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How to Get Peloton App on TV

How to Get Peloton App on TV

There are lots of people who have purchased a Peloton in recent years. One of the benefits of this company is the workouts they provide through videos, which are visible in the app. You might wonder – how can you get this Peloton app on your TV?

We can help you out! Read on to learn more about getting the Peloton app for your TV. We’ll make it easy to download this application so you can get moving right from the comfort of your living room.

Determine Your TV Type

First, determine the type of television you have in your home. To download apps, you’ll need to have a Smart TV. There are a few Smart TVs capable of downloading the Peloton app.

Some examples of Smart TVs that can handle the Peloton app include:

  • Roku TV
  • Android TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Fire TV

These have an app store or something similar that will have the app available for you.

Once you’ve determined that your TV can download the app, it’s time to find the app in the store. We’ll talk about this step next.

Locate the App Store

Next, locate the place on your television where apps are. There will typically be an icon that signifies a store. It will be the same place where you download other apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

If you have a device equipped with Siri, you can ask it to take you to the app store. From here, you can move on to the next step.

Search for the App

Next, search for the app in the search tool provided on your Smart TV. It should pop up when you type Peloton into the bar.

Once Peloton appears either in the drop-down menu or search results, you can click on it with your remote. This action should take you to a screen where you can download the app to your television. Before you do, consider the next step for safety purposes.

Double-Check Your App

Before you go further, double-check the app. Does it come from the actual Peloton company? Are the reviews up to par with the organization? Make sure the app you’re about to download is an official version rather than a knock-off.

Double-checking the app can ensure:

  • You stay free of scams
  • You don’t waste your time

The app should be white or red, with the iconic Peloton logo and name. If it looks like anything else, you’re probably not dealing with the Peloton app.

Download the App

Once you’ve double-checked the application, select the download button and get it for your TV. It shouldn’t take too long for the Peloton app to download.

Once the app downloads:

  • Click on it to double-check that it works
  • Troubleshoot if it doesn’t open

Make sure it’s in working order, as you will need the app to open for you to work out with it.

Once the app is open, you should see a login screen. The following steps should be easy now that you have the app on your Smart TV.

Log In With Your Credentials

As a Peloton owner, you should have login information already. Put this into the app to log in to your account.

Once you’ve done this step, there is just one more you need to accomplish before you can exercise. You’re almost there!

Activate Your Account

Finally, activate your account. The app is an extra payment, apart from the Peloton devices. If you haven’t already, you will need to enter your credit card information to pay for access to the account.

Once you’ve paid, you should have access to all of the workouts and trainers Peloton offers right from the comfort of your TV.  If you arrive at this point, you’ve succeeded in your mission! The Peloton app is now on your TV.

Start Working Out

Now that you have everything set up and functional on your computer, you can start working out! You select from the many courses and instructors that Peloton provides for its subscribers. These can all happen from the safety and security of your home.

Having the Peloton app on the TV is an excellent way to see your workouts in a bigger and bolder way. If you have a smart TV, why not try it out? There’s lots of good that can come from this new way of viewing Peloton in your living space. We hope this guide can help you exercise in whatever room you like in your house!