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How To Fix Canon Printer Printing Black Pages

How To Fix Canon Printer Printing Black Pages

Sometimes, a Canon printer will do downright strange and inexplicable things. Well, to the average person, these things may be inexplicable – like printing black pages, for example. However, experts can help you and me understand why your Canon printer will just randomly start printing out black pages instead of what you sent a print command for. 

It turns out that there are a number of factors that contribute to a Canon printer putting out a series of black pages. For example, it could be an issue with the ink cartridges or other hardware issues. You need to check the paper, the ink, and the printing nozzle to fix this. All of these issues could be problematic and cause the printing of black pages.

To find out which exact problem is causing the printing issue, you will need to troubleshoot. Luckily, we have written this article with troubleshooting in mind. So, as you read this article, we will explore the actual issue, its causes, and how you can fix it and rule out factors. So let’s get to it!

Why Is My Canon Printer Printing Black Pages

As mentioned above, there isn’t just one reason why your Canon printer is printing out a series of black pages. There could be a number of problems that could be the main culprit of the issue. However, here are some of the most likely possibilities: 

Issues With The Cartridge

Sometimes, older cartridges can no longer work with your printer. This could be because they are empty or because the ink is no longer functional, which is why it cannot print anything on the paper. 

In some cases you take off the yellow tape on your cartridge, it can affect its ability to be functional in the Canon printer. The printer will not be able to recognize the cartridge and deploy it when you send out a printing command. 

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Printing Settings

In some cases, you can be trying to print a document with a black page. If you forget to select the option ‘Skip Blank Page’, it may seem like the printer is only printing out those pages. In reality, you just need to repeat the process and select that option.

It may be the printing settings you deploy when you give the command to print a page in other situations. If your page settings, such as the size and orientation, are inaccurate, your printer might not know what to do and just print a black page instead. 

Other Issues

Aside from the two issues mentioned above, you could be facing an issue with printer placement or the nozzles inside the inkjet. We will be exploring the latter in this article as we troubleshoot this issue. 

How To Fix A Canon Printer Printing Black Pages

So, now you know what can cause you to have a printer that keeps printing black pages. The next step is to understand how to fix it. There are a couple of ways that you can resolve this issue.

Check The Paper

The first culprit at play here could be the kind of paper you are using for printing. So, you will want to check that the paper is suitable for your Canon printer. This includes the kind of paper, the thickness, and the dimensions of the paper. 

Make sure that the paper you choose lines up with the settings when you go to print out your document. As long as the two are compatible, you should be able to print successfully.

Look For Empty Cartridges

Next, you can turn your attention toward the ink cartridges. One of the most apparent problems at play here is that the ink cartridges are empty. In this case, solving the problem is easy. 

Photo: Canon

Another issue that can happen is that the cartridges are not the right kind for your Canon printer. You just have to replace the ink cartridges with new ones that are full of the required ink. You can also check to make sure the ink has not become dry over time. 

Make Sure Cartridges Are In Place

Another problem that can be affecting your ability to create good prints is that cartridges are not in their proper place. The printer needs to recognize the cartridges, which requires a point of contact for the printer to work. If the cartridges are not in place or have moved from their place over time, the printer will not be able to recognize them.

If this is because the whole cartridge placement system is dislodged, you might have to replace your printer. However, if this is just an issue of slight misalignment, you can put the cartridges in place by yourself. 

Check Printer Nozzles

Finally, one of the more advanced issues that can happen when you keep seeing black pages is an issue with the nozzle. The nozzles are inside your printhead, where the internal mechanism of the printer resides. Luckily, Canon printers have a built-in system to help clean the nozzles.

If they have any clogs, you can clear them out and start printing again. Here’s how you can clean the printhead on your Canon printer: 

  1. Connect your printer to the computer.
  2. Use the Start button to open up the Control Panel on your computer.
  3. From here, select Devices and Printers.
  4. You will see a list of printers. Select the Canon printer, and then right-click.
  5. Choose the option Properties.
  6. Navigate to Characteristics, and select Device Settings. From here, select the option Preferences. 
  7. Select Services, and then once again select Preferences.
  8. You will see the option titled ‘Clean Printhead.’
  9. Click this option and start the cleaning command. 

The Canon printer will clean the printhead, and you will get a notification when everything is done. After this, you should be able to print normally again. You can also repeat this to make sure the nozzles are completely clean. 


It is always frustrating to see issues like printing black pages when using your Canon printer. However, you can take care of the problem and get back to your work with a few troubleshooting steps. If the problem persists, you can reach out to Canon customer support or take the printer to your nearest service center.