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How To Fix Shark Vacuum Error Codes (Error 2, 7, 10, and more!)

How To Fix Shark Vacuum Error Codes (Error 2, 7, 10, and more!)

When you own a vacuum, you are bound to come across errors at some point. A Shark vacuum is no exception to this kind of thing. I can’t say how many times I have been halfway through cleaning and had to stop because of a vacuum error. However, it can be hard to tell what all the errors mean and how you can fix them. 

The Shark robot vacuum shows different errors to indicate different problems. Each has its fix as well. Some errors refer to mechanical problems, whereas others refer to software issues. Error 2 has more to do with the robot’s ability to move, and mostly you can fix it by removing objects out of the way. 

Typically, a Shark Vacuum will indicate an error for a few reasons. Some of these are:

  1. The vacuum has a mechanical issue
  2. The Shark vacuum has a software issue
  3. The Shark vacuum requires maintenance
  4. The Shark vacuum is blocked and needs human assistance. 

To understand what each code stands for and how to fix the problem with each code, keep reading our detailed guide. With this information, not only can you get your house cleaner faster, but you can understand problems as they present themselves. This will help you take care of issues early on, so you don’t have to worry about a defunct vacuum. Keep reading our article to learn more!

What The Different Error Codes Mean And How To Fix Them

First and foremost, let’s break down the error codes by number and see what they mean. Each error code shows a different combination of lights on the Shark robot vacuum flashing, alternating, or becoming red. Here are all of the error codes you might see:

Error 2

You can see error 2 in several ways on your Shark vacuum robot. Typically, this error lets you know that there is some issue due to which your Shark robot vacuum is not free to move. Here are the most common causes that something can trigger this error on your Shark robot vacuum: 

  1. If the side brushes are stuck and can’t move, you might see this error. In that case, the solution is simple. Just check to see if anything is stuck in them and clean them out to restore mobility. 
  2. You can also see this error if the driver wheels are stuck because of dirt. Once again, the solution to this is to clean them out and remove any dust they might have collected while cleaning.
  3. Another reason you might be seeing error code 2 is because there is a blockage preventing the brush roll from moving. In this case, clean out the brush roll and make sure it is not being blocked by anything.
  4. Finally, another reason for error 2 is that the wheel motor encoder is not functioning. It can enter into failure. However, you can do nothing to fix this except contact Shark customer support for help. 

Error 3

In some cases, you can see error code 3 in relation to the suction motor. Because of this error, your vacuum will no longer have any suction power. This is a complete failure of the motor. However, there are three things you can do to fix this issue. 

The first reason this can happen is an overfilled dust canister, so make sure to empty it. The next could be a dirty filter, so you should clean out the filters and ensure they are not the problem. Lastly, if there are any blockages, you need to remove them to restore function to the suction motor. 

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Error 6

If you see error six on your Shark robot vacuum, your vacuum’s front bumper is facing a jam issue. To resolve this, you need to clean the bumper out thoroughly and make sure that the bumper can move freely. Once you do so, the error will go away. 

Error 7

Your Shark vacuum uses a cliff sensor to avoid drops and staircases. However, if this sensor malfunctions, your robot will show an error 7. This may be because of an obstruction or blockage, so cleaning the vacuum and moving it to a different part of the house is your best bet at restoring the function of the cliff sensors. 

Error 9

Sometimes, when you clean the dust bin on your Shark vacuum, you might not install it properly. This is what causes error 9. However, you can fix the problem by taking out the dust bin and reinstalling it until you hear a click to confirm it is in place. 

Error 10

When your Shark robot vacuum gets stuck in one place because of an obstruction, it will give an error 10. The simple way to handle this error is to move the robot from where it is to another spot, preferably one that is level.

Error 14

BotBoundary strips are magnetic strips you can use to let the Shark robot know it shouldn’t come near a space. If it does have an error, this is error 14. You can resolve it by moving the vacuum away from the strips and starting the cleaning process again. 

Error 16

Photo: Shark

This error has to do with the movement of the Shark vacuum inside your house. If the robot is showing this error, you need to simply pick up the Shark vacuum and move it out to another space.

Error 21

If you recently rebooted your Shark robot vacuum, you may see the signs of error 21. This error comes up when there is an issue while rebooting. The power needs to be switched on and off to solve this issue. 

Error 23

You can come across this kind of error when you are trying to charge your Shark vacuum. In order to resolve this issue, you just need to place the vacuum back on the charging base and check to see that the blue light is switching on to indicate it is charging.

Error 24

The Shark robot vacuum shows error 24 to indicate battery issues. You may see this error if the battery is low and needs recharging. Another reason you can see this error is if your robot is not charging correctly. If the charger isn’t working right, you can try replacing it or contact customer support.

Error 26

Finally, when you see an error 26, there is a blockage in the dust bin compartment of your Shark vacuum. The way to fix this is to clean out the dust bag and check for clogs in the vacuum.

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Now, you know all about the errors you can come across while using your Shark vacuum. If you come across any of these errors, you can resolve them using the advice given in each section. For further help, you can reach out to customer support from Shark.