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How to Fix a Canon Printer That Keeps Saying Paper Jam

How to Fix a Canon Printer That Keeps Saying Paper Jam

Working with printers isn’t always easy. One of the most common issues you will run into when you have a Canon printer is that the printer shows a paper jam. I have seen these errors pop up myself, and it can get tough to understand what causes them. Paper jams can happen even when there is no paper inside – so what exactly is the issue here, and how can you resolve it? An error like that can be highly frustrating when busy and need things printed fast.

If the paper jam is caused by paper being stuck inside your Canon printer, you need to hold the paper tight and pull it out. However, consistently getting jams in your printer can be a result of a fault in the machine’s mechanism. In some cases, jams can also be a software glitch that you can resolve by resetting a printer.

So, how do you resolve the actual error? It turns out that solving this problem isn’t just about taking care of the actual paper stuck inside. There may be an issue in the internal mechanism of your printer if it keeps getting jammed, so you should try and troubleshoot. Follow the steps listed in this article to try and identify the leading cause of the issue and take care of it completely. 

How Do I Take Care Of A Canon Printer Jam?

When you come across a paper jam on your Canon printer, there are a few things you need to do. Follow these steps to remove the paper causing obstruction and issue: 

  1. Please switch off the printer, and plug it out from the power supply.
  2. Switch the printer on, and try resolving the paper jam.
  3. If the jam persists, open the paper output tray. 
  4. Lift up the cover of the paper tray and find a jammed paper issue. 
  5. Once you find the paper jam in question, properly grip the jammed paper and hold onto it. Pull it out firmly, without damaging the printer.

One of the biggest concerns is that it might damage the printer or rip when taking the paper out. If the paper rips, it’ll continue to be stuck inside the printer, causing issues for any subsequent printing commands. If you cannot remove the paper yourself, you can take it to a professional who can remove it for you. 

Why Does A Printer Jam Keep Happening?

Photo: Canon

A paper jam every now and then is standard, as the paper gets stuck in the roller or on the way to the output tray. This jam isn’t usually a cause for concern, but there is a reason to worry when the jam keeps happening again and again. If you are frequently facing issues with paper jams, there might be a problem with the printer. These are some of the factors that can cause printer jams more frequently in your Canon printer:

  • Wrong paper type
  • Incorrect paper sizes
  • Misloading paper
  • Unclean printers
  • Too much paper is added

To understand how all of these factors can affect your Canon printer, you have to understand how the printer mechanism works. This printer works using a sliding tool that allows the paper to go through the inkjet mechanism. This way, when the printing is done, the paper is simply being rolled from one place to another. 

The way you load paper into the printer also factors in because if you load too much paper or load it at an angle, it can get jammed in and stuck in the printer. If the paper you use is too big or small, it won’t slide properly. In the same way, a paper that is too thin or thick can get stuck as it rolls around in the printer. 

One of the final things you need to take care of is the cleanliness of your printer. When the printer has debris and dust inside, the paper doesn’t have the same amount of space to roll around within the printer. Cleaning a printer is very simple – you need to use a small microfiber cloth that is slightly damp to clean off the inside so you can clean the debris. 

Tips To Prevent Paper Jams In The Future

Photo: Canon

If you want to get rid of the chance that you will have a paper jam again, there are some preventative steps you can take:

  1. Use up the older paper before loading new paper into the printer. This way, there are fewer chances of misaligned paper inside the printer. 
  2. Unless necessary, do not move around the paper in the Canon printer’s paper tray, so there’s less chance of the paper moving around.
  3. Use a fan paper that you got when you bought the printer. The fan paper helps printing paper flow quickly and smoothly and avoids jams. 
  4. Use high-quality paper and the correct sizes recommended by Canon. You can find information on the best kind of paper in your instruction manual.

By taking care when loading and using paper, you can avoid dealing with a frustrating jam later. Remember, prevention is always key!

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Paper Jam Errors When There Is No Paper Stuck

Sometimes, you come across a paper jam error on your printer, yet you can’t see any paper anywhere. In that case, what is causing a paper jam? This can happen because of a software glitch. In that case, you might have to reset the printer. You can also clean up the inside to ensure there is no clog inside. 


When it comes to paper jam errors, the most common cause is incorrect placement and use of paper in the Canon printer. However, you can prevent further issues by taking care to use the right kind of paper and keeping your printer generally clean.

 You can take your Canon printer to a professional and ask their opinion. In extreme cases, if there is no actual paper jam, you might need to reset the printer. However, if none of these fixes work, you will have to reach out to official representatives for help.