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How to Find the Shutter Count on Canon 6D

How to Find the Shutter Count on Canon 6D

The shutter count measures how many pictures a camera has taken. It is an important figure to know for both longevity and resale value, as most beginner and intermediate DSLR cameras are capable of snapping about 150,000 images, while professional models can reach upwards of 300,000 shots. However, you may be having some difficulty locating the shutter count on your Canon 6D.

As Canon does not have a built-in way to view shutter count, you will need to use a third-party method to determine the figure. Before you go out and buy software for this specific purpose, take a few minutes to explore the helpful tips that I have used below that can allow you to see the shutter count on your Canon 6D, free of charge.

Prepare Your Materials

There is no need to purchase any third-party software designed to measure shutter count on DSLR cameras, nor do you need any special hardware. The only items you will need to check the shutter count on your Canon 6D are:

  • Laptop or desktop computer with a functioning USB port
  • USB cable to connect the camera to the computer
  • The Canon 6D itself

Download the Canon EOS Info File

The abbreviation EOS stands for “electro-optical system” and is simply a term copyrighted by Canon to encompass all of its SLR and DSLR cameras, of which the Canon 6D is one.

Therefore, this EOS info link can be used to determine shutter count specifics for a wide range of Canon cameras, including your Canon 6D. Although you may be afraid that following unknown links to software downloads may contaminate your computer, this is a helpful program that has been used by countless photography enthusiasts (including myself!) to check their camera specifics.

After following the EOS info link, you will be taken to a page that says EOSinfo.rar. There will be a list with four options. Rather than click on any of the options, go to the top right-hand corner of the page and click on the download arrow.

Open the Task Box

After the file has been downloaded, a new icon will appear at the bottom of your task ribbon. Click on this icon to open up a task box with EOS info options.

Double-Click on the Extracted File

The task box will contain a list with four options. You need to double-click on the third option in the list, titled “EOSinfo.exe.”

Open the EOS Info Box

After double-clicking on the extracted file, an EOS info box will appear. If it does not automatically open, look for a camera icon in the task ribbon at the bottom of your screen and click on it.

This box will have fields for several camera specifications. As your camera has yet to be connected to the computer, all of these fields will be blank.

To the right of the information fields are the list of all of the Canon cameras compatible with this EOS info file. As mentioned, the Canon 6D is one of the many EOS cameras produced by the company, but it is worthwhile to scan this list and make sure that the 6D is included in the box. It will likely be displayed toward the lower middle of the camera list.

Connect the Canon 6D Camera Via USB Cable

With your Canon 6D turned off, connect the camera to the computer via the USB cable. Your camera should have come with the USB cable included, but if you have lost or misplaced it for any reason, replacement cables are usually less than $10.

Turn on the Canon 6D Camera

Once the camera is connected to the computer, you will need to turn on your Canon 6D for the program to get a read. After the computer has detected the make of your camera and scanned for the appropriate information, the EOS info box will then prompt you to turn off the camera.

Check the Data

Once the camera is powered off, the previously blank fields in the EOS info box will be populated with information specific to your Canon 6D. The shutter count should be the second field listed, giving you a count of how many pictures your camera has taken.

The info box will also include the camera’s serial number, firmware type, and battery level.


The shutter count is a measure of how many photos your camera has snapped. For all Canon cameras, shutter count is not a built-in feature in the system settings menu. As a result, a third-party method will be necessary for obtaining this figure.

However, rather than going out and buying software to determine the shutter count on your Canon 6D, I have discovered that shutter count can be quickly ascertained for free in a matter of minutes by using the helpful tips listed above.