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How to Fold Cliq Chair

How to Fold Cliq Chair

The Cliq chair is a camping chair designed for convenience and portability. Because of its small size, the Cliq chair can be taken on backpacking hikes and camping trips, sporting events, or music concerts. When fully collapsed, the Cliq chair is about the size of a water bottle.

The reviews for Cliq chairs are very high across the board, and the quality is outstanding. The website boasts that it can be assembled in five seconds. But let’s talk about how to fold the chair back up. This is a very simple process.

Push In the Cliq Chair’s Silver Tabs

While the chair is fully extended, along the rustproof aluminum poles of the chair, there are little silver tabs that push in like pressing a button. These tabs allow the poles of the chair to collapse down, sliding into one another. There are four poles on the chair, two silver tabs on each of the longer backside poles, and one silver tab on each of the shorter front poles.

Push the Button in the Center of the Cliq Chair

Where all of the poles meet, there is a black button in the center. Turn the chair upside down to find it. When you push in this single, larger button, the chair again folds in on itself. The poles are able to gather closer together now in more of a parallel fashion.

Tuck In the Netting in the Middle of Cliq Chair’s Poles

The part of the chair that you sit in is a waterproof, tearproof nylon netting seat. When the four poles collapse in and together, then you can just tuck the nylon netting into the center of those chair poles. Let gravity do the work for you by turning the chair’s right side up again and letting the material lay evenly across the poles before you push the center button.

Secure the Cliq Chair’s Strap

Attached to the outer part of the nylon seat is a Velcro strap. Like an umbrella, just wrap the strap around the outside of the chair’s netting and poles and secure it to itself. Again, you can make it easy to find the Velcro strap if you let the chair’s netting lay flat before the final collapse of the poles.

Once your Cliq chair is folded up, you’re ready to take it with you wherever you go! It’s so portable and convenient, plus it takes up very little space.

What Is the Key Ring Used For?

When the Cliq chair is completely folded up, there is a metal key ring attached to the top of the chair. This key ring can be connected to a carabiner and hooked to a backpack or belt loop. This provides ease of movement and a hands-free carrying option.

Does the Cliq Chair Come with a Bag?

When you buy a Cliq chair, it does not come with a bag included. There are specific bags that you can purchase that fit two, four, or six chairs in a single, waterproof shoulder strap bag. This makes toting multiple chairs to the park, the beach, or wherever an easy task rather than trying to juggle several at a time.

What Is the Weight Limit?

The Cliq chair itself is about 3 to 3.5 pounds, sitting about ten inches off the ground. As far as camping chairs go, it is not the lightest chair available on the market. However, the Cliq chair can reliably support a person up to 300 pounds. For how small and portable the chair is, it is also very sturdy and made from strong materials.

Is the Cliq Chair Easy to Unfold?

Faster than folding the Cliq chair is setting it up. Undo the Velcro strap, extend the holes until the silver buttons click in place, and pop the chair legs up. In a matter of five seconds, you have your chair assembled and ready to take a load off.


The Cliq chair is a great option for those on the go and the outdoorsy types. The size and simplicity of the chair allows you to keep moving no matter where you are. Push in the silver tabs on the chair legs, push the black button on the bottom, tuck the netting, and secure the strap. And in a matter of seconds, you are ready to be moving again.