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How to Fix Your Baby Brezza (A Complete Guide)

How to Fix Your Baby Brezza (A Complete Guide)

Baby Brezza is like a coffee machine but for baby formula. Simply insert the mix, set the desired amount and temperature, and watch as it makes a perfect bottle of formula each time. However, when your baby’s hungry and your Baby Brezza doesn’t seem to be working, things can start to get overwhelming.

Below, we’ll cover a few troubleshooting steps for fixing various issues you may experience with your Baby Brezza. Most issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes by following a few simple steps. Of course, if your product has a factory defect, you also have the option to file a warranty claim within a year of your initial purchase.

Baby Brezza Is Not Working

If your Baby Brezza isn’t working, you can try remedying the issue by resetting the device. You can do this by holding down on the ounce, start, and stop button at the same time.

If this did not fix your problem, try the following:

  • Reassemble the device.
  • Replace any broken parts or pieces. Replacement parts are available here and directly from the manufacturer.
  • Unplug the Baby Brezza, wait ten seconds, then plug it back in.
  • Use a different outlet if the device isn’t turning on.

If your Baby Brezza isn’t working at all, there could be a factory defect with the device. If this is the case, you can file a warranty claim with the manufacturer as long as it is within a year of when you first purchase the device.  

Baby Brezza Is Beeping When I Press Start

If your Baby Brezza is beeping when you press start, it has not been assembled correctly.

First, make sure that the water tank is secured. Try removing it and then putting it back in place. If your Baby Brezza still beeps, make sure that the lid on the powder container is sealed tightly. Make sure the lid is also on correctly, as it will not dispense formula otherwise. 

Baby Brezza Is Not Heating Water

Baby Brezza is designed to prepare a bottle of formula safe for your child to consume, so users should not expect to get a steaming hot beverage each time. The only temperature settings available are room temperature, body temperature, and slightly warmer than body temperature if preferred.

If the device does not seem to be dispensing formula at the correct temperature despite toggling the settings, there could be an issue with your water tank. Try removing and reinserting the tank or repositioning it to ensure it’s firmly in place.

If you don’t have a Baby Brezza dispenser you may want to consider the Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer.

Baby Brezza Won’t Dispense Water

If your device does not dispense water, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the grey dispenser directly above where you would place the bottle.
  2. Remove the dispenser.
  3. Locate the small black dot where you removed the device (this is a sensor).
  4. Hold down on the sensor for about 10 seconds.
  5. Reinsert the dispenser.

This should solve your problem. You can learn more by watching this video.

Baby Brezza Making Formula Too Watery

Having too much water and not enough formula can rob your baby of vital nutrients. If you find that the water/formula ratio is off, Baby Brezza suggests carefully weighing the amount of formula you put in yourself until the issue is resolved.

There are a couple of things that could contribute to your Brezza dispensing watery formula:

  • The mixer is clogged
  • The powder in the storage canister has hardened
  • There are sensor issues

Try any of the troubleshooting steps offered here to resolve the issue. If you find there’s still a problem, contact Baby Brezza’s customer service for assistance.

Baby Brezza Is Making Too Much Formula

If your device is making too much formula, you can adjust its settings by using the touchpad. You can make anywhere from two ounces to 10 ounces. The ounces indicator on the touchpad only refers to how much water is dispensed. When the formula is added to the mix, it could seem as though you’re getting more than you bargained for.

Baby Brezza notes that you should contact their customer support team if your machine is uncontrollably dispensing water.

Baby Brezza Is Leaking Water

Your machine might be leaking water because the water container is not sealed. You’ll notice that when you remove the water container, there should be a silicon ring holding it in place. If it’s not correctly inserted, this could cause the machine to leak.

However, as long as your machine works as expected, the leakage is not a cause for concern.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, these troubleshooting steps give you insight into fixing your Baby Brezza if you experience any of the issues covered above. If you still have questions about operating your device, you can check out Baby Brezza’s YouTube channel for more information.

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