access. If you are trying to find challenges on your Bike or Tread, start by navigating to the “Challenges” tab on the bottom of the Bike or Tread touchscreen.

From there, you can select the challenges you want to participate in and track the progress that you have made toward completing the challenge.

How Do You Access Peloton Challenges on the App or Website?

The Peloton IOS app requires a membership. Similarly, you can only access Peloton challenges on its website if you have an app membership. You can always sign up if you have not registered prior.

On the home screen of the Peloton website or IOS app, navigate to the “Challenges” tab. Just like the Challenges section of the Bike or Tread touchscreen, you can see the different challenges available and your progress.

What Are the Different Challenge Categories?

Once you are on the Challenges page, you will see three different categories. This can help you monitor how much progress you have made in various challenges.

The categories are:

  • Active challenges that you are in progress on
  • Upcoming challenges that you have not yet joined
  • Completed challenges that you have finished, depending on the requirements for each challenge

Each challenge also has three levels: bronze, silver, and gold. Each level will have different requirements to earn that badge and the overall challenge.

What Kinds of Peloton Challenges are There?

Peloton releases monthly challenges that fall into two main categories: activity or distance. There are also annual and seasonal challenges released for long-term progress tracking.

Activity Challenges

Activity challenges are, as their name suggests, based on how active you are. Any class that is on the Bike, Tread, app, or website will count toward the activity challenges:

  • Working out at least five days throughout the month will earn a bronze badge.
  • Working out at least ten days a month will earn a silver badge.
  • Working out fifteen or more days a month will earn a gold badge.

Distance Challenges

Distance challenges are based on how far you ride or run.

  • To earn the bronze badge, members must ride at least 50 miles on the bike or run 10 miles per month.
  • A silver badge requires members to ride 100 or more miles or run at least 25 miles per month.
  • To earn gold, you must ride 150 miles or run 40 miles throughout the month.

Annual and seasonal challenges also are offered to help members stay committed to their long-term workout goals.

What Other Info Can I See on Peloton Challenges?

When you click into a Peloton challenge, you can see more details about it. This includes when the challenge is taking place, how many members are participating, and how far your friends in the challenge are.

Being able to see this info about the Peloton challenges helps members become more connected to the Peloton community, and you can keep up with your friends to push each other to reach goals.

Final Thoughts

Peloton offers many challenges through its member platforms. Still, you can also find many challenges through online groups and forums dedicated to other people in the Peloton community.

The most significant benefit of sticking with the challenges directly offered by Peloton is that you can easily see all your progress in one place, making it easier to focus on your successes.